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  1. Wow, what a nice surprise, I won! Thank you, amazon, for hosting this event, and thank you to all the kind donors who contributed additional prizes!
  2. Too busy for massbreeding, but I caught some tidals: I Caught The Tide! Forum name: Ha-Ki Scroll link: scroll link, grouped tidals Dragon code(s) - frozen hatchie or adult only: dvKkL, 0Xsg4, G0S68, yhWQH, cNgFB, 9EUPh, UrVyX Desired ticket number(s): 1111, 3334, 4444, 5555, 7778, 8887, 9998
  3. I'd love this, but for another reason - I have stopped caring about zombies and given up on collecting all the lovely new sprites, because I'm usually not online when they're visible, so what's the point in collecting all the different variants? All I ever see are tombstones anyway. Edit: Maybe zombies could get a "zombie apocalypse" BSA that makes them visible for 24 hours Is there a suggestion like this already?
  4. A reason to collect tidals, yay! I Bred My Dragons! Forum name: Ha-Ki Screenshot(s): Desired ticket number(s): 111
  5. The cave already makes sure that little trees go to users who have none yet, no need for fast clickers to interfere with that and steer where exactly the trees go (that would even make the game less fair in my opinion, as it puts forum users at an advantage over non-forum users). Also, they usually sit there for at least a couple of refreshes, sometimes even a couple of minutes, so slow internet connections are not at disadvantage here.
  6. I think the main difference between tabs and tags was that tabs were supposed to be a permanent sorting system, whereas tags would add search filters and would not be permanent. Though I've never understood why the tabs people were so vehemently against allowing a dragon to be in multiple tabs, after all the dragons on our scrolls are drawings and not actual creatures, so we could easily draw the same dragon twice in different tabs. @ topic: Support, anything to sort our dragons better will help. My favorite sorting system would be a permanent one that allows grouping dragons together and
  7. Not sure if suggestion threads still get merged, but this has been suggested before and received positive feedback: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=148954 https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=176884 Just for the record, I'd still like to see something like this.
  8. Does the holiday game save automatically? I played it earlier today and just went back to continue, but I'm back to the starting sequence with Perl telling me to wake up. Is this a glitch, or do I have to do something in order to save my progress?
  9. Not sure what you can get for them, but I'm pretty certain trading them off now is the better choice. Hollies are becoming more common every year, and even this year everyone is looking for 2nd and 3rd gens. I doubt you'll get a lot for a 4th gen next year.
  10. Just dropping in to offer help with lineages if needed - I have cb ribbon dancers and all cb christmas dragons after that, and one pacified and one enraged aegis (I took the aegis oath, which means they'll stay like this forever). 2 female and 3 male cb shadowwalkers are available for breeding. I won't check for answers in this thread, so please pm me if you'd like an egg. Happy holiday breeding to everyone!
  11. Agreed, if they're released in cave, I'd like to see them as uncommons, but not rares. One variant for each biome, or maybe they could work similar to lunar heralds.
  12. What Amaterasu-sama said Though I believe sitting alts and curled alts go through alternating phases where one of them is rare and the other one more common. A few weeks ago I saw someone post in the congrats thread that they got a cb gold offered on their 2nd gen pb alt black trade. I have been breeding blacks from two specific pairings to fulfill an alt IOU for 1.5 years and ended up trading for one to fulfill the IOU. So yeah, they are pretty rare at the moment and sadly have been rare for almost two years.
  13. This is exactly how I feel about this. I don't understand the reasoning that they should only be given out as high-prized eggs in the store so you'd have to work hard for them. They were given out randomly in raffles before, it's not like anyone worked hard for theirs so far. I actually like this suggestion more than the store suggestion. It's simpler, and also fairer in my opinion. And I don't see the need to keep prize dragons rare - they don't drop in the cave, so ratios are not a problem. If the cb ones become more common, the messy high gen ones will be bred less, so I don't eve
  14. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Ha-Ki Giftee: Lurhstaap Lineage LINK: jvDhN Breed: 3rd gen altkin and holidaykin Status: Offered accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Ha-Ki Giftee: dirtytabs Lineage LINK: dEvey Breed:3rd gen tinsel Status: Offered accepted
  15. Zombies can't be traded, as hatchies will be auto-frozen upon zombification, and neither frozen hatchies nor adults can be teleported If you want to trade offspring from zombified parents, keep in mind that zombies can't breed, and you can only trade the offspring as long as it's still growing.
  16. 1:1 is the ratio they hatch from eggs in nature, yes. But as suggested above, why not keep females as the default, but make them influencable? Any opinions on that? Love your egg sprites, by the way
  17. I didn't read the whole thread, so I might be repeating stuff. I'm not sure I like the 1:10 chance that a chicken egg hatches male, chicken are rare-ish already and hard to catch for some users. How about roosters could be obtained by influencing a chicken egg to be male? They'd be female by default, but hatch as roosters if influenced male. Also, 1:10 might be the ratio that works fine if you keep chicken, but they hatch 1:1. Male chicks are usually just killed right after hatching and made into pet food, or grown for 12 weeks and butchered then to be eaten by humans. Also, love the
  18. I need: to erase 3 incubates (forgot that I needed to influence them first, so now they're below 3 days and can't be influenced anymore) If you can help, please pm me Thanks to everyone who offered to help!
  19. So they were laid before October 24th and still had a few hours left today? *scratches head* Interesting, seems like the eggs did get paused then...
  20. Not allowing breeding regular dragons, so less eggs will die behind the wall? Please no, that's absolutely not a solution. If you read this thread, you will see that there are two major reasons why people support this suggestion. 1. People are sentimental about pixel eggs dying, and want them to be saved. 2. People are not interested in hoarding tons of lineaged holidays and are terribly bored during the holiday breeding season and the days after, when the wall still lasts. Myself a a lot of others are simply bored by the Holiday only AP, and cave hunting and breeding is all tha
  21. Yes, that would be lovely. I remember there was a glitch some past holiday that led some users to the regular AP, while others would see the Holiday eggs. I was one of the users who experienced the glitch. Best thing that happened to me.
  22. I just realized, that technically a Halloween wall can't last longer than until Nov 7th, 23:59, because on Nov 7th the Holidays in the AP will simply start to die in masses, and the last ones will die at 23:59. While I find it reassuring that I don't have to worry about Halloween walls that last much longer than last year's wall, I'm really bored if there's nothing but Halloweens in the AP for two weeks. I'd love to have an extra row of regular eggs, or an entire regular AP that is accessible through another URL (I actually prefer the second one).
  23. I agree with this. Looking at the zombie success thread, it seems the success rate is pretty much what it had been in the years before, or even if it has been increased, it's still more likely to not get a zombie. I'm a little disappointed about that, with all the new sprites, I had hoped for a success rate of 50-100% on Halloween. So yay for better success rates. If we can't have those, more kill slots are ok. If it's one or the other, I prefer the increased success rate.
  24. That's how I feel about this, too. I'm bored, and it's a shame there's hundreds of eggs dying while there are people who would love to take them in.