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  1. same here Im done for now...I give up
  2. try installing chrome its easier to use than IE
  3. this sucks my internet isent as good as some other peoples and I always miss out on eggs T.T but I guess thats what I get for living in the middle of the dessert I don't think I'm gonna get a brine though there becoming pretty rare and highly prized!
  4. well hope full once every one else has one we'll be able to get some
  5. I know at this rate any one who dosent have one is sh!t out of luck LOL dident get any for the hourly oh well
  6. I dont think I'll ever catch a brine -.-
  7. Got the others im only missing Brine dragons now
  8. I realeased an extra I had to the AP a couple of days ago just cuz I know some people cant get them, so dont feel bad lots of people are trying to help!!
  9. I still cant catch a lumina (shimmery) dragon the must be rares
  10. I got the wave one now all I have left is the shiny one
  11. happy Birthday to you and dragon cave! Now I hope I can catch thouse 2 new cute ones, Iv already bread my others
  12. holy crap these new ones are hard to catch I haven't gotten any!
  13. DAMN!!! I dident realize there was a release until today!
  14. terp X electric = no egg, no interest
  15. Electric + Turpentine= Turpentine
  16. I love your wish wyvern in your siggy!!!!
  17. I cant wait tell mine grow up!!!
  18. LOL that would be horrible and hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
  19. one of mine is about to hatch
  20. Thank you to alabaster_demon and fallen_leaf for the turpentines!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you two are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  21. Please turn off the caps and language. It is considering yelling is is unnecessary. it was my ac-adapter this time T.T and now Im having trouble getting one of these cuties!