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    Dragon Age

    lmao! funny pics are awesome!
  2. urufu

    Dragon Age

    I love Awakenings the best!
  3. urufu


    iv played a long time and now the new out fits the game is now more awsom!!!! i plan on 99 cooking first then fire then fishing then idk. HOW IM THE DID YOU GET SOMMONING TO 99!!!!!!!
  4. From what iv seen you a good artist way better than me but can i ask a reqwest? sorry cant spell wreth nothen!
  5. Like it? Hate it? Who's your favorite character?
  6. you choes the houes by the most likely like im most likely a slytherin
  7. i am a slytherin a snake so deal with it!
  8. urufu

    Warrior Cats Books!

    i love warriors!!!!*fomes at the molth*
  9. urufu


    i whant a black one thoughs are cool!
  10. i like firestar becaues he is kind hard good haerted but he has misstakes and chalenges like every one else and he still a leader!