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  1. My eyes are very dark brown, almost black. It disturbs one of my friends who has blue eyes. My favorite eye color is green.
  2. When I was little I wanted to be a vegetarian, but I was already super picky, and probably wouldn't have had any protein in my diet. Also, I met a lot of vegetarians at my summer camp (it's with the National Zoo, so there's lots of animal enthusiasts), and thought it was really cool to hear their opinions. Now, I'm still rather picky, and the only meats I really eat are chicken (lots of chicken) and sometimes bacon or some sausages. I think it's fine to not be vegetarian because people are omnivorous animals, and I don't blame carnivores for eating meat. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to make sure the chicken I buy really is treated fairly, and raised and killed in humane conditions.
  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra top everything. They are my absolute favorites and no matter how I describe them it won't do them any justice. My other favorites are Pokemon, Ben 10, Teen Titans. And while I like more serious stories I like Phineas and Ferb, Kim Possible, Victorious, and the Big Bang Theory. Animation for the win! ;D
  4. No killing for a cool scale scroll, please! D: Shedding sounds much nicer. And Chococat, I love that papyrus scroll idea!
  5. The first one I remember playing is Super Smash Brothers: Melee for the Gamecube. I first discovered video games at my friend's house, and he also owned (and let me play) Mario Kart Double Dash and Pokemon Stadium, so it may have been one of those. My first game system was also a Gamecube, and the first game I played that I actually owned was PokemonXD:Gale of Darkness. Ah, memories.
  6. I searched and didn't find a topic like this. I've been looking to get a new game, and since I play mostly for storylines, I was wondering what other DCers thought were the best plots they've seen in video games. Personally, I think the story in Portal was awesome. It was entertaining, unique, and fun whether you knew all that background information or not. And the ending was very satisfying for me. But you have to play both games to get the full story. I also liked the first Kingdom Hearts game's storyline, though I never got to finish it or play any games beyond that. Drawn to Life had a cute story, too. Edit: And the pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. I sure hope they make more, because they were really great stories, fun, adventurous, creative, and even sad at times.
  7. At my house I have: DS lite (has a broken screen now ^^; ) 3DS Game Cube (my first game system, and specifically a limited edition PokemonXD one) Wii (not working at the moment ) XBox 360 (my brother plays it more) I want a Playstation 2 for the sole purpose of playing Kingdom Hearts (the first one). I know the PS3 can play older games, but I don't want to pay that much. The real thing holding me back is that I'm not sure when I'll have enough time to play it. ^^;
  8. Thanks for giving us a heads-up, TJ! *tries to contain growing excitement*
  9. I try not to abandon eggs I breed, except for two times; one was an accident, and the other was to make room for a tinsel gift. I don't abandon eggs I accidentally click from the cave, but I do abandon accidentally clicked eggs from the AP.
  10. I have dark brown hair, so I like brown over blonde. But I've always loved red hair the best.
  11. I'm very loose about what I collect. When I have room, I take whatever I like that I find, or breed, but not often. I'll often take cave blockers and abandoned eggs, because I feel bad for them. I used to go after dragons I don't have, but now I have most. I've never really cared about lineage when going after breeds new to my scroll. I go after every rare I don't have, but who doesn't? I try to have no more than 4 eggs on my scroll at a time, just in case there's anything I REALLY want. And I have an army of whiptails. :3 I sort my dragons in chronological order, and will move the newest eggs to the top if they end up sorted wrong when I first get them. I describe from time to time. I always name my dragons (most of their names are greek). I don't freeze, kill, or do anything that risks death. I got one vampire off the AP, and don't feel I need anymore, so I probably won't bite any eggs, and I won't try for any zombies. I may try to get an ND, but I haven't attempted yet. I have one personal lineage, an even-gen whiptail one with the surname "Tailithe." I don't inbreed dragons, but I'll take in inbreds I find on the AP. I keep every egg I breed (except one where I accidentally forgot my scroll was full when I bred it). All my dragons only have one mate if they have been bred (except for one, and again, that was a mistake). My favorite kind of lineage is purebred checkerboard, because of all the effort it takes (not that other lineages don't) and how pretty the result is.
  12. Wow, all the stuff looks awesome! Thanks, TJ!
  13. It failed once for me, on my CB Nilia when they were first released. I named her "Lereb," which is rebel spelled backwards, as a fun little reminder. ;3
  14. According to my verification email I joined on March 17, 2010 and my account number is 608415. It was hard for me to track exactly when I joined since my first two eggs died and I joined the forums later, but that email proves it since using the link with my account number works. ^^
  15. I mess with my earrings when I'm bored, and hold my necklace when I'm happy. I skip steps whenever I use stairs. I love quirkiness. :3
  16. Yeah! They're not the most potent, but they do smell sweet! I love sweet smelling flowers. And I forgot to mention before, but my gardening friend said that if you put hair in a pot of red roses, it will turn them a pretty coral color. If anyone gets a haircut and wants to try that... ^^
  17. I have a little joke with one of my names, "Benanna." I originally caught the dragon becuase the code had Ben in it, so I thought it would be cool to name it Ben when it grew up. But then it gendered female. So I combined Ben with a feminine name, Anna, and it's also a pun on "banana." It's a long story, but it still makes me laugh.
  18. I don't have a spreadsheet, but I have a word document for my even-generation purebred whiptail lineage. It could be more organized in other formats, but it works. It includes name, reason for name if there is one, gender, generation, if the dragon has a mate yet, pairings, dates of breedings, if the dragon is described, and a link to each dragon's view page.
  19. There are a lot of frangipani flowers where I'm on vacation, and they're one of my favorite kinds. I also like yellow roses, lavender, lilac, other roses, and lilies. I'd love to start a garden, but my whole family is cursed with the opposite of a green thumb. And I'd grow too lazy to do anything beyond watering. I love plants, though. I learned how to recognize some edible (and a few poisonous) ones in my area at camp, and would love to learn more.
  20. I don't think I have a real problem, but I do trip over my words sometimes, especially around people I don't know as well, or when I'm reading aloud for some reason. I'll stutter, slur, or have trouble coming up with the word I'm looking for. It's annoying, but I know people with worse stutters and such.
  21. Hawktalon

    Glomp Gifting

    I'm a little late posting this, but I'm just starting to come out of hiatus. ^^ Hawktalon --> Kelkelen: PB 2nd gen pink c:
  22. Wow, these new dragons are utterly gorgeous! Thanks TJ and spriters! I can't believe I'd had so much work this last week I didn't notice these new beauties came to the cave! I just bred an Ultraviolet and caught a Tsunami, though!
  23. I've been keeping a real journal for a couple of months now. I'd tried to a few times before then, but was never able to commit. For two years I used my calendar to record small events of interest, and back in elementary school I used my math journal's margins to record stuff after completing the warm ups. I'm really glad I have a real one going now. It really helps me say what I want to when no one wants to hear me rant. I also really like now how I can write my speculations for The Legend of Korra, and be able to really say, "I so called that!" I've tried writing using the pokemon unown as characters before for a code so no one else could read my journal, but it takes too long, and my fast handwriting is messy enough for people to not bother with it anyways.