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  1. I joined in 2010, and often miss releases by a day or two. Still, I would like to participate; I didn't miss EVERY release!
  2. I'm interested in joining, if someone will explain to me how it works? I've never RP'd before...
  3. Princess Kiara

    Kill or EQ?

    Which has a greater chance of forcing an egg that's at big hole stage, but hasn't yet reached hatching time...say 4d18h?
  4. Harley Merlin and the First Ritual SO good
  5. I'll breed for free if you want, @bluedragon1139 Speaking of, I want to make a spreadsheet of my dragons, see what I'm still missing. Does someone have a list of ALL DC dragons, including dinos/rares/unbreedables/holidays/etc., sorted alphabetically, by any chance?
  6. Also @Infinis, may I please PM you? Someone told on you that you're good with making metallic sprites may I rack your brains a bit, please?
  7. I'll PM you! I already have some basic lines made Thank you so much!
  8. By any chance is there someone with experience in that area willing to help me out and crit my work? I've previously tried to submit public requests but didn't get far...however I was like 13 years old and a bit of a young dumbass back then xD I've got more experience now with GIMP and would like to give it another go.
  9. Just move it and put it back fixed it for me
  10. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: PrincessKiara Forum name: Princess Kiara Birthday: May 1st List: 1. CB Gold 2. CB Xenowyrm 3a. Any gen shimmer 3b. Any gen tinsel 4a. Any CB word code? Is that allowed? 4b. LoTR-lineaged egg, maybe with parents' names making Aragorn's poem or something? My favorite dragon breed is...ohhh tough one. I think maaaaaaybe Gold Tinsel and Sinii Krai?
  11. Hey @pinkgothic, may I ask what filling the TMPB does? I can't seem to fill it up even a quarter of the way through.
  12. I've played off and on since 2010 and never had EQ hatch me any eggs. Always they were unaffected or killed. Has anyone else had any luck?
  13. I'm fairly shaken up right now. This afternoon, my mother-in-law physically assaulted me, because I corrected my dog by holding her in a down position for trying to attack my other dog. She tried to force the dog away from me telling me to throw her out into the street, then my brother in law came and was going to hit me but chickened out when I confronted him. Then my BF came and defended me and they turned on him too. Finally he made BIL and MIL both leave and MIL threw a pan of dirty dishwater on my head from the window while screaming that she curses the day her son met "that hyena" (me). The whole time she and BIL were flinging a barrage of insults I can't repeat here at both me and my BF. Then they locked us outside in the yard for nearly half an hour. Luckily I got most of it on recording, but nothing I can do with it, because my prize show puppy broke her leg on Christmas Eve and needs surgery and my BF and I are both sick and need a variety of medical tests in addition to my prenatal tests as my pregnancy is high risk. We're broke at least until mid January as well, so we can't move out of her hellhole house. MIL doesn't know of my pregnancy, as she's been very clear she wants me to birth a child to GIVE to her, and been very pushy about it. With how sickly possessive she is of my dogs who she professes to hate and want to kill, how much worse will she be with a kid? And cue the inevitable temper tantrum complete with screaming and crying and accusations of being a childish wh*re when I tell her she will not be allowed anywhere near the baby if/when it is born. I know I should call the police, but I'm in Mexico, there's no shelters or emergency housing available, my mother lives in an affluent neighborhood but refuses to take me in without the dogs, oet friendly rents are through the roof (unless you choose an unsafe area, and in this city alone over 500 people, mostly women around my age, have been murdered this year) and on top of my pregnancy and other health and mental issues I have a bad knee (torn meniscus) that I have been unable to treat for over two years now. Plus my BIL has a law degree and lawyer friends, and the police force is beyond corrupt and unhelpful here unless you can bribe them generously, which I certainly cannot. It seems every time it looks like I'm climbing out of the hole and doing better, something happens and I fall back in deeper than before.
  14. @Tesla I feel you completely. Stay strong is all I can say. I feel the same way you do, but I have my pets to keep me going...maybe something like that might help? I think what helps me the most is just a blind hope that maybe things can and do get better in time. It's not much but it works for me...one step at a time.
  15. @pinkgothic Glad you liked it, heh! If you want, I could breed you a mate for it, from a different Copper and my other CB Winter Magi
  16. I thought except for HM hollies all hollies were male...but one of mine just gendered female! It's a misgender according to lineage, but I don't really care lol. But my question I guess is, can CB hollies be female too?
  17. Cucumber. OMG cucumber. And I love lychees too.
  18. This is copy and pasted from a post I made on a Facebook group called This is a weird hill to die on: ***MILITANT*** vegans do not ACTUALLY care about animal welfare. They just care about being viewed as morally superior and forcing their agenda down everyone's throats. Evidence: They choose to remain willfully ignorant on multiple topics, i.e.: *Sheep NEED shearing or they will DIE. *Animals in heat WANT to be bred. *AI is NOT rape and in cases can be safer than a live cover *Purebred does NOT equal inbred (registration requires a CoI of under 6% IIRC) *Some animals are literally BRED to work and they live to do what they are bred for i.e. herding dogs/horses/PP dogs/etc. *Some people's bodies literally CANNOT survive on a vegan diet, but them I guess right? *Chickens will still lay eggs they have no use for, even if they don't mate. It's unethical to waste unfertilized eggs. *Milk does not have blood and pus in it wtf. *Nut juice is NOT and does NOT taste like milk. *Hunting is, in many cases, NECESSARY for environmental preservation. Even trophy hunting serves a purpose. (That "rare" black giraffe that had everyone so up in arms? It was an older, infertile, aggressive male who was hindering reproduction by not permitting younger, fertile males to breed. The lady who bagged him paid out the ass for the privilege and the meat all went to feed a local poor village. Nothing was wasted and it only helped the species. The money also is supposed to go to conservation efforts.) And my personal favorite: Cats are OBLIGATE carnivores, yet rabid militant vegans feed them a vegan diet which is ANIMAL ABUSE and expect them to thrive. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO NORMAL VEGANS. JUST THE ANNOYING LOUD AF MILITANT TYPE. EDIT: Forgot to add that taking some honey from bees is NOT STEALING, it helps the hive survive by avoiding honey impaction. Only the extra is taken. Bees are always left with enough to survive, unless the beekeeper is an idiot which happens sometimes of course. SECOND EDIT: The more extreme PETA types will go so far as to ACTUALLY abuse animals so they can stage videos and paint industries in a horrible light. I.e. ripping off angora rabbits' skin along with their fur...which real angora farmers do NOT do...even from a cold financial standpoint it would be EXTREMELY counterproductive for business. THIRD EDIT: When confronted online, these extreme militant vegans cannot actually defend their viewpoints, so they go directly to false appeals to emotion ("would you want your family member to be eaten?"), ad hominem attacks ("meatcuck", "carnist wanker", etc.), or more usually both.