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  1. I haven't fogged anything except the eggs I put in a zillion hatcheries, and I've had no issues. Should I be scared? I have some nice things on there...but I don't want the hassle of fogging and unfogging...I have an injured dog to look after, can't be constantly on DC...
  2. You're actually being pretty nice about it! My problem is with the vegans who are rude, militant and downright closed minded. Regarding apiculture - I don't doubt that some beekeepers are sad excuses for human beings, just like some farmers undoubtedly are. But most of them that do it the old way (and I know a few) do their darnedest to keep the bees healthy. Bees are extremely expensive, it's not in their best business interest to harm them. As to chickens -- again, I own chickens and one of my closest friends is a chicken farmer. While it's true they weren't naturally made to lay so many eggs, as long as you provide nutrient rich feed, it's perfectly fine. There are aspects of the egg and dairy industry that are awful, just like any other industry, but this is not one of them. And again, as to the sheep--much of what you said is, with all due respect, just vegan propaganda, furthered by AR groups such as PETA. True, sheep have been bred to produce more wool; but shearing is just a haircut. Most decent sheep farmers take absolute care not to harm the sheep's skin while shearing. Wool is, after all, fur; and fur will not grow on damaged skin. Mulesing is a different matter, but that is done for health reasons and only on a certain breed of sheep. As far as the documentaries you mentioned, I don't know about one of them; but I do know What the Health, Cowspiracy and Earthlings are vegan propaganda with little basis in truth. A while back I wrote a long essay on why veganism doesn't truly help the environment. Let me dig up the link and repost here. It was a lot better written than this lol, I just woke up so I'm not as coherent as usual.
  3. @Guivre I'm not sure what bearing my having read the thread or not has on my knowledge and opinions on rabid militant veganism? @Fuzzbucket exactly, they claim to support animals, but the things they push in no way help animals and are in many cases actually detrimental. I've had several drawn-out discussions with Sonia Sae, the animal abuser, and she swears up and down her "vegan" fennec fox, Jumanji, is healthy and that the photos of him looking sick are from before she made him eat vegan food. Then proceeds to post videos of a lethargic, sick looking fox claiming they are recent...lol.
  4. I haven't read the thread, but I will say, as an omnivore, I don't care what you eat. However, as a pet owner and animal lover, I will judge the living hell out of you if you, as a vegan, force your diet onto your carnivorous pet, be it a cat, dog or snake. I don't care how many bogus, cherrypicked "studies" you can dig up about them being "able to survive on a vegan diet" and artificial taurine being a suitable replacemenr for a species appropriate natural diet. One thing I just don't get. Isn't one of the premises of veganism to avoid "speciesism" aka species chauvinism? Why then do they immediately turn around and force their human perceptions and beliefs onto another species with different habits and needs to ours? Isn't that a form of species chauvinism as well-making the assumption that our choices as humans are somehow better than the way Nature (or, in the case of dogs, man) made these other species? Also, rabid vegans' cognitive dissonance regarding working animals is astounding. They claim honey is "stolen" from bees, when in faact they are left with more than enough to survive and what is taken helps to avoid honey impaction. They claim chickens are "forced" to lay eggs, when if an egg is unfertilized, the chicken has no use or need for it. They claim wool is "stolen" from sheep, yet happily neglect the fact that sheep will die if left unsheared (or they will blame it on farmers breeding the sheep). They clamor about "consent", comparing AI of an animal in estrus to rape, yet have no qualms about aggressively pushing the surgical removal of dogs' and cats' reproductive organs...obviously wihout consent. They rail against the careful, selective breeding of working dogs, again clamoring about consent and "the dog should choose who it wants to breed with". They refer to herding, service, therapy, police and military K9, hunting, mushing, agility, weight pull, flyball, races, dock diving etc. as "enslavement", ignoring the fact that these dogs have the drive and desire to work genetically bred into them and are miserable if not given an outlet. They act as though the dogs are forced, but will outright ignore experienced dogmen and women who tell them that it is, in truth, quite impossible to force a dog to work if it does not want to work. The conclusion I've reached after years of arguing with these people on the internet (referring only to the rude, rabid, irrational vegans, not the decent people who just happen to eat vegan diets) is that they only pretend to care about animals so they can have a moral high ground, but in reality they tend to be extremely ignorant, uneducated people who refuse to learn or take into account evidemce that does not support their agenda. I have come to realize that too many of them are willing to commit outright animal abuse in the name of veganism; they also wish death on and make horrible comments about vegetarians, "carnists" and "necrovores" (omnivores). And it just doesn't make sense. How can you campaign for animal rights yet know nothing about animals, all the while actuallu abusing the animals in your care? I'd love to debate this in a civilized, intelligent manner, so feel free to @ me if you care to respond
  5. I took the oath but I've fallen behind, and I hate all those unnamed dragons staring back at me from my scroll >_< *cries* I need to catch up ASAP
  6. Please pray for baby Lassie, my other dog attacked her unprovoked 😭😭 her leg is dislocated and may be broken, and I need to find her an open place to take X-rays tomorrow
  7. I'm carrying an unwanted pregnancy I can't afford in a country where abortion is illegal. I live with my abusive in-laws, my partner is also depressed and anxious, we're depending on his job because I had to quit mine to keep an eye on my dogs so my BIL wouldn't abuse them. To top things off, my husky attacked my collie and broke her leg, I will have to probably sell my violin to pay for her treatment and he will need to be rehomed. What I make in my online job is not enough and I cannot work outside the home until we move both due to my high risk pregnancy and my BIL's abuse of my dogs when I'm absent. I jist need some hope and a hug.
  8. The Google link is dead and I can't find its topic on Fansites here. What happened? Will it be back? And what high volume hatchery would you recommend instead?
  9. Where did EATW go? I need my high volume viewbombing hatchery back 😭😭
  10. HAVE: Gendered 2G Holly hatchie, close to growing up! WANT: 3 sea serpent hatchies, any lineage, or CB/2G offers. PM me to discuss, I don't bite! https://dragcave.net/teleport/8694a1ecfcfc617a6282770b06bab063
  11. HAVE: 2G Holly from Ash: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Fy5lR WANT: 3 sea serpent hatchlings, any lineage. Will also throw in more for a 2G prize or prizekin Xmas!
  12. 2G Holly from Garland!!! I'm in shock, this is my BEST. EVER. AP FIND!!!
  13. HAVE: 2G Thuwed Holly, ready to breed! Sunshine Sven Thuwed! WANT: 2G Garland or 2016 egg or hatchie unrelated to mine, pretty please? Prefer from holiday, prize or metal mate, but any will do! Happy to throw in 2G Holly or 2G of really any other Xmas, including Garlands!
  14. HAVE: CBs of all save Holly, ready to breed to mate of choice including my CB Tinsel, Sunshine's Amadore WANT: ANY CB Holly! PM me also see signature
  15. HAVE: THREE interesting code Halloween '18 hatchies, including a TJ code, a Z code and a name code. WANT: CB silver, CB gold, or other CB offers. 2G Prize? (A girl can dream!) PM to split up or offer here: https://dragcave.net/teleport/90c88704f23d79c8b283c6654a89f7e2
  16. Anyone else participating in 2018??? I sure am! Can't wait to go! Still a whole day left before I can begin. Ugh. I have my entire story mapped out, now just gotta pray the characters cooperate!
  17. People say I'm crazy all the time because I already own 13 pets and I still want others! I say, as long as you can afford to give them proper training, food, attention and vet care, you do you. Anyway, this is the place to brag/talk about your furbabies! I'll post mine here! Starting with Cherry, the beautiful little girl who will be added to the family tomorrow night to turn 13 into 14! *melts* Her father, Balto! My lil girl, Arwen! My girl Éowyn, born in my home April 24, 2016! My boy Einstein, rescued off the streets over a year ago! Maya, my boyfriend's 5 year old mutt. She's grumpy as all hell, but we love her! Vanellope, our 2 month old deer head Chi pup... ...And her brother Michael. There's another dog, a 13 year old Malamute mutt named Camilo, but I don't often photograph him. And my kitty Whitestorm, found on the street a couple days ago! My two boys Bluestar and Mocha... Lil' boy Lynx, still adapting to life in his new home... Little diva girl Pelusa... And baby girl Skitty. I plan on getting a Ragdoll, a Bengal, a Rough Collie, a Whippet, an AKK, a wolfdog and a Serval, just as soon as my boyfriend and I can buy a bigger house with a large plot of land. So show off your own babies!!!
  18. 2G Soulstone from Sapphire eggy Looking for any 2G Soulstone hatchie. Can breed as well! PM please!
  19. https://dragcave.net/teleport/4665e8e4b094143a632b435d0d8f1612 <<2G Valentine hatchie WANT: CB Mutamore hatchie please, can throw in other eggs/hatchlings
  20. HAVE: CB any Val after Rosebuds to breed to mate of choice! WANT: 2G Mutamore x1 2G Soulstone x2 Lineage doesn't matter! Please help me complete my scroll! I can only take hatchies ATM because scroll lock. But I will gladly breed soemthing else for you as well and happy to combine!
  21. Not always though. It's worth checking!
  22. No prob! There used to be female CB Hollies but those were only for the Honorable Mention raffle prizes unfortunately
  23. There are no CB Holly females. It's a male-only breed
  24. HAVE 2G Mistletoe from Magma WANT 2G Mistletoe swap!!! I can also throw in a neat 3G or 4G prize from mate of your choice! https://dragcave.net/teleport/f9a0dee50776f26e8f9464be373db32b
  25. HAVE: 2nd gen 2014 Xmas dragon from Magma with ADORABLE code Ruppa (caps messed)! WANT: Bloodswap! 2nd gen 2014, non Xmas parent doesn't matter! Offer away https://dragcave.net/teleport/f9a0dee50776f26e8f9464be373db32b