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  1. Sour worms >>> Gummy worms >>> Swedish Fish >>> Gummy bears


    Vanilla icecream with crushed Oreo "dirt" and gummy worms on top... yesplz!

    totally agree, save for the swedish fish part. never tried one. O.o

  2. i clicked egg links in someone's sig on deviantART. :3


    but what surprised me was, none of my eggs have ever died from sickness or running out of time, even when i first started. someone was taking care of them until i learned how, and i never knew who it was. then one day i clicked someone's sig at DA again, and it led to my own scroll. O.o biggrin.gif

  3. Short, really short. I like to play piano, so it's more practical. :3 Additionally, thumbs up/clenched fists can be painful with long nails. laugh.gif

    ta-da. same here. also using contacts can be painful when they're long. but not too short either, or they feel totally useless. plus, i tend to bite only my left pinky if my nails ever get long. thats the only finger though...o.O

  4. seeing as ive just discovered this topic a few weeks after i discover the hunger games is being made into a movie, i guess the only other books im wanting as a movie is Warriors. though, im not sure how good a cat-only movie is going to fly. :/ still, it'd be interesting. if nothing else, im always eager to hear what characters' voices sound like.

  5. i havent watched TLK recently enough to remember much, but i have Kimba on tape. kimba always looks like a mouse to me. O.o but, i havent watched either to recently so i cant really decide. :< loved them both, for all i remember X3

  6. DarkEternity- that sounds like kind of a waste of time

    well, the concept of internet games in general is a waste of time. wink.gif


    i personally love lineages. they give a sort of purpose to this site. i also prefer even gen. it drives me to socialize and talk to people who share my goals, because even gen often requires teamwork and IRL im socially inept. also, even gens require a little more effort, especially if the breeds follow a pattern. that means the breeder put effort into their work.


    ETA: in the beginning, lineages didnt matter to me. now though, i see that those with the prettiest dragons also have the prettiest lineages.

  7. i know someone named Tiger (real name) who looks exactly like Gaara. he's tall, fit, spiky/messy red hair, super pale blue eyes, pale skin. just add a tad of eye liner and the tattoo and you've got a (nice) Gaara. laugh.gif