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  1. what would one trade for a handful of CB vamps?
  2. Superbly awesome! What a great returning-from-camp present. Thanks, TJ~
  3. This would stab ND-making in the back D: We put them in Teles beforehand so that we don't have to make one with ~2 seconds left, just like Angel said, and having to do so would basically kill any chances of getting one. Optional would be nice, of course, but otherwise I'm voting no.
  4. Thanks for the crits, I'll work on it a bit :3 More of a practice thing than anything Cx
  5. Boop, still hoping for crits :3
  6. Anyone have any crits on this sprite? Any help would be less than three'd :3
  7. Ended up with an egglocked seven Turps, all Influenced and with name ideas approaching. Thanks for the new release, TJ and artists!
  8. Which biome are they in? I gotta get my hunt on!
  9. Can sit the scroll ^^ I'm active, Kaini, but the thread has been relatively dead x3
  10. dfnkldf Drink fire nugget kola lest dragons faint! fnsaing (blue 9)
  11. Not sure where Eloise came from, I'll just continue with Z. Zecora! -shot- (blue 3)
  12. If you get it, write a comment about waffles. (blue 2)
  13. Just nabbed TAE's rocket ship for number 42. All of these are awesome, thanks so much to the artists and Lyth~! I only wish I had finished the 2010 one to have a complete set /perfectionist
  14. I love the anonymous egg o3o So purdy. 18/42, staying up all night if I must, to at least get to ~30. I'm not going to be on much tomorrow :c
  15. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S REAL AND WHAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MAFIA TRAINING Also, this is superawesome. If anyone legitimately has an account, would it be possible to screenie the email so I can stop ripping up my carpet? Thanks <3
  16. I can't tell if this is real or if it's going to disappear. Who cares, I'm hoping for an invite ether way!