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  1. i am setting a goal to get all of the expansion packs! *confident*
  2. *high fives* yes! but i still need to get the sims 3.....*anticipates it for birthday*
  3. Okay i looked for a topic of this, but i failed to find it....if there is one already, please tell me. Anywho, the title is self exclamatory. Anything and everything you would like to talk about when it comes to The Sims. Enjoy!
  4. i still need to finish KH 358/2 Days and KH Re: COM
  5. ooo that is a hard one, but it is possible. Took me forever, basically you dodge his attacks and attack when he is not.....and have a lot of potions and stuff....my game is broken so i cannot defeat him anymore T.T, but i have all of the others except for th final mixes and BBS.... (excuse my ranting)
  6. *faints* i am literally jumping up and down right now! i never expected a forum like this to exist *faints...again* P.S. HUUUUUGGEEE TH fan