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  1. Well, my RBs and GWs (4 of each) all gendered right, so I need no more now. w00t! Though usually more things gender female than male on my scroll... :-\
  2. ...You freak out if you can't get on DC for a full day or (God forbid!) more.
  3. Me caught a CB green egg with the code XCFOG. I cant believe I got those perfect caps!!!
  4. I usually name my dragons after their codes if I run out of ideas, although the resemblance is generally not very noticeable since I usually just use the first letter of the code. For example: MoRTR = Sir Mortar SkEW = Queen Skew siiZE = Sizeable G0fLf = Golfy q0Oq = Quadden hWWU = Haalee NL1Os = Nilyo AClvl = Levelishto t03g = Tatsuye gYUX = Gardiner K1EV = Fred Kiev PfAk7 = Packie RNSe = Renskya 5CaWn = Cawnie 5mFjU = Fujimaya u4sjs = Ushiz R4WBM = Robami mLUV = M'Love M0nr4 = Moneran 1QtO1 = Lil' Quart r7iv = Rizeveniv pupIM = Puppiness usAv = Papelus Americanus kuN2 = Kunnie PA7OW = Powella vpa2v = Vipavi D9ZD1 = Do It dP0NY = Caballito gERNn = Gerny GlLQs = Geliyah tfck = Tickie WoFt = Wolfsfoot RtWrp = Wrappa tDEZ = Toadie oGOj = Gojira KB24 = Kobalty lnt7a = Linty aKKS4 = Akishe 7podm = Podiyoh OK, I'll stop now...
  5. Im sure I didnt click an electric yet I have one and am locked for 5 hours...And Im positive I didnt click it yet its there stubbornly locking me, and I cant find the apostrophe on my keyboard. Aaargh!
  6. Socky how the do you get all those!? Im having to trade for three of the four I need...I guess theyll be super rare (the golds not the blues...) EDIT: Why did a bunch of asterisks turn into a Censor Kip?
  7. Caught one, trading a CB Black for three more. Now if ONLY that person would accept the trade before the Black hatches...I think the gold wyverns will be super rare, glad i have one and am trading for more...if they dont gender right ill DIE!
  8. HAVE: IOU (3rd on list) for nice clean 5th gen Gold Tinsel from Living In Sin (Sinful Gold has proven to be a very reliable breeder.) I can also throw in a little something else for the names in bold, or for multiple names. WANT: Any of the following names, especially the bolded ones: Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Mycroft Holmes Mycroft Mystic Kiara Kitania Kovu Simba Nala Zira Shetan Skew (I need this for my CB Spring with the code SkEW!) Silverlight Silverglow Moondust Moonglow Moonlight Sunbeam Sunny Mortar (I need this for my CB Magi with the code MoRTR) Leona (In loving memory of my cat) Rocket Sassy Shadow Sorrel Midnight PM me, thanks!
  9. 1: I named mine already-Geliyah, Moonstars (yay-I can't believe I got that name!) and Sequoiah, and will name the other Moonsand (if I can) when it hatches. I try to give all of my dragons nice, cute names. 2: I wouldn't because I don't make armies-I only collect 2 CB breeding pairs of each type of dragon. 3: I would of this one, if I made armies-that is, if the adults are as pretty as the youngsters! 4: I do not make armies I only have 15 seasonals, 6 ridgewings and 7 nebulae because they are "alts"... 5: Yes, I would! I like helping people!
  10. Amazingly, thanks to the new drop I caught a CB Black in the Alpine. Yay! And I'm gonna trade it for THREE new gold hatchies. Double yay! No, they're not limited...that's why they're so hard to get
  11. TJ, please please please incubate!!! LOL you are the only person on DC who could incubate hatchies... I managed to get four "moonshines" from the generous staff at the DBC, but unfortunately I haven't been able to catch even a whiff of those golden ones, and the new release gifting center is closed for the golds...aaargh...but I'm hoping those moonshines will gender two male and two female, then I won't need to catch any more!
  12. BRING THEM BACK! Pleeeeeeease? I would especially like Old Pinks to be brought back, but only as a rare alt form-who would want to lose the new pinks?
  13. YES! OMG multiclutches! Maybe the likelihood of real blockers being multi'd could be tweaked a bit, so we don't have to bother with 'em? Or maybe the clutches could be tweaked to be max two eggs per breeding? I kept breeding my Silver to a whole bunch of mates for over a year and a half, and all I got was one Silver egg when I bred it to my Geode. Now I finally have holidays, and the bugger won't produce! I have two Silver IOUs to fulfill, and it sure would be nice if I could fill both in one fell swoop...or their owners might have to wait for one year each! Fertility matters dirt to my Silver... The fact that I only have one (very messy) Silver doesn't help either... And natayah: Dragon eggs are three times the size of chicken eggs...What I don't get is, why are all the eggs (except pygmies) the same size! I'd love to see a giant egg or something...
  14. I've never even seen Metallics in the Cave, and the Blacks, Whites and Nebulae I can never catch-and believe me I try! I can never catch Trios, even though I sometimes spend all day in the desert and madly click any thunder I see...I can't seem to get Seasonals either...
  15. Well I did manage to PM two others who won. I'll be stalking (but definitely not bugging!) them Anyone else here win? *evil thoughts*
  16. Ha ha, I wanted to ask too...but your PM box is (understandably) full...
  17. *sobs* No email... You who won are soo lucky, enjoy it!
  18. I'd sign up, but I have no blacks to breed... Can't get one for the life of me...
  19. VOTE Yulebuck-Cuprino, Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken Ribbon Dancer- Emily Betta, Appie Snow Angel-Angelina White, Angelinella 0_0 Hope ppl like my names...
  20. I have: SkEW (AP catch) MoRTR (Mortar? Traded for him) AClvl (Air conditioning? Level? Caught from the Cave!)
  21. Me too! 0_0 Or: "Somebody, please, take care of my dragons!"
  22. I am a GIRL and am proud to be one. My sex and gender both agree to the utmost.