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  1. ive only ever tried chrome and IE. id say chrome for sure between the two. i have safari, but ive never used it, so i dont really know how it compares. never used anything else, so my vote is kind of biased lol since ive never tried anything else really.

  2. mellow.gif





    has some really sad lyrics. about a girl injustly sentenced to death, waiting to die.

  3. basically a snake like your Sen snake, except everything thats green replace with black, and the body is very dark blue. the eyes, also, could be a glassy black. (kind of pupil-less? like a person wearing black sclera contacts.)

  4. hmm. help needed.


    user posted image


    this is a sprite im working on for a concept. ignore wing shading critique, i havent even bothered yet. i want to do the rest first. wink.gif


    1. outline. i have no idea what to do with it.

    2. smoothness. it looks really rough/scaly looking, and i dont know how to fix it.

    3. any other crits welcome. wink.giftongue.gif

  5. Do you really think the majority of us "have it easy"? You might want to review some statistics.

    if not the majority, then enough of us to wreak havoc. :/


    again, if not the majority, then think of it this way:


    if you ran out of food, if something terrible happened to you or your family, we have hospitals to keep you plugged in, and welfare.


    if an animal ran out of food/had a stroke/has cancer etc, humans are the only creatures that can help it. we have surgeons and vets, but only if the animal is found. if a human doesnt show up for work for a few days, someone is going to go check if theyre alright. with animals, the weak one is nothing more than another meal.


    what im saying, is humans have it easier to stay alive than animals, not that humans lives are easier in general.


    thats why im saying we have all that extra time left over (that isnt spent on staying alive) to go and do as we wish. (which isnt always all that good, though there are plenty of people out there that do good.)

  6. i think the biggest difference is self-conscious-ness.


    animals do whatever is needed to survive.


    humans dont need to do what it takes to survive. if we run out of food, we dont starve and die in a gutter like animals. we get fed from the soup kitchen/government.


    since we have so much extra energy to do as we like instead of fight to survive, we have advanced greatly, and have developed things such as self-conscious-ness, boredom, party, love, etc.


    what with all this towards keeping people alive, i think people have far over populated the planet, have no natural predators to keep the population in check, and we impact the lives of other animals far more than we should. id rather donate in favor to animals than people.


    the majority of us have it easy. the majority of animals dont.



    animals and nature live beautifully together, but when you add in humans, we are above the power of nature, and can basically do as we wish with what is on our planet. that kind of power and control, IMHO, seems too much for humans to keep in control.

  7. just like Hannah Montana, hes just a totally random kid that Disney Channel chose and said, "ohey, Hannah is getting a little old, time to go get another younger kid to bring Disney to fandom."


    when JB grows older, if/when his voice breaks, then disney will just go out and find another little kid to make famous. :/

  8. orthodontists. i. hate. them. and. their. sharp objects.


    it wasnt like this for a very long time, and i actually like going to the dentist/orthodontist for braces etc. but ever since one particular time at the orthodontist's...ugh.


    the woman was trying to put my wire back in at the end, using whatever sharp tool it was, and one tooth was being annoying. she was having difficulties putting the wire into the brace, and she just pushed it harder and harder.


    until she slipped.

  9. i like this idea, and i would use it if it conformed with the three conditions olympe posted. with pages, every time you get a new dragon, everything is shifted down, so pages isnt that good for sorting dragons. i have mine sorted by breed, but if i could organize all the different dragons that are for different purposes (bsa, lineage project, frequent breeders, etc) then it would be much easier or me, and others like me. wink.gif

  10. all my 3rd gen and higher even gens are named with the suffix "Lizard", along with any additional highly-regarded names (like Dorkface, Thuwed, etc.). and 2nd gens are named with the suffix "Lzrd". i try to have the name passed down, so offspring on other peoples scrolls carry on the name also.


    all holidays and alts are named in Saurian.


    if you ever find a random egg in the AP where the parents have the suffix Lizard, then youve caught yourself a nice even gen surprise tongue.gif

  11. Username: lizardtail

    How often can you be online? pretty often. im in pacific time, GMT -8. usually every day.

    Which classes do you want to take? erm, i kinda want to take half-classes. so all classes except spriting from a sketch. i want to focus on shading and recoloring. i dont really care for the other half of those classes.


    sounds like fun. ^^