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  1. im thinking tan ridgewings X tri would be pretty cool, actually. and shovedtbh, my favorite of those are the tri x swallowtails
  2. these....are beautiful. i love them, great job to the conceptors/artists! <3 /will hoard
  3. I would like a recolour! Dragon to be recoloured: Male silver What would you like recoloured?: whole thing Main colour/colour scheme/theme: i want the silver to be recolored using the alt sweetling's color scheme. where he silver body is the dark grey, the fluff is red, the horns are pink etc. Other: could you do one version with the sweetling butt speckles and one without? i'm not sure which i would like better, but if speckles are too difficult with the silver's pose then its fine without. Can others use this?: nah. i hope you're allowed to use the alt sweetling color theme since it's not recoloring the actual sweetling sprite itself? if not, then just ignore this request YAY. c: btw, your recolors are all really awesome, i wanted one of them myself
  4. ive never owned a hamster, the only ones i had ever interacted with bit people. so i've had rats for the past few years. wonderful fluffs, they are <3
  5. to me happiness is knowing you are appreciated.
  6. My favorite is Carol of the Bells, hands down. i really like the
  7. i just saw the movie last weekend, i loved that! also i've been listening to Don't Jump by Tokio Hotel for a bit.
  8. ahh, i forgot to post this at halloween! for halloween, the entire staff at our school dressed up as hunger games characters. it was amazing<3
  9. 1. dragon (because theyre basically exalted lizards, no? ) 2. satyr (i always thought satyrs were awesome~) 3. hunting dog (i'd love to just sit at night with the hunter, alone in a warm cabin with a fireplace, nothing but loyalty and love, before during and after the hunts~ i'd get to be outside a lot and just have a blast with the only human i'd ever have to care about)
  10. i hardly drink soda, and i dont think i really like either coke or pepsi. i usually go for root beer or Dr. pepper. :>
  11. i recently finished Ao no Exorcist. i really liked it, though the manga is totally different from the anime. they're both good, though i prefer the anime. i read Deadman Wonderland...it was strange. ill leave it at that. i just started reading D.Gray-man. honestly, i'm a bit bored so far. my friends at school seem to like it, so ill probably stick it out a bit longer. the Soul Eater manga got a bit hard to follow once it totally deviated from the anime (i saw the anime before i read the manga lol ). Bleach is my favorite anime/manga. dont know why, but i love bleach.<3
  12. i like german songs, especially OOMPH! the only song i've memorized though is Labyrinth. i love that song <3 i've also almost gotten Fieber down, though. As for Tokio Hotel, i've just recently discovered Spring Nicht. lovelovelove~
  13. whoa. these look beautiful! thanks tj~
  14. ooh, first time ive seen a writing contest! i wont be entering, but im looking forward to voting! ^^
  15. i like the metric system, though i was raised by the imperial system and cant do conversions very well yet. im starting to gradually get a better feel for the metric system though.
  16. other than english, i just started spanish 1 classes. i plan to someday learn german.
  17. haha, its been a "sensitive subject" so far ETA it doesnt help that his older brother is very into guns and airsoft and the such.
  18. hmm, i got "Brevity is the Soul of Wit". a common saying, surprised no one else had it. O.o
  19. my room is kinda small, but its cozy. i have a bunk bed, but its one of those where there's one bed on top and a desk underneath. i have all my art stuff on that desk. i have a second desk under a window where i do homework. :3 of course, there are clothes thrown around everywhere. i leave my dresser drawers open, so i just toss clothes on top of open drawers, not put them in
  20. one of my neighbors recently came out to his parents about being a brony. it was really funny to watch. He's a good friend and really likes the show, so i cant really complain about it since i havent watched much more than half an episode.
  21. i can bend my fingers in a way that makes the tendons on the back of my hand kind of jut out a bit, making my hands kind of look like "skeleton" hands. i freak out my classmates with this
  22. Unicorns... Linked for content...~ ETA: lol ninja'd. I read that too, Rhea