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  1. Every time I look at the wizard costumes I think of "I put on my robe and wizard hat"... Anyway, loving this event and I'm so so happy to get a chance at some CB marrows!
  2. Mine only works if I remove the pieces one at a time. If I try to do all parts at once, it has trouble.
  3. Browsing through my dragons on an impulse. Apparently I have the name "Cis". How did I do that...
  4. Hmm, I just came back from a vacation and I'm lost with the event. Can I make up for lost time or will the event end before I can collect everything? .
  5. Ahhh, so hyped to see the adults. Also whoa, animation!
  6. Yeeeeeet, these look cute. Thanks TJ and spriters!
  7. I KNEW I RECOGNIZED THE ANTAREAN EGG! I'd been stalking that one for forever. This is actually the first time I've seen a release before it came out -sweats nervously because I used to be a longtime DR person- and I'm just so delighted to see it out. So beautiful, honestly. And the Sapphire dragon, wow. I love the contrast colors and I'm excited to test it out for lineages!
  8. My god. These might just be one of my favorite holidays ever. So fluffy, and I love the gold lining!
  9. Lost my house :'D Edit: And found it! I love love love the art for this game, and the music. I'm curious though, will there be a raffle this year?
  10. I would literally pay for this feature. I got this username when I was about ten, and I'd love to change it. I agree there should be certain restrictions on name changing, like a time cooldown similar to Flight Rising. I've never seen a serious case of impersonation there.
  11. SO EXCITED FOR THESE TWO TO BREED. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ga8dX http://dragcave.net/lineage/1SFwC First one was a lucky catch this Halloween.
  12. A toothbrush, also packets of pretzels. I just... I really do not like pretzels. But that's more of a personal preference.
  13. Four potions to go! I'm excited :> Wish we could see which ones we've already used though. I'm going from memory.
  14. THEY'RE ONTO US, GUYS! HIDE! HIDE! (Grey-ace here, still undecided as to the specifics :>)
  15. Hmm, perhaps the potions have to be used for something to happen?
  16. I'm missing 10 potions, and it's only Tuesday! Hoping that we'll still get to keep sprites of the potions we used, or something. Edit: The moment I made this post, I got the last ingredient ;D
  17. I honestly believe that Trump, ignoring his views on social issues/immigrants etc etc because I don't want to get into that with this post, cannot be presidential material simply because he lacks the ability to be a politician. Which, I know, is a lot of his support, but also he treats the position like a CEO position, where he can call the shots by himself, and not like a role where he has to work with Congress to pass legislation.
  18. Just snagged a massive amount of canon Haikyuu!! names. Most proud of "Oikawa Toru" and "Tsukishima Akiteru"!
  19. Updates, eeee! Can't wait to see them. Thank you
  20. I'm in love. I need a billion.
  21. It's qianbot! I post various dragony things and fanart and original doodles. Mostly digital. Not super active due to time crunches though