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  1. its so short you gotta listen to it multiple times to get enough of it >.>
  2. the only inbred dragons on my scroll are from when i was a noob. i only kill when im trying for zombies, and i never release. now a days, if i get an inbred, i freeze it. im not part of the pruning project, but i still do what they do
  3. "I promised you a heart you promised to keep. Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep."
  4. lol same X3 i was lucky--i grabbed mine on the first night, during the mass drops
  5. OMG! TJ ornaments! technorized and veloceraptor! 8D YAY!!!
  6. absolutely. where do you think this came from? also, if there's a lineage name that seems to be carried on, i put the surname in the dragon also.
  7. this is far from my worst injury, but i feel like mentioning this right now since im suffering from it right this moment. (feel mah pain!) anyhow, i do martial arts. i was sparring, and we were both kicking at the same time. i got my leg up faster, but the other kid had his leg up too. his knee was up, and i was extending my foot out to him. my toes caught on his knee, so the big one was all bent too far in. even now, i still cant put any weight on that foot. DX its all swollen too.
  8. this. ^^ im nice to my draggies except....my one and only zombie happens to have been a CB balloon.
  9. act my age? i dont think so. either older or younger, depending on my audience. i act the age of who im with. if i happen to be with a 7 year old, i act 7. if im with a 50 year old, i act older.
  10. i disagree, because or the hacking issue, and all that...yadda yadda. but, what if instead of implementing this, TJ gets a better captcha? ive seen much easier, simpler captchas. subeta has very nice, easy captchas. here's a pic of an image subeta uses: image.
  11. lizardtail


    all i want is a turkey i was away during thanksgiving, and totally missed the turkeys D: especilly the beautiful male...
  12. yeah, i havent bred it, they should be breedable since its after the 28th O.o
  13. ive got a question. the previous years' dragons are allowed to breed until the 28th. its past the 28th now, and mine says to wait 6 days to breed. i caught it this year, so i should be able to breed it now, producing it's mate's breed of egg. i have to wait 6 more days to breed my christmas dragons even though it an hour and half past the 28th? i caught them this year...
  14. yay! thanks~ /shuffles and shrinks links in siggie to make room
  15. you don't have to keep working on it, its exactly as i like it im putting into mah siggie on the rotator, thanks!
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    observe my indecisiveness *its a tree! its a squirrel! its...a dragon!* http://sketchfu.com/drawing/2521082-dragon-dog-and-bird also, mah humming bird http://sketchfu.com/drawing/2521609-hummingbird
  17. LOL could you take the "beard" out please? im srrsly laughing right now
  18. because im sure you're bored: I would like to request a pokemon splice/recolor ect... Username (Or Nickname) : lizard Pokemon to use: nidoran (m) flareon Main Pokemon: nidoran (m) other:could i please have another splice of nidoran and flareon, except the opposite that you did: a male nidoran recolored like flarion with the neck fluff and the tail. ill put both splices on the same page and put them into mah siggie ^^ thanks again!
  19. could i have an animated badge showing: yule 2010 angel 2010 ribbon 2010 leetle tree 2010 pumpkin 2010 black mallow 2010 put grabber on all of them thank you! *huggles badges* i wish i could include "holly 2010" but i cant... lol next year i guess
  20. I would like to request a pokemon splice Username (Or Nickname) : lizard Pokemon to use: nidoran (male) and flareon Main Pokemon: nidoran (male) other: none~ your work is great! thanks in advance!