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  1. My Web site (under construction; HTML5/CSS3) won't look well on mobile or on any browser save Chrome, yet I specifically tried to insert cross-browser CSS. What gives? Any help? Please, I'm going nuts Thank you
  2. An alicorn, hands down. I'd be a trim white Arabian like mare with an ice blue mane and tail.
  3. I don't think so because it would be more like a reward system...be trustworthy and you'll have good posts. Maybe you could not say someone was a bad trader, just that you traded, but withhold praise if it isn't earned? That way no one is shamed...
  4. Hello once again, my worthy fellow dragontenders! My noggin seems to be working slightly better now, so I hope not to overstep myself by offering this suggestion. My sincere apologies to birdzgoboom for the thoughtlessness of my previous suggestion. Please believe me when I say that no disrespect was intended I've seen many people on Howrse, including myself, have an "Am I trustworthy?" topic in their personal Equestrian Center forums, so that people who have traded with them in the past can post there to let others know if the trade went smoothly and whether or not the person is a scammer. Perhaps we could have something similar here--a section where each person can make their own topic, one per person, for others to comment and that way help keep everyone honest? I feel that on Howrse this has not been too much help because the mechanics of the game are such that an EC owner can delete any unfavorable comments from their trustworthy topic, but as only mods and post authors can delete their posts here, we shouldn't have to face that problem Please comment and let me know what you think! Happy hunting!
  5. I Am Wishing Dragon and Requirements: 2G Holly Recipient: PrincessKiara My Total Wish Points: 20 points Total Cost of This Wish: 76 points Obviously since this can't be fulfilled yet I will use the time to make others' wishes come true and hopefully earn the necessary points by then
  6. I would like to join Scroll name: PrincessKiara Magi link: Sunshine's Love Bug PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=04&MID=59010
  7. Thank you so much Shienvien I was really relieved to hear that because I am frustrated all the time and I get really snappish. I don't want to be this way, I want to love everyone and be friendly and fun and smiley, but it gets so hard...I yell at my sisters and then I feel guilty for doing it. It's like yeah they're annoying but still I want us to be friends. But then my temper gets the better of me and... I can get the cash out of my account if I go to an ATM, no problem. But I'm not going to fight my mom over this one mistake after all she's done for me. I might buy a phone and keep the fact hidden from her, maybe, but I could never, ever accuse her of theft...I know she loves me and maybe she really thinks it's for my own good...? I have never been as certain of anything as I am that my mom would never intentionally hurt me in any way whatsoever. But this is why I have to go to Romania I think. I need to prove to my father (and maybe myself) that I can do it, and survive. I just hope I really can. Certainly I lack knowledge on many important subjects...I mean, to the point where I doubt I'd know how to get insurance for example or any of those other things I'd need to know. So little time...
  8. Oh. My. God. Just rewatched Eragon w/sisters and BFF. What an amazing movie! It's been at least 8 years since I watched it and I only just remembered just how awesome it is. Best of all my BFF is hooked as well I am so grateful for her, she is so sweet and caring and she's into LoTR, Sherlock and now Eragon just like me
  9. THIS. I. am. FED. UP! with my life. I have always been nearly unrealistically optimistic but now it's driving me crazy. Just so you get an idea, my mother keeps telling me I'm expensive and a lot of trouble and she wants me out of the house working and sometimes even that I'm not normal and should probably get psychiatric help (this last when I get angry at my younger sisters.) I'm literally crying as I type this. I don't know what to do anymore, she's always been the one I was able to turn to for support and now...Everyone else tells me I'm a decent and nice enough person, why must SHE be the one who seems convinced I'm the devil incarnate? I know nobody is perfect but I try my best, I like to help people and such. I've never thought of myself as an especially good person or anything like that but now I'm starting to seriously doubt whether my mom may not be right (I know I'm not crazy, but am I just a bad person, hands down? I don't know! I want to be nice to everybody and help everybody, but I just don't like my sisters...is that such a crime!?) I was an only child for 7 years, and my mom was the perfect mom. My dad worked at night and slept all day, so it was just her and me, and even though she can't drive and we were never rich, we were happy. She didn't send me to school just so she'd have more time with me, and she took lessons to be able to teach me at home (she's fantastic at explaining things). Unlike most parents she took me swimming and everywhere she could walk with me to have fun, and participated with me. I never felt the need to hide anything from her. We were best friends. My only problems were when my parents wanted to make me eat seafood which always makes me want to throw up, and Dad would whip me and take away all my things when I did it, but as he was seldom awake when he was home, that rarely happened. I wasn't allowed to sleep at friends' houses (or even go there without Mom), but as she was always with me, doing fun things, that never mattered much. Our limited mobility also meant that I had very few friends. Then my first sister was born, after a long and difficult pregnancy which nearly killed both my mom and her. My parents kept telling me how awesome having siblings was and how I wouldn't have to play alone and someone would love me (I kind of believed it then, but even so I already had my doubts--I wasn't alone, I had my mom, so why would I need anyone else?), and my dad threatened me with terrible consequences a zillion times if I didn't love and protect her because it would be my duty as older sister. No one told me what that really meant was staying quiet and bearing all the things the kid did... Fair enough, it was just a normal kid, perhaps better mannered even than most. But God is she stubborn. She loves to tell on me for the slightest thing and I can't refute whatever she says because I won't be believed. Now I have two sisters and it's gone downhill from a couple of squabbles to constant bickering. They have very few chores in the house (to be fair, so do I, but I at least do it and do it right!), just taking out the trash at night (the bin is right outside our door) and washing dishes once a day. Usually they leave their dirty clothes lying around, books and toys everywhere (and we don't have many of those because Mom believes in using the imagination rather than things, hence my very limited and up until recently strictly supervised Internet time), their dirty dishes on the table above their heavily littered places...I'll ask them nicely to clean and they will a) Very rarely do it cheerfully, Sit there and continue whatever they're doing after giving me a dirty stare or c) Full-on blow up at me for 'always being bossy'. Lately they've even taken up with my only RL friend, an 11-year-old girl who started helping me walk dogs and is now my BFF, and now they ask her to do everything with them with hardly a glance my way and barely even asking Mom's permission. I know it's stupid and petty of me to be jealous but I can't help feeling that they stole first my parents and now my only friend. Mom threatens to ground me (AND I'M 18) every time I try to talk to her about it saying "oh you can all be friends, {my friend's name} is about their age". Now I can't even watch a movie alone with my friend without my two sisters being there. When they're in a good mood they'll be nice to me but if not they will call me names, run around screaming, refuse to listen to me, and make fun of me in front of my friend and I can't do a thing about it. My friend is the sweetest girl but she is a bit of a pushover so she says nothing to me except afterwards when we're alone... Maybe I'm being overdramatic, and I know it isn't all their fault. I love my sisters, I don't really hate them even though at times I would like nothing better than to fling them headfirst into the dirty-clothes hamper. But since they were born my life has gone steadily downhill and I would like to know why, and what to do about it... I will sometimes try to speak to Mom, as before, but when I show my frustration she says I am not normal and should go to an asylum :'( I am nobody and my parents, especially Dad, make that perfectly clear. He tells me in no uncertain words that as long as I am in his house I have no expectation of privacy and if he so chooses he could force my Internet passwords from me at any time. He keeps all the house computers locked and rarely gives me access to them, after I beg him to unlock it. I am always threatened with grounding (and usually grounded as well). I can't raise an eyebrow at him the wrong way because he will say, "I'm going to look at you that way next time you ask me for something. Don't ask for anything today because it will be denied you." Both of them keep claiming I'm lazy and hardly do anything. I had foot surgery so haven't been able to walk dogs for a while and they are pressuring me to find a job (before turning 18, I begged them to let me work, and they would say no, I couldn't go out alone and they wouldn't take me), saying I am expensive and giving them trouble and I need to help provide for myself. Which is all well and good, but they know I'm saving for university. Which brings me to another topic... My dream is to study uni in Romania. Ever since Dad found out about it he has been impossible, saying all Romanians are idiots and their language is horrible and Romania is a hole in the ground and with how irresponsible and immature I am I wouldn't survive 5 minutes there without calling him crying to come rescue me. Two years ago I met a Romanian guy online and we became friends; Dad forbade me to speak to him and said he'd keep me off the Internet until I moved out if I talked to him. (I didn't listen on that one, but he never found out, thankfully enough.) Romanian is hard to learn, not so much because of its difficulty but because of the scarcity of materials, so for years my only material were a couple of Romanian and Moldovan pop songs which I learned by heart...but Dad still won't let me sing them when he's around, which is all the time now that he works from home. I've always been an A+ student, but now due to a bunch of moves (national and international) I'm a little behind schedule. Now my parents are both hitting me hard with how lazy and irresponsible I am and how if I'm not going to study (which I am!) I should go and find a job. Let me clarify, I don't mind working and I'm not lazy, but I would like to finish high school before plunging into work. For now, as soon as my foot mends, walking dogs is enough for me. I get paid rather well, my customers like me and I have a good reputation. I know how to handle the dogs firmly, but they all know I love them and they love me back. I'm feeling really pressured now though because I feel at first I was held back and now, when I don't feel at all ready, I'm being kicked out into the world... And last but not least, my things. My parents think I (and all my things) belong to them. Don't get me wrong, I love them and am very grateful for everything that they've done for me, and I understand they are going through a tough period now. But does that mean I have no right to privacy and my own things if I work for them? For example, I love fish, and thought breeding some might help me earn some money for university. WITH Mom and Dad's approval, I went out and bought WITH MY OWN EARNINGS the glass to build the tank. I made arrangements for more experienced people to help me and for someone to build me a stand cheaply. Now they won't let me build the tank so the glass is just sitting there, because according to Mom she won't let me do it until I stop being lazy and find a job. I bought that glass, and it's not like she'd pay for anything! Yet whenever I say something she doesn't like she'll threaten to break, sell or give away MY glass. Second case in point: my cell phone. Two years ago Mom gave me, I repeat, GAVE me a cell phone. Dad took it away permanently when he caught me with a wallpaper picture of my Romanian friend, but he lied about why he did it, then said I had to earn it back and never did give it back. I thought, well fine, I'll just work and buy myself one, after all even though they gave it to me, they bought it with their money. I couldn't get a job until recently. Now I have enough for a cell phone, but Mom decided to lend me one, saying now that it was only lent and therefore she takes it away every night and will only let me have it for a short time each day. I need my phone more than that but she won't let me, and she's made it perfectly clear that if I bought one it would be subject to the same rules and even if bought with my earnings she could take it away and sell it if I was 'bad'. I figure what's the point in buying one? She'll just take it away, and I need to save for university. But even that...They want me to pay for a LOT of things now. The dentist said I have a problem, and they want me to pay for my treatment even though it costs what I earn in two whole weeks of hard work under the Cancun sun. If I want anything, whether it's a new piece of clothing (which is seldom) or more usually some pretty flower or a videogame, they tell me to buy it myself. My mother keeps threatening to take away my money if I 'disobey' her or 'are mean' to my sisters, and worst of all my bank account is linked to hers so she has more control over it than I. She keeps reminding me how expensive I am and wants me to pay the cleaning lady one day a week, which is as much as I earn in one or two whole days. (And she knows that even with what I earn untouched, it would take me years at this pace to earn what I need for my trip to Romania, and I need to have it by this time next year at the latest. After months of work, I barely have enough for the cheapest of plane tickets to Bucharest). I love my mom. She's given me so much, I love giving back. Now that I have a bit of money, I've even taken her out to eat a couple of times, when Dad can't or won't. But I can't help feeling that she wants to keep me here. I know she doesn't want me to go, but although she says it's my life and I can do as I like, I can't help feeling that she keeps charging me for everything because she wants me to have to stay. But I don't want to. I don't like Mexico and university is my one way out. And my father...He says if I don't gather information from EVERY university in Cancun by next Friday, he will take away my phone permanently and make me buy a small, cheap phone, and will take away all my Internet, TV and book privileges permanently. I told him I'd rather shoot myself than stay in Mexico at all, and that if Romania doesn't accept me, heck, I'd go to Australia, England, or even to China, just to get away from here. He says he doesn't care and I better do as he says because it's stupid of me to want to go to Romania 'just for a singer' (I had a crush on a Moldovan singer and now my father is convinced I only want to go to see him). I am tired. I don't know what to do. If I didn't still need some support to finish my high school and bring my dreams to fruition, I'd have left home long ago. He never misses a chance to remind me how incompetent, irresponsible and immature I am and how I wouldn't survive alone for five minutes. (Funnily enough, all my teachers at school say the opposite--they say I'm very mature and they wish all their students were like me, and they keep encouraging me and telling me I'm doing great...Who to believe?) Please help! I apologize for the great wall of text...I just really needed to get that out! Any advice? Talking to my parents doesn't help because they will just remind me how easy my life is and how hard I make theirs. P.S. My sisters are 11 and 9, and I am 18.
  10. I would have to clarify that it wouldn't be an alt so much as a very rare species obtainable only through breeding, at least the way I see it because the Ancients would not have been a subspecies of Chronos; rather the other way around
  11. Hello all! I'm finally back from a long hiatus I've noticed the Xenowyrm description says: I have also seen that others have suggested a Summon - like action for the Xenowyrms to obtain this ancient breed, and that it was rejected. I also know that TJ said that ONLY GoNs would be obtainable in this way, without breeding or catching them. So my suggestion is, I hope, an acceptable compromise between the rules and our greedy wishes for yet another pretty. What if the Chronos could, very rarely, produce a 'throwback' if bred to another Chronos? My logic is this: Throwbacks really do exist (though perhaps not that far back, but have you ever seen one of those kids who may not look much like their parents, yet they closely resemble a long-dead great-grandparent, like Stapleton resembled the wicked Hugo in The Hound of the Baskervilles?). We'd get the Ancient Xenowyrm without the need for a summoning action, and they would still be extremely rare, like a freak genetic mutation. I guess any Xenowyrm subspecies could produce one, in theory; but I chose Chronos as they are closely associated with time. What do you think? Please comment
  12. Trigger warning for possible child abuse/pedophilia-type references. I'm in love with the wrong guy *sob* Worst of it is, I KNOW he would be terrible for me (flaring temper, throws fits like a three-year-old, selfish and easily upset), but I can't help it! And even worse still I think he knows it and he OBVIOUSLY doesn't care about me. On the other hand there's this other guy who's taken pains to be really nice to me, even sending me books (both live in Romania and are Internet friends of mine.) He's always kind and patient and best of all he's even coming to see me this January! My mom likes his personality and thinks he may like me physically too. Although he's a politician he seems to not be easily rattled, is always civil in an argument (unlike the other guy) and doesn't try to force you to think like he does. Yet, though I know he'd be practically perfect for me (he meets all my guy requirements, smart, Romanian, friendly, kind and likes animals), I can't force myself to see him as any more than a friend. I mean, I don't like him like him, though it does make me super excited when he talks to me I think that's more my personality because really any Romanian adult paying any mind to me excites me like a little kid on Christmas... What to do...? I have other issues too, big ones with my parents (mostly because now after holding me back for years they SUDDENLY want me to grow up and go find a job and stop being dependent on them, like, OVERNIGHT. But I will post later about that as I am very busy and right now this is uppermost in my mind...
  13. ViolĂ­n babyyyyyy! Though regrettably still a beginner. I'm 18 and only took a half year of lessons. ..
  14. Love Howrse!!! But the Admins? Not so much Anyhow, I'm PrincessKiara on the International Howrse. Looking to buy foundation horses with no affix especially a female Lipizzaner unicorn and two non uni Lipizzans. One must be liver chestnut. ..
  15. Hello all! I'm looking for a partner (or two, or more) who'd like to do a couple of song covers for YouTube. Each partner will pick one song and provide the instrumental and we will practice separately, recording some of the practices to share. We can also sing together via Skype if need be. When we all feel ready we will record our voices separately and one of us will do the mixing. If you're interested please post here I love to sing but I haven't been able to find others who do, and I know my voice isn't great but at least it isn't too bad either Here's a sample. (I was freaking out and my voice was horribly shaky, but I promise I've improved since then! )
  16. Sleepy, cold-y, and JEALOUS. Grrr. And, of course, guilty... >_< (A random girl keeps posting on my crush's FB page things that are like "(name) is the best guy in the world!" and stuff like that. I know I shouldn't feel this way, especially as I don't want to beg and haven't even told him I like him; we are by no means an item and I feel ridiculous and guilty for feeling this way. But I can't stand her, and I do wish she would just shut up and go post those things on some other guy's page. In my opinion, the things she says are way too obvious and "easy-girl-ish"...surely he wouldn't like someone like that? After all, he did just like a picture I posted about girls being like apples and the best ones being at the top of the trees, and boys only going for the rotten ones on the ground because they're afraid to fall and get hurt...But who am I to say anything? I have no right to even feel like this...do I?)
  17. Turquoise and lilac ombre look! I am DYING to do this :3
  18. Coral all the way! Though I DO love the Tanglewyrm's colors, the coral is absolutely amazing! Want! *grabby hands* o3o Image created with cooltext.com...Just fulfilling the agreement for hosting, y'all!
  19. I was just thinking random thoughts when suddenly an idea popped into my head. Surely there are scientific truths that can be linked to DC lore in a fun and interesting way Anyone have any to share? My thought was as follows: If mana can form crystals, then that means that its atoms can arrange themselves into regular patterns...thus giving mana some similarity to a metal and providing it with structural stability. Weird, huh?
  20. OMG Windy! Do you speak Romanian? (I know that most people who speak Romanian as a second language are Hungarians )
  21. I miss multi's, they are so much fun code-wise and also species-wise...(I was here when they were standard, and also of course during the holidays.) I totally support this idea. As a chronic gifter, this means I could potentially produce 4 Tinsels/Shimmers/Metals/etc. or whatever per breeding and make 4 people happy instead of just 1 a week. As for turning it off, that doesn't really make sense to me...code hunting in the AP might be re-enabled, thus fixing the lineage problems; real animals, especially reptiles (and I'm pretty sure that that's what dragons are!) usually produce multiple eggs per clutch. Anyone here ever seen an alligator nest? Even geckos usually lay several eggs at one time, perhaps two or three.
  22. Just snagged the CB Magi that wants to blow up a mob. As if I needed more CB magis!!! O.o but hey, I love that code! Had to pick it up. All-caps, too
  23. Maybe you could win a random existing egg, but with a higher chance of getting a rare than in the Cave? That would allow a fun, challenging game without adding a new species of dragon. Or maybe you could win different prizes, like next breeding has a 75% chance of producing an egg that will be of the species you select? Just my thoughts...
  24. I've raised and bred fish in community tanks for 4+ years now and never had a guppy kill anything larger than a newborn fry... However, I did have a betta that killed a guppy in a 2.5gal. In a 28gal, though, he never touched even a fry...