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  1. OOH!! my Cheese dragon!!https://dragcave.net/images/3jHt.png
  2. Oh gosh!! the Easter basket eggs are mint green colors too!!! how cute!
  3. OMG!!!vthey are beautiful!!! https://dragcave.net/view/DMKnx
  4. I still need these flowers: scale,paper,queen of night lily,lantana,daffeyedil,soulglow bells,kokio kea,silver conifer,holly,love lies bleeding,kingbloom,stoneflower,lumina scale,silent princess,ridgebloom,poppi,dragoneyes,dahlia,cashmere flower,rose,pearl,gaudy flower,cactus,fishglobe succulent,chrysanthemum,ominous lily,mystic orchid. These flowers are what I don't have yet any would be appreciated ty I will send back asap when im on
  5. Ok,sent a few more flowers off!! plz send em my way! ty i'll send as many as I can back
  6. Sounds like a funny friend who likes to dance
  7. Ok thx weird that!! a noodle friend eh!! hmm
  8. sending flowers as fast as I can, Ooh the dragons are being cantankerous!! they get miffed about being asked to go get more flowers again!!a few brought back weird flowers? whats a ''snek'' & a sticky clinging flower...a corpse lily..they are retaliating with these!!
  9. Still sending as many flowers as I can!..just have to send the dragons out to collect the rest!!
  10. Sending flowers to any who want them, I'd appreciate more too!!
  11. Sending flowers to any who want them! plz send back
  12. Happy Valentines Day!!! sending flowers when i can to everyone
  13. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! these new eggs look like they are going to be different & SPOOKTACULAR!!! many thx to TJ &Spriters for these new eggs..
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DC!! Awesome that we get an 8th egg slot & platinum trophy level Thank you TJ fro the new raffles & NEW eggs
  15. Wow new eggs thank you Tj & Spriters!!!
  16. Happy Easter TJ & Everyone!!
  17. Well I think all these suggestions are good just a simple message on scroll asking others to be respectful of users who don't want help with views should be enough to get the message across loud & clear. EG: Please be respectful of my wishes regarding scroll/eggs/hatchies. Be considerate enough NOT to ''help'' my eggs/hatchies These eggs/hatchies do not require extra assistance ..then if a user wants they can politely tell others that they are capable of raising their eggs/hatchies thank you very much. I for one would not be happy if my egg/s hatchies died because of too many views too soon..I go to a lot of effort to breed/catch my eggs & I have had a lot of sick eggs before that I had to fog & watch them carefully..so others need to be aware of their actions.. that's my say on this matter..Thank you & happy egg/hatchie raising
  18. Hi, can people PLEASE STOP viewbombing my eggs/scroll, I'm rather annoyed atm because 2 pairs of my dragons had shimmer eggs TODAY 20/02/17& I go on dragcave...darn it they've had over 120 views... :/ now they are sick & I had to fog them.. enough is enough already..PLEASE no more views ... & a pink I bred on 16th was sick until I fogged it.. so please STOP TY Rachii I don't viewbomb other people's eggs/scrolls & make their eggs sick..so please leave them alone..
  19. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! Thank you TJ & Spriters for the new eggies!!
  20. OMG!!! THANK YOU!!!! TJ & HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY loving ALL these BEAUTIFUL EGGS..AGAIN THANK YOU!!!! I shall be on cloud nine for a loong time with happiness.. I'm thrilled with the re-release of the Frills & Bright pinks & I will lovingly gather a group of these gorgeous pretties!!
  21. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! ..I've had no internet for the last week :/ so I only just got online..was able to catch some eggs & the new releases..
  22. These new eggs are so lovely so happy I got my 2 new pretties,TJ's Hatchlings are adorable..then again I think nearly all of the dragon Hatchlings are cutiees Thank you TJ & Spriters for these lovely new eggs Merry Christmas to all in case I forgot