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  1. Holy shizzzzz I about died when I saw the code. And on a CB Zyu, too! Dumbj
  2. I vote no on this. The chances of a repeat win are already so small. I would support more prizes being given out per raffle, but not any of the other suggestions.
  3. International Union for Conservation of Dragons? Defenders of Dragonlife? :p
  4. Fully support the dot idea! Not that big on gen numbers though.
  5. I'm so sorry! As a fellow dog owner, I can 100% relate. The good news is your pupper will be fine. Some trainers use small jerks on the leash to train, it doesn't hurt them and he likely doesn't even remember it by now. ❤️ I'm a bit nervous honestly, I've just realized my dream is to become a professional show handler, and I have very little inkling of ethology or show grooming, much less structure and conformation. There's so much I have to learn first, I don't have a lot of money to pay for the classes and there is almost no dog activity anywhere near where I live. Plus my bf and I are planning an international move within the next few years, and it's not going to be easy at all, especially not with 9 dogs and 5 cats in tow. I know I can do this, I know we just need to work hard and make it happen; but with just our jobs, it won't be enough. If only I could find an online job that paid in US dollars, which go VERY far in my country...
  6. Is there a way to block a forum user? One person has been repeatedly messaging and harassing me through PM despite being told multiple times already to stop.
  7. My bad, it's been a while since I checked the actual stats. That being said, you described them pretty perfectly lol. I should know, I had one inside me. The relief, both mental and physical, after it was gone was enormous. Agree 100% with humane euthanasia when elected by the patient. No one should be forced to live caged in a broken body if they don't want to.
  8. Same though :S I TPd some eggs to my scroll but when they got to me they were dead. It's happened thrice already
  9. And it's still their choice. No one is out there starving elderly people who want to eat.
  10. I didn't bring it up, you did. What I have to say to religious misogynists like you would probably get me banned from this forum, but let me just point out the fact that you were okay with debating until suddenly all your arguments were shot down and you don't want to debate it anymore. You're the one who brought it up, not me, and this is a very sensitive and personal subject for me. I'm not going to stay quiet while more and more people scream "but muh feewingz" to try to take away my rights. Thanks to your ilk, I had to risk my life in a clandestine abortion at home. And yet, you pro birthers were nowhere to be seen when my father beat me black and blue. I was already born, so me, I guess? I also don't appreciate you PMing me "options" to "help support my child". That ship was sailed, I had my abortion and am thankfully still here and I will not be coerced into going through pregnancy. I will ALWAYS support a woman's right to choose, whether that choice be parenthood, adoption, or abortion. And personally, for myself, I will always choose abortion for as long as old white men think they can deny me the right to a surgical sterilization.
  11. You brought it up yourself, you shouldn't be surprised when called out on spreading inaccurate and misogynistic information. In nature, animals often kill their entire litters once born. They can't have an abortion, so they kill or abandon them after they're born. They do it. Not humans. They do it, because for whatever reason they don't want to raise them. And yes, fetuses' cells are dividing. So are those of a cancerous tumor, as @Ruby Eyes said. Does it then follow that removal of a cancerous tumor is also 'murder', since the cells are alive and came from a human? Would you also argue that a cancerous tumor is a human? How far does this go? If a doctor amputates someone's leg, is that also murder because the cells making up the leg are alive? The fetus is living human tissue, yes, but it is not a human, any more than the appendix removed in an appendectomy is a human.
  12. The link may be right, but you are not. (As an aside, Wikipedia is not a good source for anything.) I guess it's lucky then that abortion is not "unlawful", a fetus is not "another human" and a perfectly good justification is "I don't want to let anything grow inside me". Spay aborts are also a thing in animals. But if you want to stay strictly to nature: Animals in heat mate. That's a fact. It has nothing to do with whether or not they want babies. Their hormones make them want to mate, so they do. That's regardless of whether or not they actually want to breed. Non human animals cannot have abortions done, they cannot understand or ask for one. But once the litter is born, many of them can and will kill the babies, because they aren't cut out to be parents and they don't want to care for them, so they rip them to pieces as soon as they're born. That's not pretty, it's not cute, but it's nature and nature is harsh. It's much more humane to stop a fetus's development before it's even really alive. Additionally, the moment of death is when a person no longer has any measurable EEG brain waves, not when the heart stops. If we therefore take the medical, legal definition of death, and turn it around and apply it to fetuses...they don't have EEG waves until at least week 24 of gestation. So a fetus prior to those stages is, quite literally, not truly alive; or alive only in the sense that its cells and tissues are capable of dividing.
  13. 😅 what you don't seem to get is that they are not starved unless they WANT to. It's their choice. No one is going to kill someone who doesn't want to die. And yes, killing fetuses* is perfectly okay. I can hardly understand your English, but if you're saying what I think you're saying... Non human animals can and often do decide not to be parents. They don't have the necessary knowledge and equipment to be able to abort, but many times, birds, rabbits, dogs and cats will tear their entire litter to pieces, even when there's nothing wrong with them. Some animals, just like some women, are not cut out to be mothers. And that's fine! Aborting a non sentient fetus is FAR more humane than what the non human animals do. Abortion is not murder. What you're saying is quite frankly extremely ignorant and offensive to women. Abortion is an extremely expensive, painful and unpleasant procedure. No one is getting pregnant just to abort. It's a difficult decision. Did you know that 1 out of every 4 women has had an abortion? We just don't speak of it because of all the hate you pro-birthers spew. Abortion is a very personal choice, if you don't like it then don't abort, it's really that simple. Neither you, nor the government, have any right to interfere with anyone's reproductive choices.
  14. If the person WANTS to die and there's no chance they will get better, they're allowed to die with dignity. Also, a fetus is not a baby. And yes, it's the woman's body, because guess what? The fetus is attached to HER uterus through its placenta. It's taking HER nutrients out of HER bloodstream, and altering HER body chemistry. If SHE doesn't want to host it, parasite-fasion, inside HER body, she has every right to expel it from her body. Of course, it cannot live outside of her body, but the mucus looking blob does not take precedence over a sentient, fully developed woman's rights. Especially when you consider that said blob can develop into a child, which then will likely suffer because it's unwanted. But pro birthers don't care about that, once the kid is born you don't give a hoot...
  15. @Laryal ...no, ONLY the ones who do not want to live will get no nutrition. That's pretty clear. No one should be forced to live if they truly don't want to and have no chance of getting better. Also, science does not care if you think that abortion is 'killing'. It's literally not. Most abortions are early gestation abortions, done far before the fetus even develops the capability to feel pain at around 26 weeks. It cannot think, it cannot feel and it most certainly is not a human. I've seen fetuses at 11 weeks, which is somewhat later than the average gestation for an abortion, and it looked like something that would come out when you blow your nose. The woman absolutely has the right to deny ANYONE the use of HER body, and that includes a non sentient fetus. Late term abortions are only done when the woman's life is at risk OR when the fetus has an abnormality that would make life outside the womb difficult or impossible. Pregnancy is incredibly difficult, if someone is still pregnant after 24-26 weeks, it's because they WANT a child, and things can happen after that which make it kinder to abort. Women aren't your incubators. A professionally done early gestation abortion is much, much safer than the full pregnancy and childbirth. In the US alone, 17 out of 100 pregnancies end with maternal death. Pregnancy is something a woman should ONLY have to go through when SHE wants to. And children aren't consequences, they should always be loved and wanted, lest they end up with their backs beaten black and blue, shoved under a stream of icy water and dragged into dark rooms with spiders and scorpions as was the case with me and my sisters. I know the thread isn't about abortion, but I can't stay quiet when I see all this internalized misogyny online, in 2019. It's not the middle ages anymore.
  16. I'll offer Neglecteds or art swaps in exchange for artwork of my dogs and cats, anybody interested can PM me here please?
  17. @HeatherMarie I'm so sorry you're going through this. Being alone can be scary, but it can also be great! Do you by any chance have a dog or cat? Throwing yourself into trick training them really helps you bond and not feel alone, plus time flies when you're with them and nothing equals the feeling of seeing an animal's joy at finally understanding what you're asking of them! (Yes, cats can be trained, too!)
  18. Adding on to what GhostMouse said, abortion is not "killing babies". An undeveloped fetus is not a "baby", and it is and should be 100% a woman's right to deny ANYONE the use of her body, for ANY reason. Including a fetus. It's called bodily autonomy and is generally considered a human right, and it's the same reason you can't take the organs from a corpse without the owner of it having given previous consent, even if said organs would save the lives of 20 people. It's truly atrocious that there's people out there (mostly old white men and women with internalized misogyny) truly willing to afford a pregnant woman less rights over her own body than a corpse has, while screaming about the rights of a half formed, non sentient cluster of cells.
  19. A year or so ago I was an idiot just coming out of the idiotic furmommy adopt-don't-shop phase and I decided stupidly to breed my dog, I didn't know at the time what health testing was and I thought it was just a clean bill of health from the vet. The breeding didn't take but later I got two Chi pups and a husky pup, I posted a video of them playing and people decided because my house was a 30 year old dingy old hole in Mexico that I "never clean", they started going after me, calling me a hoarder, making a group specifically to harass me and screenshotting EVERYTHING I did in EVERY group. Even editing screenshots and attributing comments to me that were made by other people. Somehow that now has evolved and it seems I can't post anywhere without being accused of being a hoarder, flipper, dog abuser, housebreaker and God knows what else. I have not sold a dog, like, EVER, and many of my dogs are rescues. Never mind AC approves of the way I keep my animals, never mind that an actual reputable breeder looked at my living situation and willingly sold me a dog because she knew I would always care for her. All my salary goes to my dogs. They get homemade raw food, tip top vet care, the best of the best. They are my whole life. And this is REALLY getting on my nerves, to the point where my dogs and bf are literally the only things keeping me going. These people live in a whole other country from me, yet do not hesitate to pretend they know me better than I do and to make up lies. Some have even gone so far as to claim I sold them a dog (they were later forced to admit they were just making it up and got the photo off Google). I'm so over it at this point and I just can't anymore. They'll literally post a SS of my profile showing pics of 4 well cared for dogs and claim that "proves hoarding" when two of said dogs are dogs I had when I was a kid and don't have anymore...then they claim that me not having them anymore means I'm a "flipper". My reputation in dogbook is in shambles, I see no way of fixing it, and all over the pettiness of some people. I don't know what to do. I want to be a reputable breeder/show owner once I get the hang fully of genetics, health testing, temperament testing, titling etc, and all these people want to do is bring me down. Even my beautiful show line collie girl they claim is "hideous", "lacks breed type" and "looks like a badly done taxidermy". They just don't stop and it's been a year and a half almost of constant harassment. I've switched profiles, left groups, changed names, and nothing works. To make matters worse, a "friend" who I thought I could trust told these people I have almost twice as many dogs as I actually have, that I have "countless" unfixed cats that I breed for money, and a lot of other lies. She also played dumb when I straight up asked her if it was she, until I caught her out red-handed. Upon which she flipped tables on me, telling me I betrayed HER by planning to ethically and responsibly breed my dog if she passes health and temperament testing sometime in the future. She even threatened me. And I'm so broken, because I trusted this person and looked up to her.
  20. How about if the "you attempt to breed the dragons, but no egg is produced" message were replaced with "you attempt to breed the dragons, but only an infertile egg is produced"? That way, no viable egg would have been produced anyhow, but you get the option of keeping the empty shell.
  21. Much better thank you! Metal frame is off, she's running like crazy now
  22. You can use Photoshop just not the premade brushes
  23. Lol, seems like I'm the third highest so far! This is exciting