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  1. I resent that. I play UC and Howrse as well. From your description though it sounds as if you've played UniCreatures quite a lot. Honestly, I find training my unicreatures fun. Granted, I hate the energy-refill cooldown and laugh at the stupid things creatures do in games, especially such as Kanans who are supposed to love sports. And yes, their making you pay for 'exotic credits' to get pets you can't get otherwise annoys the hell out of me. I will never have a Unity and most likely not an Arishia either. And I will never be able to give out Ninja Giftboxes. This also annoys the hell out of me on Howrse, but at least there it's humanly possible to earn free passes, if you work your Internetty butt off. Back on topic, though. Pros of this idea: It would be really exciting to be able to randomly nab really high stat CBs, like UC's nobles and exalteds. That would also speed up grabbing of commons, especially if they were more likely to be noble or exalted. It would provide a way to up trade value or simply get bragging rights. It would provide a release of pent-up energy (other than breeding lol) for our dragons. Now for the cons: I love my dragons, as I'm sure many of you also do. I know they're just pixels, but I want them to do nothing that might injure them. If I saw two dragons fighting I'd try to break up the fight, not encourage it. A more sporty approach would overcome this objection, however, as long as they were not forced to do sports but rather participated in and of their own free will. Perhaps, as in breeding refusal, certain dragons could just not like sports and refuse to ever take part. Others could be more hit-or-miss. I like DC's simplicity. If I want a complicated game that forces me to spend a long time on it, I play Howrse, UniCreatures, DragonAdopters or Horse Isle II. DC is my go-to when I have only a few minutes, which is more often than not, and while I know this wouldn't be mandatory I would be miserable if I didn't feel I was playing my best. Stats would be really hard to code and would just mess awfully with all ratios, IMHO. For all these reasons, I must vote no. Sorry! EDIT: The 'fight enemy' option seems more viable and realistic, but I'd still only support it if no stats or training would be involved. And there's still the risk of injured pixels. Also, since when is DC not a pet site? OK, maybe it's different from all others out there, and that's what has me hooked. But what would you call your dragons, if not pets? Farm animals? They can't be wildlife since they were taken from the Cave. Just thought I'd point that out. My nerdy geekgirl nature wouldn't allow me to ignore it.
  2. Refflex's "Fara Ea" Arsenium's "25" O-Zone's "Te-Am Visat" O-Zone's "Dragostea Din Tei" O-Zone's "Te Voi Iubi" RadU's "Doare" Arsenium's "Summerboy" RadU's "Doi Straini" Arsenium's "Erase It" Arsenium's "Minimum" Arsenium's "Aquamarina" And more But I'd better stop now.
  3. Dragostea Din Tei, aka the Mi-Ya-Hi/Nu ma, nu ma song!
  4. Yes! I love and can sing lots of songs in Romanian <3 Dragostea Din Tei, Numai Tu, Oriunde Ai Fi, Te-Am Visat, Sarbatoarea Noptilor de Vara, Nu Ma Mai Cauta, Fara Ea...I could go on and on!
  5. @7Deadly$ins: Nope, you don't have to spend money . The value of a crane is "between 1 and 2 cents". You just get people to visit your wish and click "Fold a crane for this wish". @dustpuppy: I know, and am keeping that in mind. Hence no personal info
  6. Decided to re-do everything on sprite. Crits please? Something's off with the wings, but I don't know what... Thanks! ~PK.
  7. Actually, it was too horsey, and I had to re-do. But I'd like some redlines on the wings, if at all possible Thanks! ~PK.
  8. Then make a wish, maybe you'll eventually get enough cranes <3 And I'm sure we'll all be very glad to help, just provide us with the link to your wish
  9. Well, I'm sixteen, and my crush is twenty-nine and turning thirty this month. I know I can't even try to find out if he also likes me until I'm eighteen, for fear of spoiling his public image, but I would love to be his girlfriend and perhaps even marry him. He's strong, decent, extremely cute, an excellent dancer and singer, funny, playful and very intelligent (he speaks five languages, two of which I already speak, and I am learning a third, Romanian).
  10. Hello all! I was just randomly surfing the Internet when I found this little Web site called Wishing Crane, where you can make a wish, have others fold virtual paper cranes for your wish, and have it come true once you've collected enough cranes. I found this to be an intriguing idea. Not only did it remind me of Sadako Sasaki's heart-wrenching story, but it also seemed a wonderful way to have fun, help others out, and maybe have a wish or two come true. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that it's free! So I just thought I'd share this with you all, and maybe make a place to consolidate all our wishes in one place and lend each other a helping hand. What are your thoughts on this? P.S. Please fold some cranes for my wishes, getting a Romanian-English dictionary to prepare for studying abroad and being able to get some Howrse passes, and I'll fold for yours. Thanks!
  11. From love's point of view, age does not exist. I am in love with a man thirteen years older than myself. I can only hope he feels the same way I do.
  12. Wow. What an inspiring, beautiful topic. I have huge dreams. Many/most of them I will probably never achieve. But if I do, and even if I don't, I will still learn a lot from them. And I will never give up. My current dreams are as follows: To meet (and just possibly something else too ) Arsenium, the Moldovan singer. To learn to speak first Romanian, followed by Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese and possibly French and Japanese. (I already speak English and Spanish. And LOLCat, to an extent.) To get high grades so I can earn a scholarship, study the university in Bucharest, Romania and become a programmer. To own my own racehorse--a bright golden almost-palomino (since palominos have brown or black eyes and I want a blue-eyed horse) Thoroughbred stallion with white on all four legs. To get the novel I'm writing published. To get a dragon concept of mine added to Dragon Cave. To make my own adoptable site or flash-based horse-themed world-exploring game like Horse Isle, only cooler. To learn how to sing, play the guitar and the violin. Oh, almost forgot: To have the best Equestrian Center ever to be seen on Howrse.
  13. Same here! And my experiment's ToD is TONIGHT!!! *freaks out*
  14. Time to dig out ALL my cool codes x3 I collect them <3 Most all are CB or 2nd gens bred by me, since my scroll rules prevent me from collecting anything else... tOM8r CB Black tomater! x3 ifUgT "Fuga"? ("flight" as in "fleeing" in Spanish) 8J0EI Joe? Joel? Joey? uGLi6 Ugly CB Guardian 0_0 SEAra ("Evening" in Romanian!) guPY3 Guppy #3 On42g On 42...ready...go! siiZE What _ dress do you wear? VT0EG Veto? Toe? fiRl Fir tree loving CB balloon <3 nsalg All lowercase, "Sal" ("salt") or "No salgas" (meaning "don't go out" in Spanish) WmwES This CB Black Tip wanted to be named Wes <3 QUuPS Oops? UPS? AAULs Awl? Aul? Owl? RckVh Looking at this code I could only think, "Rock!" Too bad it ain't a Stone... G0fLf Kept thinking "golf" when seeing this CB BBW's code. X3 ePi71 A very mathematical Brimstone 1C6D2 CD...number 2? MADpk This CB Brim's code describes me PERFECTLY. q0Oq Kook? 8ADAD This CB Canopy ate a dad! @_@ XLgs3 This Chicken's legs are extra large o_O AClvl Air conditioning level? pi83h Another math dragon, this time a Wrapping-Wing... slAte Perfect word code! V3RSE Am I the only one who saw "Verse" here? 1gEG This CB Daydream really is a 1g EG lineage! BG58 Background 58? (I'm an HTML coder, so...I had to think that!) K1EV Ukrainian Red Dorsal! Now I wish I had one with the code BCRST (București)... SPAhY Spray? Spay? I'll leave that one up to you... a7mAW This Electric has a big maw. PIHsi I saw "Pishty", my first betta's name... mkt5U This CB Gold wants to go to the market. Or she wants to "make it FIVE you" (instead of make it FOR you) LOL! Sib8K Sibling? Siberia? TMYL Trademarked Shallow Water X3 tUATB Animal lover that I am, I could see "tuatara" in this code... RPn4q Roleplaying Shallow Water 1Opt I keep seeing "10 pt" ("10 points"). Can you tell I play too many videogames? MRDoT Unfortunately, I had no Pinks when I got this one, so it gendered wrong for its code. mYoeE Yoe looks like it should be a word. X3 dOTvq A dotty Guardian. aEXN0 This Pumpkin screams, "Eek! No!" CoNGk This Marrow is from the Congo. v7PbJ I'd say PB&J, but this Shadow Walker really is PB e_e tigGk I saw "tiger"... tiMUM A mommy Cavern Lurker! <3 8bO8W "Bob"? "Bow"? mLUV My Love! <3 Ksaxu "Saxu" is an epic name! AwpDf Cute PDF file xDDD AOwnV A owns V. Totally. MSgWP A messaging Horse dragon... M0nr4 I kept seeing "Monera" here... 2xSAq A sacked Ice, sacked twice. XDDD dWPC A PC-loving Water. Can't figure out how it gets to them without killing them with moisture... >_< 1QtO1 1 quart of Water. hbugs Buggy Water? Hate-bugs Water? PCj3 PC-loving GoN! CAbMM Cabbie Lumina! mAXNv Maxine... MoRTR Mortar-flinging Magi! 0URHF Our little Mint! <3 pupIM Puppy? IM? CatdG This Moonstone is a bit confused as to its species... wINb4 This Moonstone wins before everybody else. aOUr3 It's our three... hBOGl A boggy Neotropical... dF0LD This Nocturne is folded. ERlulThis ND-fail is laughing at its own emergency... VBmil"Mil" (1,000 in Spanish) uoo3h This Ochrelove is forever gasping softly in suprise and wonder e_o usAv USA? You save? ki4d This Paper thinks it's a kid. TJIGE TJ-coded Pink here... VnU5A Vine? USA? cLAaV Claw? Clave? ("key" or "clue" in Spanish) oon2r Ooo! Not R! 4V0TU For vote you...You vote for? F0SEc Fosec looks like it should be a word. kuN2 This naughty Purple looks kinda like a bad word... F8pc This Pygmy's fate really was decided on a PC. BD1XV Beady 1-15? Blu0j Too bad this Crimson Flare really is red and not blu... aqkMe Ask me? Ack me? PA7OW This PA Dark Myst is forever in pain. <3 Poor baby... ppun6 This Misfit has the most appropriate code! EATm8 This Seawyrm eats its mates >_< PuMPi This Seawyrm seems to enjoy pumping seawater. Wonder what it would do that for...? siBSl This Red seems to have many sibs... ARims This Red apparently has a rim...or rims...or enjoys rims...OK, I'll shut up. XP dP0NY This Purple Ridgewing thinks it's a pony. Only it's not half as pretty as a pony. XDDD gERNn Is it just me or does "Gern" sound like it should be a name...or a word? R9fuq Do I need to explain? cRAnI A cranberryish (or crane?) Royal Blue... m0OU This Spring thinks it's a cow. SkEW Another one of my faves! I grabbed this girl off the AP. Looks like she's askew. Wonder who dumped her!? tfck Does this look like "tick"? WoFt "Soft" as said by Elmer Fudd. 3banu This Autumn wants to ban you. RtWrp RT Wrap? Red Tape Wrap? LOL JPne1 Know anyone named JP? zonMx This Soulpeace lives in the Mexican zone xDDD annaQ This Spitfire named herself... WARhT War? Wart? lnt7a Lint? Eeeeuuuwwwww. 4pall Pall? Pallor? Pallet? All my Stones have cool codes xDDD G1ue3 This Stone is a bit sticky. eWX1T Exit? Ew? rnunn This Stripe is a nun, too! 7podm This Sunset likes Podracing. serUC This Sunstone likes backward cures. XDDD 71doh Homer Simpson. bBoRK Bork! Bork! mUM2b Caught on Teimarrs' release day, too! GPaCO Know anyone named Francisco/Paco? uugR0 ROmania? Anyway, this lil' Ultraviolet wants you to grow! tuDrN Tudor? emoR0 Emo Romanian Sweetling! XDDD svdiv DivID="save" efUNd Fun? Fund? You decide! EGReC This looks like it should be a word. Maybe to refer to some ancient hieroglyph. 49li This Vampire is a forty-niner. CGLO1 This Waterhorse wants you to see its glow, now! Hose5 This Waterhorse (or should I say, "Waterhose"?) has many hose5. XDDD hAM7G This Waterwalker thinks it's a 7th-gen ham. nrHAt This Waterwalker is wearing an invisible hat. piieU OMG YESSS PIIIIIIIE!!! ZXOMG This Whiptail is obviously shocked. SLY5 This foxy Green Dino is very sly. asfTj What is it with TJ codes!? Think that's all for the moment...
  15. I reflex click CB Stripes, then dump them to the AP unless they have epic codes e_e Also Blacks, but those I normally don't get anyway. I now am getting them very frequently though, and my last one has the awesome code tOM8r. I LOVE that egg's code! I am SO keeping it <3 *huggles eggy* I think I'm so used to seeing and not getting Stripes and Blacks that I reflex click though I need no more of them, and end up with eggs to abandon X_X If only it were the same way with metals, but I always think, "What's that?" and refresh over them or click to another biome. By the time I realize "OMG THAT'S A CB GOLD/SILVER!!!" it's usually too late. The one exception was my CB Gold, which I refreshed over in the volcano, then clicked to the desert, realized what I'd seen, ran back and...got it. <3 I was shocked. Wasn't that long ago, either...
  16. -My leetle tree -My 2 male 2nd gen PB Shadow Walkers -My CB Holidays -My CB Gold -My CB Black with the code http://dragcave.net/lineage/tOM8r -My CB Spring with the code http://dragcave.net/lineage/SkEW (Caught from the AP!!! Who would abandon THAT code, and on a CB Spring!?) I have more cool codes I am super proud of, but not gonna list them all here SkEW and tOM8r are my favorites, because they are the coolest ones I have and I caught them myself <3
  17. I drop 2nd gen splits, 4-5th gen metallics, 5th gen gold tinsels, altfail 2nd gen PB black/vine hatchlings...all the time. Basically, I drop anything and everything, regardless of rarity. My way of spreading the love <3
  18. Same thing here. I saw ONE copper in the Desert. Clicked the instant it appeared, still too slow. AAARGH!
  19. I've had garden snakes and lizards I caught, but I've never kept them longer than three days. I would never deprive them of their liberty. I've wanted geckos, though (still do!) I've had freshwater shrimp and fully aquatic African Dwarf Frogs. I've kept garden snails and mystery snails, as well as pond snails. You should have seen the look on my mom's face when I suggested we get an ADF. She was like "OH NO WAY IT'S GONNA ESCAPE AND IF IT DOES I'LL KILL IT!!! EEEEEUUUWWW!!!!" Our neighbor had to step in to convince her (heard us talking and mentioned she'd had one and they couldn't escape). So my mom (grudgingly and amid threats) said yes. My dad took me to buy the frog. When I plopped it in with my fish, my mom was smitten. She was the saddest (well, besides me) when that frog died, and made my dad go back to the pet store for THREE more. Luckily I had a huge (28-gallon) tank, so the number wasn't an issue. <3
  20. I think mature people can have fun too. Mature people just know *when* to have fun. They don't do it in irresponsible ways that could harm other people or themselves. They do what they need to do. Then they play. Acting mature? Hell yeah. Being boring/bored? HELL NO!!! Maturity isn't defined by what you like or don't like, but rather, by your responsibility and ability to live a smooth, productive life. Mature people can act like complete wonks too and still be mature. They just know how to have fun. ...Right?
  21. Thanks! I've started coloring now, it's in my siggy, but the raised front leg looks...off, and it could certainly use some help Thanks! ~PK.
  22. The 'thing on the tail' is the horsey-dragon's fur. The thing at the end of the tail is the other wing tip. I didn't want to curve the wing over on itself because I want to show its whole entire membrane... But I will fix the legs and membrane today. It won't hurt to leave the wings as they are, will it? Thanks so much!!! EDIT: I've started the shading...Crits please? It must be perfect! "Fixed" the legs, but I have a feeling they looked better before...Also began shading on the back thigh, stomach, wingarms/fingers, a bit on the hindquarters...How should the lighting be on the tail? (My light source is top-left)
  23. My physics teacher was teaching us about inertia. He threw a dry eraser out into the hallway, explaining that without any forces acting on it it would continue on in a straight line forever. Unfortunately, it landed right at my logic teacher's feet while she passed outside. She picked it up, threw it back at him and threw him a kick. Another time, this same physics teacher grabbed one of my classmates and playfully kick-wrestled him out of the classroom after he was tardy for like the millionth time. LOL!