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  1. I'm a huge FFXIV fan and I was really happy to see those two! Red Mage is one of my main DPS classes, after SMN.
  2. Final Fantasy Red Mage egg! Awesome.
  3. I don't think it's an actual person. Pretty sure it's just a game script
  4. Got the upside-down Mint. Tricky! Cheese recolor is amazing. I wish they'll stay that way
  5. What I'm trying to say is - we're playing an online game here, so "stamps and coins" comparisons mentioned earlier, as the "arts bought from artist on my own shelf" don't really work. It's more like re-work of an MMORPG engine so it looks smoother and runs faster... maybe some people loved how the old game looked, because of nostalgia, or because they just thought it really looked better that way, but, hey, time goes on, and no new players gonna come to enjoy the MMORPG if it keeps the old pixelated textures. Here come the detailed polygons. Something like this.
  6. Well, coins and stamps are another matter entirely. DC is better compared to something like Pokemon - if you transfer your Pikachu from older to new-er game, its sprite will inevitably change, there is no way to escape it.
  7. There are games where old sprites stay the same, and new art goes to new creatures (like Magistream). Honestly, it looks preposterous. Like, the old direwolf. Did the poor creature escape right from 1995 computer RPG? One of the new wolves, to compare (Borean wolf): I'd like DC to stay more or less in one style, not like this.
  8. Well, I may be a minority here, but I like sprite updates. Old golds were totally outdated, like they came right from year 2000. They had their "oldschool" charm, right down pat, but new ones are way better. Same with silvers. Also every old => new sprite update goes through only if it wins the vote majority, IIRC? So I'll say - update'em. Updated holly dragons are cool too. And I think we all agreed that Sweetlings Alts 8 year ago were a drastic mistake (even spriter herself said that), and now there is basically no chance to fix it in a way that will benefit a whole userbase (
  9. I'm strongly against "alts breed alts" situation, considering they only breed once a year and there is a very small pool of the alt owners. It'll be the Prize problem all around again, another rare trade-me-anything dragon. And it'll make that small pool of people - who are ALREADY super special by having two colours of sweetlings instead of one, mind you! - even more privileged and able to receive practically anything in return for the 2nd gen alt. Not. Fair. At. All. No, please. Anything but that. (I don't blame Alt owners, I blame the problem itself, it's not their f
  10. Sending! I'm all out of puns, so using random song quotes instead
  11. Sending! If someone needs any special flower - just tell, I'm close to finishing the collection
  12. Sending as many as I can! (Sorry for my bad puns ^^)
  13. I'd agree with you, but yeah, pretty unpopular opinion Actually, nice one. Alt sweetlings are so rare and desired not because of "only X people have them, I want too", but because of their colour. No other valentine dragon ever had black-and-dark-red combo. (And I'm pretty sure 2018 Valentine will be another pink too; don't make me wrong, I love pink, but seeing one pink after another, with small exception of Radiant Angels, is kinda... meh.) People just want the cool black dragon with skull on its butt. They don't want to take away some rare gift or some stuff.
  14. Sending! (Trying to send to basically everyone; wish the event kept track of the cards we already sent x))
  15. Happy Valentine! I love this event, dragons' and flowers' puns are so hilarious. And the familiar black dragon hatchling is Eben, I guess? The one from Valkemarian Tales?
  16. I kinda missed that moment, it seems. But the current situation (certain group of players has access to both colours AND is able to breed both colours) doesn't seem fair to me either, honestly, unless I'm missing something. We don't have this problem with Snow Angels.
  17. Then retire them altogether and let them stay as "spriter's alts" only =.= with no true breeding at all. What's the point of this slow retirement anyway?
  18. You summarized basically everything (and @Fabula added one more point). Don't know what to say to add to the case, maybe - that the Alt Sweets are supposed to represent Singles Awareness Day, which is as important for some people here as the Valentine holiday itself?
  19. Not at all. You imply that we ask people to give us a part of their gift, but that's not how it works. Using your restaurant analogy, it's like your siblings (friends, colleages) got the same giftcards too and can go to that restaurant too now. Maybe you wanted to go there alone to have some quiet time to yourself - oops then. Maybe you'll be happy to be there with them - more fun! Anyway, you don't lose anything. But they gain something. And about the edited part: I'm pretty sure black Sweets won't be released as a new breed for the next year. But release for February 15, as @Auri
  20. So yeah. As I posted above - creating artificial rarity, 50% more rare dragon altogether (compared to "black only breed black" thing). Wee-ho. Please no.
  21. Thank you for your opinion! I like these ideas too, especially BSA. And CB limits... as I've already said, with holiday biome they most likely would be raised anyway, sooner or later. Ughghghhh. I understand contacting the spriter (IIRC, several people tried to contact them already? Though I feel it's not really right thing to do, because it's what TJ and TJ only is supposed to do in my opinion... but well). But I don't quite understand why ask the current alt owners. No one asked the old prize owners before implementing a new once-a-month lottery. No one asked old holly owners
  22. @MhKhu is totally right. We all experienced all sorts of glitches here - outside of the Valentine events, and never were treated by any special gifts for bearing with those glitches. Which is totally okay. Or if we did - this glitches-presents shouldn't be something super rare and be looked upon as "nope nope only miiine don't give others my CB everrrrr". People who caught a CB gold worked for it. People who failed numerous attemps at creating the Neglected dragon and finally hatched one worked for it. Special alt just for being there... well. Good, I agree (I imagine how hard it w
  23. Not really. I agree with Dragon_Arbock here: first, number of CB prize owners is growing every month, and second, prize dragons (even being picky) are breeding all year round, not once a year. CB Sweetling alts will be much more rare (and consider players who left the game, and those who don't want to breed their Alt for some reasons). And of course people will make the list of owners, just like holly owners and original prize owners. So yeah. Not a solution. Just a creation of another artificial rare dragon for trading.
  24. It was mostly answer to Vampyre's post above, I don't know if they own a black alt or not, for me it's pretty weird opinion either way. Maybe I'm just greedy or an anarchist or just "let's everybody have option to have anything" type. There are enough games with "super rare early released not obtainable now" things, even FR, for example (and yeah, I was there till opening, and I'll be totally okay with them re-releasing all the sprite familiars and such... ooh, imagine the drama!... oh, sorry, got distracted, ahem). DC is more into pure-collectable type. So we love it like this. So
  25. Fun thing is, I don't remember old Holly owners (including those who got their Hollies by winning a lottery) being against releasing CB hollies for all the other users. And these were Hollies, rarest holiday dragons around (until this Christmas). Guys, aren't the holidays, y'know... for sharing and caring? I'll be happy to have any alt Sweetling, that's for sure, because I didn't even dream of owning one. But... something in the discussion just rubs me the wrong way. And for the breeding: if only the old Alt Sweets will remain black, and only they will breed black (or i