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  1. Not sure what thread to post in but this little guy is free Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3rd gen Holly thuwed, pretty checkerboard lineage Edit: Claimed wow that was fast
  2. I prefer the idea of a warning before breeding
  3. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Tiger_Rider Gotcha! Scroll name: Tiger_Rider Threw a snow-ball at: puppie415 MessengerDragon Rubble atm
  4. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Tiger_Rider I'll try to return as many as I can
  5. I'm loving this metal drop. After searching for three years I finally got my cb pairs for gold and silver within a week or so. Volcano and forest are my friends <3
  6. Maybe someone likes winters?
  7. Will you be my valentine? Also, I'd really appreciate if the person who took my last egg would pm me, even if it's just to tell me they got it.
  8. Be my valentine? I'd like to know where this one went
  9. This pretty black alted! My first alt in a year or two
  10. I speak english and somewhat speak french
  11. Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine
  12. Congrats to all the winners
  13. Are they in all the biomes?
  14. Thanks! More than a 1 day release, yes?
  15. I also have 1 egg to gift to someone who wasn't able to get one because of the hurricane.
  16. Maybe just have an option to change them to user time?
  17. This. I think that she should have split the series after the third book. 4 and 5 follow a completely different plotline. I just read the fifth and I actually really liked it. So I'm probably going to read the sixth. Why must there always be something wrong with Jace at the end of each book?
  18. I liked them, but the last one was the best so far. Spoiler in white: They could have saved Annabeth and Percy!
  19. I got my gold trophy! Also, my dragons were being very cooperative today. Bred a 2nd gen pb ice, a second gen thunder I needed for a lineage, my first silver egg out of one of my nice-ish silvers, and 2 pb blacks.
  20. If my power is out: I might be affected by Hurricane Sandy! Forum Name:Tiger_Rider Scroll link: Scroll PM link: PM If by some miracle it comes back on: Frankenstorm Helper Form: I'm willing to gift eggs to storm victims! Forum name:Tiger_Rider How many egg/hatchlings I'm willing to gift:1 I'm willing to keep the eggs until they are close to running out of time:Yes I'm willing to gift someone a 2nd egg/hatchling of the new Halloween dragon:No Ok, olympe