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If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon! * My Scroll * Wishlist in profile 617681505953693m3.jpg . MintArmySig1gif.gifI will breed my tinsels on request - just send me a PM if you are interested.

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    Leetle Wishes
    * 2nd gen Red with Yulebuck father
    * 2nd gen Stripe with Yulebuck father
    * 2nd gen Nebula with Snowangel mother

    Medium Wishes:
    * most kinds (inkluding 'fails) of 2nd gens from: Bright Pink, Frill, Holly, any Tinsel, any Shimmers
    - I'm working on a Gaia Lineage with all dragons on my scroll. I will never own a CB of the above breeds, so I would love a 2nd gen - even the non-rare/non-holiday offspring would be gladly accepted. (please don't use Stripe, Black, Vine or any dragon that produces hybrids as partners)

    Beeeeg Wishes:
    - nicely lineaged Shimmer (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    - nicely lineaged Holly
    .. basically what most people are looking for ;)