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My scroll ... Still hunting for those elusive CB metals, and any shimmers! Will trade anything I can breed or realistically catch. Full wishlist is in my profile :)I consider IOUs on a case-by-case basis.2eply5c.jpg

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    Status: Basically inactive.
    - CB Gold
    - CB Silver
    - Neglected
    - Shimmers
    - Low-gen tinsels from lines I don't have.
    Otherwise, current scroll goal is to get 8 CB (4 male, 4 female) of each breedable species (where possible) - with the aim of breeding a PB even gen 4th gen of each :D
    -- Want list removed as it was woefully out of date --
    Ongoing IOU's:

    "Recently"* completed IOU's:
    - Owed patterns (aka whitebaron) 5 CB crimson hatchies at < 5 days. Agreed 17/04/2013, fulfilled 24/04/2013 (codes GR9ps, t7pQU, Z1QZE, ruY90, Ipoft).
    - Owed patterns (aka whitebaron) 8 CB crimson hatchies, 2 CB BSA hatchies all @ ~5 days. Agreed 24/04/2013, fulfilled 01/05/2013 (codes: 2MbU2, 4R6rE, F6sAK, uKX8R, qzEuv, CCy4D, fKga0, kjqVD, 34S2l, AnwS6).

    (*Recently being a relative term!... Pre-hiatus would be more accurate).

    Can occasionally be found lurking on the IRC - I'm Zaxian there too.