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  1. I would like a recolour!

    Dragon to be recoloured: Male silver

    What would you like recoloured?: whole thing

    Main colour/colour scheme/theme: i want the silver to be recolored using the alt sweetling's color scheme. where he silver body is the dark grey, the fluff is red, the horns are pink etc.

    Other: could you do one version with the sweetling butt speckles and one without? i'm not sure which i would like better, but if speckles are too difficult with the silver's pose then its fine without. smile.gif

    Can others use this?: nah.


    i hope you're allowed to use the alt sweetling color theme since it's not recoloring the actual sweetling sprite itself? if not, then just ignore this request tongue.gif YAY. c:


    btw, your recolors are all really awesome, i wanted one of them myself laugh.gif

  2. 1. dragon (because theyre basically exalted lizards, no? tongue.gif)


    2. satyr (i always thought satyrs were awesome~)


    3. hunting dog (i'd love to just sit at night with the hunter, alone in a warm cabin with a fireplace, nothing but loyalty and love, before during and after the hunts~ i'd get to be outside a lot and just have a blast with the only human i'd ever have to care about)

  3. i recently finished Ao no Exorcist. i really liked it, though the manga is totally different from the anime. they're both good, though i prefer the anime.


    i read Deadman Wonderland...it was strange. ill leave it at that.


    i just started reading D.Gray-man. honestly, i'm a bit bored so far. my friends at school seem to like it, so ill probably stick it out a bit longer.


    the Soul Eater manga got a bit hard to follow once it totally deviated from the anime (i saw the anime before i read the manga lol xd.png).


    Bleach is my favorite anime/manga. dont know why, but i love bleach.<3

  4. i like german songs, especially OOMPH!

    the only song i've memorized though is Labyrinth. i love that song <3 i've also almost gotten Fieber down, though.

    As for Tokio Hotel, i've just recently discovered Spring Nicht. lovelovelove~

  5. Must have been fun to watch xd.png I bet his parents were like, 'What? My son is into this weird creepy pony show? Call rehab!!!!!!'


    Haha tongue.gif My parents might actually do that if I break it to them, come to think of it. sad.gif

    haha, its been a "sensitive subject" so far xd.png


    ETA it doesnt help that his older brother is very into guns and airsoft and the such. tongue.gif

  6. my room is kinda small, but its cozy. i have a bunk bed, but its one of those where there's one bed on top and a desk underneath. smile.gif i have all my art stuff on that desk. i have a second desk under a window where i do homework. :3


    of course, there are clothes thrown around everywhere. i leave my dresser drawers open, so i just toss clothes on top of open drawers, not put them in xd.png

  7. one of my neighbors recently came out to his parents about being a brony. it was really funny to watch. He's a good friend and really likes the show, so i cant really complain about it since i havent watched much more than half an episode. smile.gif