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  1. Absolutely xd.png

    Dragons dragons dragons will probably get a large part. With zombie dragons, I could go on forever 8D

    NO MORE PROCRASTINATING -slaps self and goes to write-

  2. I hit 15k last night and now I'm stuck. 100% stuck... I just lost my motivation...

    Put L in. I'm almost positive that will get you another 10k words xd.png

    @philpot123 - Glad you think so, though my plot is rapidly running out of ideas since there will be no human companions. I'll probably introduce a dragon of some sort at 10k, haha

  3. At about 6.5k and hoping to get to 8k before bedtime. Hah.

    Mine is about a troubled boy who finds himself the last human survivor of the zombie apocalypse. It's basically an excuse for me to write about disembodied people >_>;

  4. Ruins, you can type it up on any word editing program and work there. You only have to copy/paste it onto the site when you hit 50k words.

    5334 words so far, going to write another 1000 or so hopefully. Baby turkey vulture!

  5. Just broke 4k and I feel behind compared to you guys xd.png

    Did a lot of revising, but I think it looks great. The plot is moving a long but not fast enough to end before I've finished wreaking havoc >:D

  6. Wrote 1924 words today. If I can keep this up, I should finish right around the 30th. I can still submit my story then, right?

    I'm probably going to lock myself in my room over the weekend with a laptop and type out 5K words. That will help a lot :V

  7. I'm going to give it a shot, though I doubt I'll even make it to 10K. I always get distracted when I'm writing, and I tend to be very to-the-point. :B

    I'd love to do this for srs one year. Is it always in November?

  8. I am overly happy with my catch. Got 4 eggs in 15 minutes. I'mma hunt for my neighbor later, she doesn't have a very good connection. The eggs go fast, but it wasn't too bad since there were about 50 of them at the hourly. I'm amazed my computer didn't short out P:

    Only had one Zombie attempt so far (failed), but I'll be trying again later.

  9. Miss everything but an extremely rare egg I would've gotten if I hadn't been scroll locked with misclicked commons. xd.png

    I always use ctrl + r to refresh instead of f5. That way, if I see an egg I want, I can just hold ctrl and click multiple times on the same (or different) eggs. If it's in the cave, turn off images and Javascript and hunt by text alone. If it's in the AP, try to get it before 200 other users xd.png