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  1. 2 of my tinsels failed. >.< ...I'm 80% sure I influenced them at least... my bronzexember was the only one of that lineage I had yet too...
  2. YES! 40/40 and the pretty haunted house badge I had help with the Hidden Cavern and the chicken, but that was the funnest thing I've done in a while <3
  3. I picked up an extremely messy and inbred tinsel off the AP the other day. http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Inbred.php...=full&repeats=y "lEcat has 362 dragons that appear in the lineage more than once" ... O.O
  4. Aeria

    Terry Pratchett

    Discworld is definitely one of the best book series ever. It's both comedic and serious at the same time. It can really tug at your heartstrings, even while you're rolling on the floor laughing and cheering. ^.^ The most recent one I've read is Small Gods. Brutha's and Om's antics were epic
  5. Your Mary Sue advice is spot-on. I'm so sick of seeing those in every other fanfiction, especially if they're not written well. O.O I think a huge problem is how the authors themselves see the Mary Sue character as an improved and perfect version of themselves (a really bad Author Avatar), and thus give the character special favors and make everyone worship them. I loved the dragons' origin stories. Your writing is superb--descriptive, fluent, and concise. ^.^ *eagerly awaits more stories*
  6. My oldest account on this forum: ...That makes me a rookie :/
  7. I didn't realize tinsels needed more views than usual, and thus put mine in only 1 fansite until 4D10H. There are no cracks. Oops. Here's hoping it won't get sick in the next 12 hours, after I frantically dumped it in another 3 fansites >.< *crosses fingers*
  8. I was fooling around and bred this black stripe (Dorkface x 3....lol) Inbreeding It's not as bad as the 650 dragon one though... O.o
  9. I apologize if this is one order too much for you, but your artwork is just so gorgeous O.O Username: Aeria Type of Order: Avatar Color Theme: I got kind of stumped when trying to create my example. White/gray/silver with some shimmer, maybe even some blue patterns/shimmer/sparkles? Something to make it more interesting, anyway ^.^ Effects: None Pictures/Sprites: Nebula blue female Size: maybe a bit larger than the one in the example Writing: Aeria (feel free to change the place of the text in my lame example) I was fiddling around with Microsoft Paint and came up with this. I'm sure you could do a lot better...lol Thank you!
  10. Aeria


    The dogs are beautiful. Your art is absolutely lovely~
  11. Like wind, time is merciless, blowing south. fsaktlvmre
  12. I myself don't mind messy lineages. I place the vast majority of value on the actual breed of the dragon (which in turn ranges due to factors like rarity or pretty sprites). Yes, CB rares are extremely valuable, but I find it annoying and frustrating (even if it is kinda fun) to hunt for those. If someone offers me a pretty even gen or staircase, yes I will offer more for it, simply because it is beautiful and they put incredible effort into making it that way. But if I pick up a messy lineaged stripe or gold or trio or nebula or even a common like a purple ridgewing, I will keep it and raise it. Simple. Take this stripe that I recently bred, for example: Lineage Inbreeding Yes, it's horrific, blah blah blah. But for me, a black stripe Dorkface is a black stripe Dorkface, no matter how messy or inbred. The only maybe major problem at all I find with messy lineages or inbreeding is that other people don't want the eggs I offer up for trade. So I just gift them. ^.^
  13. Antarctic apples soar flying just low sea ckbnerkjrg
  14. http://dragcave.net/lineage/iQVa I got mine in March I didn't even believe it at first, I never get this kind of good luck
  15. Insane friends go north buying helicopters by gallons fgcvndebn
  16. Nah, I like my own birdie better ^.^
  17. I have this cute 7th gen spiral/staircase Sunsong Dorkface egg that I would like to swap for any other Dorkface egg/hatchling. http://dragcave.net/lineage/XUR7k I'm out of magi so you'll probably have to set up the trade link ^.^
  18. Maaaaybe. *hugs own birdie avatar* ^.^
  19. I have none so far, but I am in line for an IOU for either a bronze or a silver ^.^ Until then, it's just a matter of patience. (and hoping my stripes breed well...lol)
  20. Aeria


    I'm not a big fan of the sappy "twue wuv" stuff, but quite a few classmates and friends of mine (who are normally perfectly sane people) were obsessing over it. So I picked up the first book and skimmed it through, and I thought it was...okay. I could tell what would happen from a mile away, but I was still a bit intrigued in /how/ the romance stuff would play out. The second time I read it, the inconsistencies became clearer. I was like O_o about halfway through and immediately chucked it out of the room. I picked up the second book purely for lolz and cringed at how pathetic Bella's behavior was. I'm vaguely interested in maybe reading the rest of the series, purely because I want to see how much more badly Meyer can screw up this atrocity. Curiosity killed the reader >.<
  21. My first adult dragon was a lineaged black I picked up from the AP I got the name Dusk's Wing for him http://dragcave.net/lineage/cMig
  22. I think I've been watching too much Caramelldansen recently, because that's what my mind instantly went to when I saw your avatar bobbing up and down ^.^
  23. My middle name is a lineaged female silver ^.^ (http://dragcave.net/view/n/Katherine)
  24. My silvers are still refusing >.< I got really lucky yesterday though :DDD Both my white stripes agreed to breed, but my blue stripe refused :/