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  1. i havent had much experience with cats, but my friend loves them and has at least six. they come from a rich family, so they are all well taken care of. smile.gif i like them when they sit in my lap ^^

  2. 1. What is everyone planing on naming them and why if there is a reason.

    i havent done much for naming, since most of mine still have yet to hatch/gender. but so far for my moonies, ive got Midday Matriarch, Midnight Murder, and Moon Rise Malice. i wanted Midnight Malice but that was taken by a dorsal... my goldies havent gendered yet so their names are probably going to change.



    2. Who would make an army of the moonlit?




    3. Who would make an army of the shimmering gold?

    not a real army, but ill be hoarding them now as it seems they're rarer.



    4. Who would make an army of both?




    5. When you breed them, would you donate them to people who couldn't get any?

    if tossing them randomly to the AP counts, then yes.

  3. at my school, the math teacher brings in three pies on pi day. whoever can recite the most digits gets first pick of the pies as a prize. then there 2nd and 3r place after that.


    ...my friend's birthday is on "national toilet day"...

  4. depends on the lineage. if i like the lineage, ill take it, regardless of breed, as either an egg or hatchie. but even then, since i dont collect sprites, i still wouldn't care much for freezing hatchies. i already have my gold trophy, allowing me more egg slots, so hatchie/egg doesnt matter to me. only lineage, basically. :>

  5. i love bird wings~ i also really like raptors and predatory birds, like hawks and the such. i just like seeing their profiles i guess while they hunt ^^


    as for pets, i dont own any. but my friend, named sue, has a few that talk. they're very sociable, and whenever she leaves the house they call "bye sue! i love you sue!" they're adorable~ smile.gif