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  1. In loving memory of Phil Hartman, whose voice is ingrained in my mind forever @_@
  2. Thanks for the alert, TeeJay ^^; Also, happy 3.1415926579 day!
  3. Dark, if you wanted me to help, you'll have to slow down This is also an introduction. Hi, everyone! I'm your neighborhood Vampire collector and also a mod of this project from looong ago, but I had to poof. I'm back now. Send me any questions you may have and good luck cutting down inbreds - it's a hard task, and I respect all of you who have contributed. Now, let's get cracking. Those inbreds don't freeze themselves, you know. ~Xbc
  4. No, I don't have any homework. No, I'm not hungry. No, I don't want to play video games. No, I'm not sick. Can you all just leave me alone for a bit?
  5. When your brother asks if the Chicken you just missed was CB and you facepalm. CHICKENS ARE ONLY CB, BUT HE DOESN'T KNOW THAT. |D
  6. 10/10 to me, just about as common as Chiaki (20!)
  7. 14,705, which is a multiple of 5, unlike Chiaki's number 19.
  8. 1,821, a number which has nothing to do with Chiaki (18).
  9. Nightmare Moon, then Chiaki (16).
  10. Lord. Unoriginal Chiaki! (15)
  11. Sorry to both of you, but I believe that honor belongs to me (at least until the next person comes along, like Chiaki [14])
  12. Not really, animation's choppy. Wonder if anyone like Chiaki could fix it (13).
  13. htgfd Here tried green frogs (to) dance. fjchiakidk (12, it's in there)
  14. Lots of people here are playing Chiaki Says, huh. (11) And why are all these pony ads coming up?
  15. -sneaks off with Holly and Yulebucks, the latter of which she proceeds to give to Chiaki (10)-
  16. The user avoce me is bored because there is notging to do. (Not bad!) Next: Chiaki Says (9), Assassins, and Bingo are all forum games.