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  1. I have a Yule x Grey that I plan to mate with another Grey to keep the lineage going. Then I have a Snow Angel to be paired with a Thunder (rare x rare fingers crossed!) and the other with a Black, who will hopefully grow up in time for breeding. I'd love to mate one of my Ribbon Dancers with a Pink and the other with a Purple, but I haven't had time to test those pairs and they might refuse. I also have a Holly coming to me this year (thanks so much, you know who you are <3) with a White as its mate, so I'm going to breed that next year either with a CB White or with one bred from another Holly.

    Good luck to all with breeding!

  2. That depends - everyone has their own ideas of values. Some people are extremely lucky and have a ton of CB metals so they don't think that they are worth as much, while others would kill for one. The Honorable Mentions from the Tree Decorating Contest who picked a Holly are trying to trade them for, say, a CB metal, when people who catch them in the first place wouldn't even have dreamed of asking for one. It's all in the eye of the trader ;3

    For me, I usually allow people to make their own offers on my trades. That way I don't have half of DC who can make the exchange easily but don't have to and the rest scrambling to do so.

  3. Congrats to all the winners n-n

    Impressive, Sock. I'm shooting for 60k next year but I doubt I'll make it, lol. I had enough trouble this year Cx

    Already editing my story. So much for trying NaNoEdMo, at this rate I won't have anything to do!

  4. I like the series, mainly because dragons but also because I like Paolini's vivid style of writing. I feel like I'm there.

    New book came out on 11/11, ended up fourth on the library list and I'm currently reading it eagerly. I can predict the ending, with a traditional protagonist-trumps-antagonist, but that doesn't mean that the road leading up to it won't be good.

    My main problem is that he sometimes gets too hyped up with battle and then suddenly it's tea for everyone! Then he stays in that passive state for far too long, like in the third book where he goes over dwarf politics so many times, and suddenly jumps back into battle. Whut.