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  1. i sort rainbow sort to keep same-species together, with my best shinies at the top, so i voted showcasing though '"belong" together' would be next choice.
  2. my fav is the tri-colored and i was happy to get it. i didnt like the other two because they seemed too one-colored and it didnt match really. :/
  3. heres my house: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/lizardtail i dunno if ill ever get around to decorating the "lawn"
  4. it was at a martial arts summer training camp, out in the forest with cabins, trees, outdoors-y etc. apparently, in the middle of the night, i was told that i wailed softly, "guys, you're not allowed to crawl on the floor...!" it was apparently really creepy for my cabin mates because they said it was soft, sad, and really creepy, and sounded like despair
  5. i do both. i sort of picture something, then i have a habit of trying to put words to what i picture, as if i'm writing a book. i dunno why i do it. its like im trying to narrate my life in a monologue and put words to my thoughts rather than wordlessly think them.
  6. some halo game. i think. i dont remember. i have no clue o.o it was at a friend's house anyway.
  7. i snagged that one. it is my first 2nd gen Dusk! thank you for your generous drops, duskspoken. <3
  8. oh yes, i forgot! the dumps people make during releases can be beautiful! i tend to get my best dragons when i have extra time after i've gotten my limit of two christmas/valentine dragons.
  9. i've decided that i really like albinos with tri-horns. O.o http://dragcave.net/lineage/8U09s http://dragcave.net/lineage/5tWkG also, i finished this lineage, yay! almost all the names are mine, but not all. several belong to other users. but im still really happy with it
  10. the only time i ever hunt the cave is when there's a release. other than that, im an AP hunter/breeder.
  11. i just reached level ten on the forums! <3
  12. i would say i gush over him, but i love Bruce Willis' movies. they're so much fun other than that, Johnny Depp all the way :3
  13. i'd like a dark gunmetal grey/blue. a dark,almost black grey with some blue. nd of course, shiny lol but for a natural hair color, just shiny black. o.o i do think that pure white hair is really cool, even though its not natural. i wouldnt want my own hair like that, but i always thought that pure white hair looked really cool on other people.
  14. i dont have an eating disorder. recently, our Bio teacher has been having us watch a video called "Thin" to educate the class about eating disorders. my bio teacher herself had had an eating disorder when she was young. it's really sad, what it can be like to have a disorder. i really wish luck to those with disorders, its sad what it can do to you and those around you. i think my teacher had something like celiac? anyway, it was a sad story.
  15. i dont have any piercings, but the most i would ever get pierced would be my ears.
  16. ooh, a Dusk thread! This is my best Dusk dragon <3
  17. im only ticklish when my dad tickles me, but other than that not at all
  18. thanks for the hard work, both TJ and the chad mods ^^; i wasnt there, but i guess something exciting happened :<
  19. They're awesome! i like the one with the skull better could you maybe make the grey a bit darker though? thank you, i may be requesting more later <3
  20. i like themes based on the breed. as in, all dragons of _____ breed are named similarly. though i havent done much on my scroll to support that lol. i name after the parents/code a lot. i also kinda like alliterations though i havent done much to support that either. so other than that i just name the dragon with whatever sequence of sounds i think of and add my surname
  21. i liked the lady and the tramp, and mulan too. probably some others, but i cant remember right now. i just remember i liked the tramp's personality a lot in Lady and the Tramp. :3 and Mush from mulan was cute