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  1. repost, un less i missed something
  2. TJ's hatchies are sick.....?
  3. what if there are more than 200 ppl that got their tree rated 10/10? EDIT: phoenix, its completely anonymous
  4. do you know howto do animations? so someone could put one badge and have it represent several badges? like if you've got very little siggie space?
  5. what about $20 worth of clothing/supplies donated to something like the Salvation army?
  6. thanks you TJ!!! 8D three days of christmas...<3
  7. Do Ya Liek Grammah? i love drawing, but compared to most of DC, im a beginner
  8. we had a fundraiser at our school for this program called "hats on". it was raising money for children with cancer, since they had to wear hats to hide their heads when the went through chemo. we called it "Hats on day" and every one had to wear a hat and bring in a dollar. we were watching our principal making announcements at morning assembly, and we were all thinking, "where's his hat? why does his hair look so odd? thats a really bad hair cut...and hes not wearing a hat!!!" then at the end, the secret was revealed....he reached up like he was going to scratch his head, and his horrible toupee fell off
  9. don't forget to give Rahtos a hat! well, i found a cute leetle lizard making cookies for santa....how'da like it? festive, i'd say, considering its a reptile 8D
  10. Username: lizardtail Side I chose: blue My special feature: <3 lizards/snakes ;D Other: none
  11. i think i'll give it a go....not quite sure how though EDIT: christmas snake anyone? EDIT2: nvm, i found a better pic: a leetle lizard making cookies for santa! 8D
  12. User name: lizardtail What to do: Splice Pokemons to include: nidoran and zapdos Base Pokemon: nidoran Text: Others: thank you, nidoran is my fav pokemon, i dont know why...reminds me of my rat i guess, so i searched to find a splice partner
  13. √-1? whut? O.o what does that mean? *feels...out of place....* EDIT: thank you TikindiDragon, i had no idea X3
  14. i really dislike using "?!" but sometimes, since its the internet and you can't hear people talk online, i go ahead and use it for lack of a better way of communicating my sentence/word. :/
  15. awww.... i was so happy until i read that last line lol. /sits patiently for maintenance to be over and waits for new features. thanks TJ!
  16. thats exactly my opinion. personally, i wasn't as impressed with the third book as the other two. it answered the questions, yes, but it no longer really had to do w. the hunger games. it was all the rebellion. and training. and underground stuff. i dont know, it just didn't seem as good as the other two. id say that the second one was actually the best. ABSOLUTELY! (Spoiler alert, highlight to view) Katniss married Peeta, and had kids with him. i mean, she was totally with Gale! and then she goes to the boy with the bread? he saved her life, yes, but hes not all that attractive! when he goes crzy in book 3, he tries to kill her! gale sought to understand her, and they were true partners. and she dumps him into district 2 to work, while she goes off to marry the kid who can lie infront of the camereas and everybody else relly well. :| back to book 3: katniss is given he chance to kill snow. she doesnt. she kills coin. thats what id say would be the best way to end the series! 8D
  17. OMG i am like bouncing off the walls nao. 8D THANK YOU TJ!
  18. my FIRST try suceeded, and my CB baloon is now a zombie all the others failed though.
  19. when i saw "BRB." i lol'd. thanksies!
  20. uh oh. run! i just read through the entire comics. im lovin it so far!
  21. id like a frill. the hatchies are the coolest evah. but i joined after they were discontinued. :/
  22. quiz says slytherin. go figure. i like reptiles, so i get put into the house of reptiles.