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  1. How about if the "you attempt to breed the dragons, but no egg is produced" message were replaced with "you attempt to breed the dragons, but only an infertile egg is produced"? That way, no viable egg would have been produced anyhow, but you get the option of keeping the empty shell.

  2. 32 minutes ago, Pilauli said:

    Purplehaze, if you include "zehn," which is German for ten, or whatever ten is in Spanish (I think it has four letters, but can't remember how to spell it). then you would have ten characters in your pyramid-thingy.


    Ten in Spanish is diez ;) I'm a native speaker. You could also do Romanian, which is zece :D


  3. Just bought myself two pairs of OTC cosmetic contacts and I was super pumped to get them. Now I've read about the risks and am bummed, but I still want to use them, seeing as I've used non prescription Circle Natural lenses off and on for months with no issues. Has anyone had any issues using non prescription contacts? Is there a way I could get an ophthalmologist to check them out and make sure they're safe for my eyes and still use them? The prescription kind are so stale and boring, you can't even tell when you're wearing them cus your eyes look exactly the same even with the "colored" ones...