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  1. daddy did ^^ hehe at first it was facing the wrong way >_> i had to poke it before it faced the camera. ill find a pic of it facing the wrong way. EDIT: daddy and his hi-res cam take beeeg pics. O.o
  2. okey, just making sure in case itwas yours. ^^ better safe than sorry 8D anyway, im uploading a ginormous file that will need to be cropped/linked so ill edit when tinypic finishes. EDIT: 8D
  3. *squeeee!* can i use that as my avvi? anyway, i had no idea they were so small! is that a young one, or is that as big as they get?
  4. if i won (which i didn't ) then i wouldve chosen a CB alt black with the code "lzrd". since the prize dragons are breedable, i think i would've dumped a prize dragon for a CB alt black. hee hee! grats ^^
  5. congrats to the winners! *plots evilly for an amazing lineage with prize dragons* hmmm, i wonder what they look like? ill think of a good mate....<3
  6. AFI 3 doors down matchbook romance story of the year
  7. first paragraph: second paragraph: *brain implodes*
  8. dino laid the egg the chicken hatched from EDIT: Whut? O.o what exactly are you looking for? what do you want us to say? you tell us to discuss in the OP, then you tell us that were not posting accordingly, then you say that you like the way a person thinks because they posted the circle theory with a nice sense of humor. i feel like i am definitely missing something. what are we supposed to discuss?
  9. chickens and eggs dont start as dots and expand. :3
  10. Username: lizardtail Side I chose: blue! My special feature: loves reptiles....plus a few dragon minions? Other: since its all sticks, you can draw me with a few dragons flying around/lizards crawling about.
  11. egg. think of genetic mutations. scientists are trying to "recreate" dinosaurs by altering the genes in chicken eggs. i saw on a TV show that they were being rather successful, but terminated the developing egg before it hatched to prevent religious complaints. lets say that a genetic mutation accidentally occurs in the division of cells within a developing dinosaur egg. the embryo forms feathers instead of scales, because that gene/trait was accidentally "turned on". when that "missing link" mates, more of its genes and mutations are passed down. its offspring now have feathers, and that missing link multiplies. then lets say a pair of those "missing links" breed. their offspring will have feathers, but another accidental mutation occurs. the tail is shrunken. then the species goes through the whole process for multiplying and what not, yadda yadda. as these mutations breed, spread, multiply, mutate, and evolve, we will eventually have a very bird-like reptile. it lays an egg. the egg, unfortunately, has another mutation. a chicken hatches from an egg laid by a bird-like dinosaur. therefore, via accidental mutations and millions of years of evolution, a chicken is born from an egg (that wasn't laid by a chicken). and, of course, they breed, multiply, spread, etc.
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/4vRt lost. the dorkface parent had an enormous lineage (inbred too) and i used it as zombie fodder on halloween. failed zombie plz? browsing my scroll today i found it X3
  13. even though i only have one, long lineaged thunder, they're my absolute favorites. <3 i have one 2nd gen magma from red x magma, and i have two ices. one long lineaged, the other CB. i still love thunders though. awesome sprites. ESPECIALLY the hatchies. thunder hatchies are may favorite hatchies.
  14. i was scrolling down from the first page, and saw this. like second post or so? i know, it was posted at the beginning, but i couldn't help but mention how i absolutely love that song...
  15. i've decided to try "lizard", but if the name is too long (like ______ thuwed dusk dorkface d'hennegel lizard) then i try to use lzrd. otherwise i dont use anything. also, i only name the nice lineage, actively breeding even gens with lizard. i name all my rare/special dragons (holidays and alts) in saurian. i do not attatch lizard to them though.
  16. Name: lizard Spliced or Original: Original Colors: tan and brown Designs: use your template though. dont make it oblong Can others use this egg: no oh, and, the pic shar wants: http://i56.tinypic.com/29lxyz4.jpg
  17. atm, my very first gold. http://dragcave.net/lineage/h6AO it was a gift today <3
  18. username: CB male frill rel name: CB female BBW
  19. about the whole "randomly floating ornaments" thing....
  20. the trees i see are so plain...sometimes there will be one with a specific color code. (like the all silver/blue tree. but that had hardly anything on it at all.) i even saw a tree with a smiley face on it
  21. thats what i was thinking. O.o what about those curious people who wonder what happens when you hit the "kill" option? will it be like leetle trees?
  22. if i win, im gonna put what ever egg i get into as many fansites as i can possibly find. then maybe if im lucky, ill get a special draggie with a special code with as many stats as one of TJ's dragons. 8D