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  1. Good luck to everybody, and thank you sooooo much for the event *skitters excitedly* Can't wait for the raffle winners to be announced!
  2. HOLLY!!!!!!!! Or CB Gold/Silver Shimmer. Or tinsel.... With the code HORSE!!!!!! But typed like Horse. I wish there were 6-letter codes so I could have Adrian, my crush's name... though perhaps Radu would be nice, Sirbu perhaps Or Ozone (after my favorite boyband). Roman perhaps, after Romania.... Then, I would GIFT the 2Gs, first to all my best friends, and then to random people. I would occasionally offer them in trade if I saw something I really wanted (2G prizeswaps perhaps, or 2G hollies), but the rest would go to prize-less people.
  3. HolaSoyGerman He is a bit vulgar at times, but if you skip those episodes, he has good life advice and stuff. And he is funny and rather cute...
  4. Anyone wanna trade novel intro crits? Current count at just over 1600... :/ PM me!
  5. CB Shimmer or Tinsel with the code Horse. If I won HM, CB Holly with the same code...
  6. Allons-y~Geronimo, don't lose hope! He may still come back. I hope you get your kitty back; I know how much they get to mean to one... If you ever need to talk, you can PM me anytime Here's hoping Axel comes back soon!
  7. Hello! My problems seem a bit trivial in light of everyone else's. I'm almost embarrassed to ask :/ but they are driving me crazy! Please forgive me if I overstep myself in posting About a year and a half ago I was on a language learning site taking online Romanian classes. I hit a snag and messaged a bunch of natives for help; only one ever replied, a 27-year-old guy who I'll call Kevin. He was supposed to just help me once, while we Skyped with my parents' permission, but I guess we hit it off, and our chat moved quickly from the language site, to e-mail, to WhatsApp and Facebook. It didn't take very long, only a few months really, until we were chatting on FB literally all day, from about 9AM my time until 4:30PM (when he went to bed; it's 8h later for him). Anyway my dad doesn't like Romanians, and he knows I want to study there, so he began to say all sorts of things about Kevin ("he's an idiot", "it's inappropriate for you to talk to him (despite his having no problem with my male American e-friends of the same age)", "he's ugly", "I'm going to throw him in jail and kick his butt if he talks to you", etc.) Funny thing is, my mom read ALL of our chats (since I never keep secrets from her), and she said he seems like a nice guy and she is OK with us talking. When I first met him, I thought him quite homely. Now, I look at his pictures and I melt hahaha... Anyway, my dad finally said he wouldn't let me talk to Kevin AT ALL or he'd cut off my Internet access. He went to the length of blocking FB on my computer and taking away my phone. So I created a secret FB account and kept talking to him anyway, and then I had to hide it from even my mom because she said she had to listen to my dad even though she thought he was wrong. When his birthday came, I sent him a package--just some typical Mexican candy and a card I spent three days hand painting I told my mom about that, but only after I'd sent it so she wouldn't stop me (My dad still thinks I sent it to a Canadian girl I knew online.) She was disappointed in me and angry for a while, but still she understood. Anyway, five months later, she talked to my dad and FINALLY got me permission to Skype with him. First she said yes, I asked him if he wanted to Skype and he said yes, we had to figure out a time. But then she said no, and I had to tell him that...he was a bit put off (didn't say anything but I could tell from his curt replies) but understood. Then she said yes again, so I asked him and he said he'd already made plans since I'd told him I couldn't. So that was that But finally my dad gave his go-ahead, and just yesterday I asked him if he wanted to Skype. He said his mom was asleep so he couldn't, but we chatted for a while. He said, out of the blue, "Can you watch a video?" and I said yes so he sent me a video of a love song in Romanian and then was like "the lyrics and the clothing are lame and the guy looks gay " I can't figure out why he did that, especially as a couple weeks ago he asked me, "Are you a bilionera?" and when I asked what that meant, he said "I have no idea " and sent me . And there are other guys who are supposed to be teaching me Romanian but who are plainly interested in me, and he jokes about how I should go with them (one in particular, he is also Romanian but is 4 years younger than Kevin. I'll call him John) because I will break his (John's) heart and how I hate his guts because I don't want to be his girlfriend, etc. etc. And when I told him it annoys me when people try to matchmake me (a stupid pet peeve of mine ever since my classmates found out I've never had a bf and try to get me together with anyone and everyone), he apologized and said he thought the teasing had no chance to be taken seriously because John is in Romania and I'm not, so "there's 0% chance that it would be taken seriously, at least I thought so". But SO IS HE, and he KNOWS I plan to go there next year... and there's nothing now I wouldn't do for him! He has been so caring, kind, funny and eager to help. And he studied the same thing I'm going to study, at the same university I might go to. We have plans to meet in RL when I go to Romania. What do you think? Does he like me? I love him (as I'm sure you've guessed already!), and I know for sure that he's single. But what did he mean by that comment? From the way he talks about John, it's clear to both my mom and me that he's jealous. But jealous how? There's "friend jealousy" and then there's "man jealousy" LOL, so which is it? How can I tell? I was brought up to believe the man should make the first move, and it's clear to me that he pays more attention to me if I ignore him for a while; so I obviously can't ask; I don't wanna scare him away or make him think I'm easy. What do I do? Please help, I'm so confused! :'( We have a strange system for communicating now. He'll poke me on FB, I'll wait a couple minutes and reply to his poke, and we will repeat 5 or 10 times until he gets tired and messages me a variation of "Do you know how to talk, or do you only know how to poke? " Thank you again, I feel better already...maybe I just needed to unload, though I would greatly appreciate any advice
  8. I didn't get to dress up for Halloween so will do a late costume party. I hope to dress up as a tribal princess then Anyhoo, this is me wearing a wig, with my mom.
  9. *bows* My respect! I ADORE O-Zone, they are my FAVORITE band EVER! Too bad they dissolved in 2005 :'( What a tragedy! (I LOVE the Romanian language!!!!!) And DDT is their BEST song, hands down (except perhaps for De La Mine). That's how I first learned of the existence of the Romanian language, by the way Smitten ever since! What a beautiful love song in a beautiful language, and with a catchy refrain too! Some of my other faves are: „Unde-i Dragostea” (Where Is Love) by Liviu Hodor ft. Mona „Despre Tine” (About You) by O-Zone „Nu Mă Las de Limba Noastră” (I Do Not Give Up our Language) by O-Zone „Sărbătoarea Nopților de Vară” (Summer Night’s Celebration) by O-Zone „De La Mine” (From Me) by O-Zone „Crede–Mă” (Believe Me) by O-Zone „Numai Tu” (Only You) by O-Zone „Iubirea Ca un Drog” (Love Like a Drug) by Mr. și Mrs. „Fără Ea” (Without Her) by Refflex „Nu Mă Mai Căuta” (Don’t Search For Me Anymore) by Arsenie Todiraș „Number 1" by O-Zone „VIP" by O-Zone I can sing them all once I learn the lyrics Romanian pronunciation is easy, save for the â/î and ă diacritics
  10. OMG!!!! Just bred this wfoOD PB 2G Ice O.o And also bred this disgusting Gold Tinsel, I'm on a code roll today. Whee!
  11. Cool, thanks I am happy and willing to work hard, and already have the rudiments of Romanian at least; also I speak Spanish which is also a Romance language and therefore similar to Romanian I found this page, which is the scholarship I will be applying for (hopefully there won't be much competition since we're speaking of an Eastern European country ). But I feel I still need more information, and the people at the Romanian Embassy here in Mexico will not acknowledge the existence of this program; they are so rude and claim to know nothing. If I use my terrible Romanian on them, they are not as rude, but they still don't know anything...in fact, they told me the only way for me to get the necessary information was to ask for an appointment with the Ambassador Plenipotentiary doamna Ana Voicu herself! O.o Which was of course ridiculous. I asked for the appointment anyway and was brushed off...when I finally got to the Consul, she was very rude and basically told me to quit wasting her time. I got fed up and called the Romanian Embassy in the U.S., where I finally got people who knew something and were friendly and open! Too bad they had to be the ones who couldn't give me any official help since I don't live in the States :/ I'm at my wits' end...The universities I've messaged all say they'll accept me because my grades are good enough, but I have only one year left to earn enough for my plane ticket and to start saving, finish high school, get my student's visa, work permit, acceptance letters, scholarship and passport, etc. I am feeling the press of time... It's so stressful, but totally worth it if I can get to Romania in the end.
  12. Oooh ohhh! May I join? Please? One question, is releasing the dorsals allowed once the contest ends? I somehow don't feel 'right' hoarding dragons.. Just me and my weirdness.
  13. I got something that looks like Liking or King (LKlnG) But am sorely wanting GABUi, this beautiful eggy I missed a couple minutes ago Gabu is one of my best friends' nickname for me, so I would give lots for this one...
  14. It's sad...I'm still in high, but most of my classmates were like that. That is in part why I returned to homeschooling...that and the lack of much useful information sticking to me, despite my A+ grades... I'm curious, has anyone here studied abroad? Especially in Eastern Europe, though anywhere really I would like to hear your input. What's it like? What should one do to prepare?
  15. Last year 4 out of the 5 revived...3 turned Zombie, 1 didn;t. I expunged 2 though and kept only the ex-Waverunner as I was tired of chasing them all over my scroll. I stockpiled CB Waverunners, tried again this year...Only ONE revived zombie Now I shall have to wait till next year for my last 2 female zombies... Drat the kill limit! I have several more zombie-fodder adult Waverunners, but no way of killing them despite this successful revive...
  16. Hi! I was just gifted this AWESOME hatchie by a very kind and sweet person, and am wondering if it's OK for me to name her Sunshine Pubic? (not a name I'd ordinarily choose, true, but look at the code! ) Thanks in advance!
  17. Yay! Gonna try for 3 more adults (1m, 2f as I already have one). All will be made from Waverunners so they won't jump around my scroll. No freezing hatchies for me! Good luck all!
  18. I mostly speak Spanish at home. I prefer English but my mom makes me I am also learning Romanian, so chatting in that whenever I can! P.S. If anyone here speaks Romanian, please PM me! I am so eager to learn but can find no one to teach me who actually has time... Thanks
  19. OMG! I caught two of its siblings but one died from viewbombing :'( It is a gorgeous line!
  20. I traded for http://dragcave.net/lineage/PiWtf (puzzled at Pi LOL) and got ANOTHER math-y egg http://dragcave.net/lineage/8f0UR from the Cave. I kept it only due to its epic code! I also have SkEW, dP0NY, and a bunch of others I'm too lazy to dredge up just now...
  21. I use only Waverunners...that way they all stay in the same place on my scroll
  22. Anyone know what the final level is? 25, right? I'm at 25, does that mean I'm in the raffle?
  23. I got IowaG...Perfect caps too! And CB! o.O