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  1. Cookies are a great way of bribing myself, especially if they're homemade <3

    Got 1k words in about 40 minutes, and I'm proud of myself. I've been doing five minute sprints for the past 500 words and they really helped.


    [EDIT] As if to prove myself wrong, I just did 2k words in about 35 minutes. These ten minute sprints are really productive, I can get about 600 words done in each one. Starting to get hopeful towards winning!

  2. I've found a system that works well for me. 500 words, get bowl of cookies. For every 500 words after that I get to eat one cookie. After 5 cookies, I'm tired of them and I've hit 3k words. Awesome.

  3. Also, would someone care to tell me how this: (ZOMG!!) is possible without typing a word over and over and over again?

    Oh my Gold. How is that possible?

    I hate my mathematical mind sometimes. It tells me I'm 4.8k behind my goal. Last night I couldn't be around to type, since I was comforting my best friend. Her grandma died last Friday :C

  4. 14k and counting right now. I'm going to try and get 3k over the weekend, maybe even per day, so I can get to the halfway point on the 15th. If I keep going like this I'll be behind .-.

  5. Broke 12k by 17 words and it's time for bed. I'm back on track as to where I wanted to be, and it only took me 50 minutes to type up 2k words. That's a new record : D

  6. I look over whatever I was writing before I start the day's 2k and fix things that don't make sense. It helps to glance back with a fresh set of eyes every now and again :3

    Plus both my parents are extremely excited that I'm writing xd.png I'm getting a lot of advice.

  7. Love Simba more since he's more familiar. He's my childhood, darnit xd.png

    I have heard of Kimba before, when my dad went on a rant about how TLK was just copying his original show. The white lion may have come first, but I like Simba more~

  8. I do make IOUs and I try my hardest to get them done quickly. I currently have 2 IOUs for people and several I'm waiting on. I'm okay with IOUs as long as the people I make them with try to get them done quickly instead of waiting lazily until I poke them and then spazzing out.

  9. Sock, thanks so much for Write or Die. I got more done in half an hour than I did in three hours on Saturday :B

    No school tomorrow, hoping to get to 12k then. Currently at 9k and my story's progressing well.