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  1. Love the egg sprites! Thank you for the new release!
  2. I suspect that once one of my dragons has refused once, it'll refuse every other dragon I try to breed it with, regardless of its rarity. Also, it seems as if the more often I try to get a specific egg from a pair of dragons, the more often I will get the wrong egg.
  3. *When you start making a table detailing when each egg hatches and each hatchling grows up, as well as when you need to breed certain dragons *When your said table has been planned out for two to three weeks ahead *When you feel upset because you know you can't get any eggs for a day *When you go back to the AP to see if there are any hatchlings there every five minute
  4. Signed up, although I know that my email has been buggy recently. Hopefully if I'm chosen it'll actually be received (although with my luck I won't be chosen anyways)
  5. Swimming always makes my eyes hurt because I open them underwater... I wish I hadn't developed that habit, although it was needed considering that I'm always zooming past people at the water park and I needed to know where I was going.
  6. *pulls out a flashlight and begins shinning it on the floor, then takes the last post while everyone is distracted*
  7. I could see how this could be useful for some, although I'm not all for it. It'd concern me if people were to ask me for dragons that I had worked hard to get (rares mainly). Also, hatchlings are going to adapt easier than an adult. It'd be interesting to have, although I'd defiantly want some restrictions on it, like for how often an adult could be teleported or locks for certain things.
  8. The one time I actually want to go to the movie theater mom and dad keep forgetting about it... I probably won't see it until it's almost out of theaters at this point. Or until it's in the dollar theater. I loved the first movie and really want to see the next one, seems interesting.