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    Justin Bieber

    I still believe in it. Oh well. Not going to change my opinion 8|
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    Justin Bieber

    Crayons can be pointy though D8 -remembers poking self with a sharpened crayon when trying to draw onto self-........yes, I'm weird >> Is he an idiot? I hope so, gives me more reason to hate 8D Hooray for Bieber-bashing!!! Am I productive in life? No, I don't plan to, I doubt it, and I'm partially-emo. Reason: The world has gone stupid enough to allow Justin Bieber be horribly popular in the context of fans and a brat-y voice. Oh, and I believe in the 2012 theory, so I have my reasons for a short life! No like Bieber-bashing? Then don't be hypocritical by bashing on the bashers. Flaming? Hooray!! I get to make more S'Mores 83 Though a girl-y voice is not all bad. Listen to the REAL MUSIC of the Jackson 5. Michael had a high voice but he made good FUN music out of it. He still does, even in the afterlife!! He didn't make annoying songs like JB, NEVER!! He and his family made songs that isn't always about love, darnit! Example: Always There - Good for after disasters, like in Haiti and the Twin Towers. Comforting, really, and gives hope. That was a water bottle. Video may be bad, but frame-by-frame, you can CLEARLY see that it is plastic. It's see-through! Now, IMO: Auto-Tune can be good. Owl City has songs that are sweet in that the love is hinted and, though a bit sorrowful, can be visualized as wistful and innocent. Vanilla Twilight and Fireflies being very good examples. To The Sky is so........inspirational and heroic. Lovely 83 Plus, I see his songs as more like riddles that takes smart (however you define it) people to solve and "get." Ke$ha has some good tunes, I mostly go with Tik Tok or You Love is My Drug since they can be catchy and good music to dance to. Lady Gaga......eh. Good songs to dance to, but can get annoying after a while (But doesn't all music until a few months etc. afterwards?). However, I LOVE her outfits!!! 8DDD It's just so....so expressive and just DIFFERENT! An artist in more than just songs! I want to dress up like that, all crazy and whatnot. It would be fun and it will show my individuality! BUT! I have my limits since I don't like........all that skin.n I don't like naked or mostly naked people. Too uncomfortable for me. And, of course, Japan has Vocaloid!! 8D Lovely! There ARE some good artists out there. Nickelback has songs that are mostly about living your life and having a fun time about it. Personally, I'm sadistic enough to have fun bashing Bieber. Maroon 5's Misery is awesome in the baseline and rhythm of it. Train-Songs are love-based but adds a fun twist to it. Passion Pit is lovely, lovely, lovely. I especially love the video: Creative and, as far as I can see, original! Just my three cents since I like three's 8D
  3. Currently playing my Pokemon Diamond version. I'm bored and want to battle some people :/
  4. Did anyone else notice the Billy Mayes thing about it?
  5. I usually get my faves on Squiby. I don't draw adoptable much, and if I do, they come out....Yuck! DX
  6. I'd say a couple months, give or take a year D
  7. Ah, I've been wondering what happened. Thanks for clearing that up! ^^ And hey! I've got a bronze trophy. Nice
  8. I love this series!!! 8D I have the whole set, including the Guide. Now, I just need to get the other ones, which aren't about owls, per se, but still take place in the same world. Anyways, I'm so excited!! The moment I saw the trailer.....I wanted to glomp the director and the crew Gawd, that they're going to do this.....I love them.......*giggles like a mad fangirl* *SOMEWHAT SPOILER* I LOVE DUMPY!!!! *END SOMEWHAT SPOILER* Butbutbutbutbut........I noticed in the trailer......It's taking place more during daytime.....when the sun is up......8C WHAT!!?! They're owls! It's supposed to be during nighttime!! But, thanks to the trailer, I now know what their real voices sound like....A bit British I think...... I STILL LOVE THE SERIES!! And if the movie messes it up.....I will burn them with infinite bombs and feed their ashes to a volcano.....If not, then I shall eat them with peppers C8
  9. Right now, Fireflies from Owl City is stuck in my head....It's kinda sad when you think about, especially the music video... Gosh, I want my childhood back! Oh, the oldies....I miss them TT_TT
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    I like them chocobos!! C8 Very fun things. In FF13, the baby one is So CUTE!!! *squeals* And I find if funny and creepy whenever it disappeared into the guys hair.....I just go: O_o.........................lol
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    Weird Al

    The only things I like from Weird Al are the polkas. Others....eh...not so much