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  1. wyvernfire

    2017-04-16 - Festival of Eggs

    Yay, egg hunting time, 53 awesome eggs to find. Happy Easter Dragon Cave.
  2. wyvernfire

    2016-03-27 - Festival of Eggs

    I am so amused that my second to last egg was the little kitty with the two on it.
  3. wyvernfire

    2015-08-29 - August Release

    Hey everybody arguing about when these should drop? You all missed TJ's blue egg has hatched. And it is a lovely blue too.
  4. wyvernfire

    2015-06-27 - June Release

    Love them all. Now back to stalking the cave for them.
  5. wyvernfire

    2015-04-26 - April Release

    Nice I just caught all I can and I get to see what they hatch into, cute little guy.
  6. wyvernfire

    2014-12-25 - Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas Dragon Cave ! Such a pretty colour egg.
  7. wyvernfire

    2014-06-27 - Encyclopedia Beta Update

    I have maybe 200 or so nebulas on my scroll if needed for testing. They're at near the beginning and near the end of my scroll. Edit: Oh and congratulations to all beta testers. I didn't enter cause I'm gonna be busy most of the summer, but I can wait till this gets released to the rest of us.(just eagerly and slightly impatiently )
  8. wyvernfire

    2014-05-21 - Guardian of Nature Update

    First happy birthday dragon cave! So my guardian/copper attempt gave me a copper and my attempt to summon a new guardian of course failed.... Cool looking eggs though I feel bad for those who don't have a guardian to try to breed.
  9. wyvernfire

    2014-04-20 - Festival of Eggs

    I was getting a little worried with that down time, I can't wait to see what lovely eggs we get this year.
  10. wyvernfire

    2014-03-02 - March Release

    Yay pretty new eggs, thanks TJ and Spriters. And I've even caught all I can in the first hour. Can't wait to see what these little lovelies grow up to be.
  11. wyvernfire

    2013-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

    No new zombies for me, all my kills disintegrated. Poor They'reComingToGetYouBarbara won't get any friends this year. Oh well next year.
  12. wyvernfire

    2013-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

    Yup at Halloween we can get as many as we want it's Christmas and valentine's day that have the only 2 rule.
  13. wyvernfire

    2013-09-08 - September Release

    Thank you TJ for the stealth 17 min drop. Now I'm locked and can go to bed happy.
  14. wyvernfire

    2013-07-07 - July Release

    Wow I caught my fill already I never get them this fast. Three alpines and four movers. Pretty looking eggs can't wait to see what they'll hatch into.
  15. wyvernfire

    The Allure of Neglected Dragons

    Okay, just wanted to post what I noticed when trying to log in the last day or so. May 29 about 8-9 dragon cave time could get in and add my dragons May 29-30 11:45 - 2am dragon time one of my eggs hits 4 days so I try to put it in the er and I get the lag message. May 30 8am dc time ER egg has hatched and I can add my eggs. May 30 at 10 am 12:15pm and 1:15pm dc time have anouther egg at 4 days and under and cannot add eggs and get the lag message. Now I don't know if my er eggs are just syncing up with when the site stops letting people add dragons or maybe having an er dragon is part of the problem but thought this might help. Edit: Nope I don't think having an ER egg has any thing to do with it. My egg hatched and I still get the lag can't connect to dragon cave message.
  16. wyvernfire

    2013-05-28 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 7

    Oooo all speckle-ly and thanks TJ this has been a lot of fun.
  17. wyvernfire

    2013-05-27 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 6

    Can't wait to see what they'll hatch into. Come on hybrid hatch so I can get hunting.
  18. wyvernfire

    2013-05-26 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 5

    Keeping my hybrid cause it'll only put me a half hour back but do I abandon one of today's to get a pair of tomorrow's. well lets see what the new egg looks like.
  19. wyvernfire

    2013-05-22 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 1

    Awesome name and code, be carefully death may await you with nasty sharp pointy teeth.
  20. wyvernfire

    2013-05-22 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 1

    Well if they don't You could always go with a dragon that was born hatched or grew up on your anniversary date. Get either a dragon that you thinks works for symbolizing your fiancé or is their favorite. 'Sides it would be kinda awkward if they have a new release and its a dragon that say has something about not staying together in its description. On the egg getting sick I never put mine in a site before a few hours have gone by and they seem to stay healthy.
  21. wyvernfire

    2013-05-24 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 3

    They're starting to have a few other eggs show up. I just saw a black cap in the coast on the hour drop.
  22. wyvernfire

    2013-05-24 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 3

    Ooh yes with long veil like wings
  23. wyvernfire

    2013-05-24 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 3

    Yay got one, very fancy looking egg.
  24. wyvernfire

    2013-05-23 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 2

    Oooo... pretty Now to catch some.
  25. wyvernfire

    2013-05-21 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 0

    Happy birthday dragon cave! And here's to at least 7 more!