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"Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it." ~J. Petit SennI'll give a good home to any and all nebula dragons! ^.^Looking for CB nebulas and any reds or pinks.KittyKat123.png gtinselbanner2.png SigVO.gif Glomp.png silvi1.gifajhY.png Wishlist

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    Playing with sickeningly cute unicorns under a bright cheerful rainbow
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    Reading, especially fantasy books

    Playing video games in my spare time- and I have no time to spare

    Surfing Wikipedia- nothing better than (hopefully accurate) knowledge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    2/4 Hatchies for Koro
    CURRENT TINSELS (would prefer either lower gen or other tinsel lineages):
    Bronze---Alcoholic messy stairsteps 7th and 12th gen
    Darkrose x White 8th gen
    Cayvyn 7th even gen
    Tanoth the Dragon King 6th even gen

    Silver--- Inextrica x blue nebula stair step 8th and 9th gen
    Penk x new pink 9th gen
    Erno x stripe and pink 9th gen

    Gold--Gold Epica even gen into green nebula stairstep 9th gen