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  1. False, I don't even know the band. Chiaki might. (5) TPBM wishes Magikarp could learn some actual moves.
  2. Tigger was Unavailable, as you don't seem to have one named Chiaki (3)
  3. Lancelot the Brave! Wonder if Chiaki has ever seen that movie (2).
  4. acytbtad A Chiaki yearns to be the amazing dancer. gfnadj
  5. I'd totally steal the Vampire, plus the rest of the hatchies, but I'd only keep that one and give the rest to Chiaki. edit
  7. Opened up twenty or so tabs trying to catch another Gold egg, as I have a sneaking suspicion they'll be rare. I then went in reverse order, from recently clicked to oldest, and got the overburdened message on all but the last - the first I clicked - and was wondering how in heck I had 6 eggs when I knew there were only 5 and I hadn't bitten an egg in a week or so. What
  8. Caught 1 each and have a trade going on to get another. That'll give me my CB pairs :3 Thanks TJ and artists for the new release!
  9. Beat out 382 people to get one of each egg. I think I know what both are! They're both very very very pretty n-n
  10. I'm going to try and get one of each. Thanks for the awesome new dragons, I love them already! Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it!
  11. You can't look at the word "brilliant" or "radiance" without thinking of all those Nebulae that shot by under your mouse.
  12. Oh awesome. Thanks TJ! This'll help out GD and all the people who were pretty steamed about the last rule change. Now that it's spelled out, that should help
  13. I renamed three of my male Pinks. -All That Glitters Should -Totally be Censored -SOPA Makes no Sense
  14. Thank you, TJ, for doing this. SOPA/PIPA aren't going to win if we can get everyone against them. Going on DC and seeing a "Stop SOPA!" message made me both angry and happy, because if SOPA does come to pass then sites like DC might not even exist anymore. We have to stay strong for our rights!
  15. No email this time either. I'll just have to get a 2nd gen Holly, then
  16. This thread needs some SMBC.
  17. I should really do my homework. It's so hard to do it, though, with my cat sitting in front of the monitor... five more minutes on DC.
  18. Gandalf the Grey ...Name trade?
  19. Banned for having only 2 numbers is your username.