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  1. LOL the one with the tennis ball (which one is it?) is all hyped up, and the other is like "whatever." so cute!
  2. HA! you expect me to list the things on my desk? are you CRAZY?!?!?! that would last at least a page and a half...but if you only want me to list the junk, then it will only be a page and a quarter ok, my desk is like a cross between a trash can and a treasure chest on steroids. i give up listing it all. EDIT: oooh, top page
  3. after i saw that in CPA, it was burned into my brain for weeks. id start singing it in totally random moments.
  4. books were great, but the movie sucked. the graphics and the like were ok, but the story of the movie was bad. the evil kid (forgot his name) tells percy ad his crew what to do to save the planet or what ever. and gives them the map to the pearls. thats almost like making sure that they succeed while he wants to kill percy. and that ruined the whole movie. :/
  5. it was during science, and i discovered that my teacher was impossible to surprise. while she was walking around checking for homework, my friends and i were standing around seeing how flexible we all were. i did a backbend, walked right up to my teacher, and she just nodded at me and said hi. while i was staring up at her upside down. O.o
  6. i succsessfully recieved a hatchie from Tamahaganae!
  7. yay! thanks, i see it nao! *huggles*
  8. Animal or dragon: animal Color(s): uh, just the lizard's colors Emotion: happy? Pose: this pose Speech (optional): none Picture (optional, of said animal or dragon): leopard lizard Also, could you make it 100x100 for an avi? thanks, <3 yar artsies! lol derp moose.....
  9. nothing that i know of so far....i hope it stays that way
  10. the hunger games series, all the way
  11. ALLL THE TIME EDIT: i just realized i have a vamp egg with the code XFkr....what should i name it?
  12. lizardtail


    well, yes, but peeta was good at it. katniss was not. she was better at showing her own self, but peeta was a combination of loving her and acting. his acting made the love seem all the more real, because he did some of katniss' acting for her to some degree. she just kept her mouth shut and smiled at the interviews and infront of the cameras. with gale though, they both showed their true inner self to each other. all the more she shouldve run off with him instead.
  13. lizardtail


    the fill in the blank stuff is just censored spoilers for you who havent read it YUSH! GALE! even i think he's hot. anyway, i love the twist of killing C _ _ _ at the end. i was like *oh, theres only like two chapters left or so, shell kill S _ _ _ and it'll be over. i may as well not read it* but i forced myself to finished, and i was like *WHOA! WTF!* then i thought *yup, good choice * and then the epilogue made me go from to to then to
  14. lizardtail


    OMG SOMEONE STARTED A HUNGER GAMES THREAD!!!! WOOOOOOT!!!!! 8D 8D 8D 8D i feel upset about the ending--i completely believe katniss should have run off with gale instead of peeta. peeta tried to kill her several times, and he was pretty much all show and no go. for the cameras and stuff. but gale actually loved her, and he was her hunting partner, and she seemed to trust him more too. they knew each other inside and out. but i personally disliked peeta from the start. :/
  15. trasns siberian orchestra (only the pieces that DONT have voices aka i like the instrumentals) train (most songs) 3 doors down (all time fav)
  16. exactly my point. and your AP trading is absolutely halarious. that makes me support teleport all the more, lol
  17. LOL i could not stop laughing at this anyway, how does a cheese grow it's wings? do little lumps of cheese just poke out like tumors? and if not, where'd the extra cheese used to form wings come from? then theres daydreams. do you have a little herd of floating blue clouds stored away in the back of the cave for your daydreams? and if they were outside, wouln't they float away? the same goes to balloons.... and where would you put pet magma and ice dragons if you don't live in antartica and on a volcano at the same time? and don't forget neotropicals....that'd be antartica, a volcano, and a rain forest all at the same time....in ONE cave. oh, and a desert. think spitfires.
  18. couldnt find a topic on this. do you like fast food? eat it? hate it? or just cant control yourself, even though you know it's bad? discuss.
  19. sure thing TJ. thanks for the update
  20. vamps. all the way. on the ap, i see a vamp, i click. it's almost ALWAYS caveborn too. also always unbreedables, but those are good for trade, so theyre not so bad as my vamp-click spree
  21. 1. school starts at 8 am 2. im in pacific time 3. this will not apply to me cuz a "few minutes" or a "few hours" will all be while im at school!
  22. i do that when ever i can. if ian make no sense of the code, then i name it whatever.