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  1. ohh I cant wait til I can send flowers!!!!
  2. the new dragons are beautiful so far!!!!
  3. I cant wait to see the flowers!!!
  4. I cant wait to see what it looks like grown up its adorable!!!!
  5. woot 2 zombies!!!! and I got 6 babys!!!!
  6. D: why is the site down!?!?!? also happy halloween everyone!!!
  7. im ready to try for a zombie and get my new eggs!
  8. Ohhh I cant wait till the release!!!!!
  9. my new fortoune "never tickle a sleepy dragon"
  10. aww my fortion wasent nearly as cool X3 "he who eats little saves lots"
  11. I did theres a surprise at the end but idk if theres anything to do with it yet
  12. I wonder what the new dragons will be like!!!
  13. I love the vase event its so pretty
  14. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!
  15. now the only thing I need is a holly and Christmas will be complete!!!!
  16. if your username is your scroll name then yours is beautiful!!!!
  17. done for now I may redo it or add more http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/kin_sedren
  18. got my eggs but my gingerbread house still wont work
  19. you know what I forgot to say....MARRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!