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  1. OMG Im making a Blakc Chroma Army, also a Glass Picea Army biggrin.gif

    i was totally the same way until i ran out of habitat room and had to sell most of them. im really happy that they gave us moar habitats to buy! <3 btw, black sand BG + "green" scenery + black chroma = amazing awesome sauce. i looks beautiful! laugh.gif

  2. your welcome Rhea ^^ i didnt know you bred the chromas either until once i was breeding for a request and a chroma hatched and im like lolwat O.o


    i used to have habitats full of black chromas and glass albeos. <3 then i started breeding for awards, and i had to sell most of them. >_>

  3. 8D Thanks, SS! I'd been looking for a glass, but hadn't had any luck.


    How rare are chromas? I was lucky enough to get one from a race early on (well, I'm only level 8, so...) and was just wondering exactly how lucky I'd been.

    smile.gif i friended you and sent you a glass ^^ i have no idea the rarity of breed, btw (other than the level rarities lol)

  4. Sounds neat. Personally I'd like something a little more than just a gap or a line - maybe some fancy embossing stuff - but perhaps there would be several options?

    yeah, where you can "personalize" your divider. and you can choose from several, maybe to match the different scroll themes?

  5. Thanks for the Geminus, DE. :3


    I... can't figure out which of the new frog breeds I don't have. According to my math there are 53 breeds, and I have 52 in my Froggydex. Halp? D:


    Out of the new ones I have... Trivium, Geminus, Gyrus, Obaro, Persona, Signum, Orbis, Bulla, and Vinaceus. Other types I have that aren't listed in the original awards are Lanterna (introduced on Halloween), Glacio (winter/xmas), Ludo, Tribus, Marinus and Dextera.


    .... I don't know what I'm missing. D:


    Also: I can get you a calvaria, just gotta go breed one. (EDIT: sent!)


    ... And now my mailbox is full of scenery. :V

    thanks for the calvaria! what do you want in return? (once you mailbox isnt full of scenery lol)

  6. Plus+ Name: thelizardstail

    Who I want to friend: everyone biggrin.gif

    Random Frog Gifts(yes or No): sure

    Password: FIMP


    Plus+ Name: thelizardstail

    Frog Wanted: red tingo calvaria

    Frog Willing to Trade: um...i guess whatever i can breed? lol im pretty sure calvaria is beyond my level, but still.

    Password: FIMP

  7. ohmy.gif amazing! moar pocket frogs fans! <3 i looove pocket frogs! <3 <3


    i will post a join form here tomorrow, since its late. but i will join! biggrin.gif


    see ya tomorrow, with my form. smile.gif im only level 14 though. how many levels are there?

  8. i had braces. i just recently got retainers instead. theyre a whole lot more work to maintain. lol. and yeah, you really do forget how smooth teeth are xd.png glad i dont have braces anymore though:


    for a long time, i really liked going to the dentist/orthodontist for braces etc. but ever since one particular time at the orthodontist's...ugh.


    the woman was trying to put my wire back in at the end, using whatever sharp tool it was, and one tooth was being annoying. she was having difficulties putting the wire into the brace, and she just pushed it harder and harder.


    until she slipped.

  9. Daddy: heaven on earth.


    Mommy: hell on earth.


    both are very generous, kind, and truly loving. though mom just has no idea how to *show* it. and dad...<3 its always a relief when mom has to leave for days at a time, where i can be with daddy all the time. wink.gif

  10. That's beautiful! I see what you mean. Kind of reminds me of one of these horrible knitted sweaters, but as a lineage it looks great. biggrin.gif

    lol yep <3 this dragon i guess would be second best. triple checker, though no stripe. thats what i like about suns, since they have the rise/set variations to make a lineage striped. im hoping to drag out the first lineage to 6th gen so the stripe is obvious, but my dragons wont produce for me D: lol

  11. i love checker. the more checker in one lineage, the better. biggrin.gif lol, that way, the lineage has several neat checkers in it, and has a diversity in breeds/sprites. so its diverse and neat. <3 as for naming scheme, i honestly dont care lol. i also like "striped" themes. wink.gif i guess you could say that i like my lineages rather complicated. xd.png like, heres my "ideal" lineage, with triple checker, and striped: http://dragcave.net/lineage/KgFSU . the striped isnt as clear yet, but with a few more generations, itll become obvious biggrin.gif

  12. Quick question about breeding staircase lineages:


    I have a staircased dragon where all the cb dragons in its lineage appear on the top.


    If I am going to continue the staircase in this same fashion, do I select the cb dragon first with the breed action, then the staircased dragon as its mate to continue the lineage? Or is each dragon's position in the lineage determined by gender?

    males always on top, females always on the bottom. smile.gif


    @dragonfreak6132: the only lineage i can help you with is http://dragcave.net/lineage/CJ1c .

    i found a magi with the same lineage, and i was lucky to have a 2nd gen magma from a red. if you want, you do what i did. it turned out pretty nice: http://dragcave.net/lineage/aMCLU . if you cant find a magma, im sure red will be fine. ^^

  13. Scroll Name: lizardtail

    Forum Name: lizardtail

    What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: all of them

    How Long will you be gone: 1 week. ill be back around the 30th/31st. (leaving today)

    What Sitter's list do you want to be on: anybody.

  14. inbred eggs get tossed back to the AP. basically all hatchies off the AP without a lineage i want to keep is frozen, inbred or not. i avoid breeding inbreds. i dont have any to offer as a trade, and i wont take any as an offer.


    i avoid them, but i dont look at them as bad. i just think that, when building a lineage, its a more fun challenge to get more individual dragons in it than to just breed a couple on your scroll over and over to each other. wink.gif