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  1. all my ghosts' names are on place holders. i have five eggs right now (i hope to get more hatchies/eggs later) and their names will be (according to code):






  2. i got an adult zombie last year, so this time i was hoping for the hatchies. i only got one gendered hatchie, and all my ungendered attempts failed. i dont really care though, because im not much of a sprite collector and i can only see them for a few hours of the day. good luck to everyone else! biggrin.gif

  3. lol. i saw Karen as dark red fading to deep purple. i made sure to think of an answer before i looked at platinum's answer, funny how different we see things when we normally dont see these colors. tongue.gifxd.png


    isabella is a crystalline white, and victoria seems seaweed green to sea-foam green. huh, "victoria" is very oceanic to me haha.

  4. breeding projects are number one. if they look good in a lineage, ill collect them to breed. next would be limited editions like holidays, but only if they have a desirable lineage. i dont have a holly, and im not going to run around asking for any holly, just to own one. id want a nicely lineaged one, or none at all. wink.gif

  5. i would like this. even though i myself havent made any plans, i know plenty of people who are involving zombies in breeding and lineage projects. having more kill slots would help, so their lineages can grow to what they want. i havent yet had the patience to lay out a lineage and say "this and that becomes zombies, my lineage will be so cool looking!" but if i did, im sure more kill slots would be immensely helpful, especially in case of zombie fails.

  6. im really excited about the movie thats coming out next year. biggrin.gif loved the books, and im re-reading it for the third time to be fresh for the movie. X3

  7. hmm, my mind seems to like associating things with pale yellow a lot. lol. lots of things end up pale yellow to me. like, wallpaper yellow or desert. tongue.gif and to me, Michaela sounds is a leafy green-ish. like rainforest-y colors. lol totally different from -platinum-draco-. X3


    ETA: "lizardtail" definitely sounds like sandy yellow with some dark blue, but "lizard" sounds teal.

  8. edit: also arranging things in certain orders. I don't care at all about most things, but when I'm drawing or something, I have to arrange all 300+ of my coloured pencils in rainbow sequence first.

    ohgod. this. D: i love rainbow-ordered things. if i can help it, anything that comes in more than one color must be rainbow sorted.



    other than that, i dont really have much obsession now. but my parents tell me that when i was little, i was severely OCD with certain procedures. like, before i would accept any milk bottle, i had to go through a certain, very specific procedure with my baby blanket before i would drink. i dont remember how it went of course, but my parents made it sound strange. O.o