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  1. They didn't submit their tree to the contest. I really don't see much wrong with showing us then.
  2. I saw one that did that, it was cool.
  3. Now see, I just found a tree that I gave a 9. The whole tree was very balanced out and symetrical, then they used the gold dragon topper on the bottom like it's holding onto the bark of the tree. I thought that was clever.
  4. Mine has the Robbin at the bottom of the tree with the popcorn in it's mouth like it's pulling it from a present. I thought it was a cool idea. I finally hit 666 posts. I dunno if I can get myself to post again any time soon...
  5. Can't say that I blame you, I would have raged hard if my tree had that happen to it. But that's why I made sure to drag everything I wasn't using far away
  6. Well they had to be see-throughish when you saw them on the page, but even that didn't exactly work. The candy I had at the bottom of the was solid and SHOULD have shown up, but it didn't. It also seemed that some ornaments that were invisible ended up showing up in the final tree anyway.
  7. I dunno about those, I've only seen one. It was really bad though... I'll really have to see a lot more of them to form an opinion of them.
  8. That's why I made sure none of my ornaments were anywhere near the tree, I pulled them all as far away as I could Except it's actually missing some of the Candy that was supposed to be on the bottom... oh well. And like I said for the spelling, it's nothing personal. In fact I gave a tree with something floating on the side a 7 because other than that it looked really nice.
  9. Because it just looks ridiculously stupid in my opinion. It's a tree decorating contest, not a spelling contest. I don't mean anything personal to people that did do that but... It's just my opinion on it.
  10. I've been kinda mean with the ratings I've given. Trees that are just cluttered with pretty much every ornament: 2 Trees that look OKish, but have ornaments floating that probably shouldn't be there: 1 (Sorry) Trees that spell something: 1 Other than that, Trees that aren't filled to the brim with ornaments, or have a nice theme I give 5+ I have yet to give a 9 or a 10, but then again I only voted on things for like 5 min. It'd be nice to see what the rating of your tree currently is... I'd rather know people hated it than sit here wondering. Oh well, I think I'll survive.
  11. I have the silver garland on mine, but the main thing about the tree is that the whole side is lined with the marble strings. Kidna hard to explain, but I think it looked awesome.
  12. Wait, There's a Technoized badge ornament?
  13. Holy Hell I have a lot of tree lights now o.o
  14. That's the "Broken JPEG" symbol. I use to have two, now it's like 6. I think TJ's just having a small problem uploading them to the system or whatever. Give it a few min and I'm sure they'll be fixed.
  15. I agree, I love them so much. Two of them seem broken to me right now though, but it's all good.
  16. Oh sweet! This is awesome. Now if only the Pinecones and the Candycanes got multiples, I might be able to make my perfect tree.
  17. Late response but... All I'm saying is that the Lights and Popcorn got multiples. I just don't get why the two other things that look made for multiples don't get that. The ornaments look great, and I love them all in general, but I'd much rather be able to put a bunch of candy canes on and some of the original ornaments. Too many random ornaments that are all different and such will make the tree look Loud and just weird. Adding something that can be repeated will make the trees look much less random and thrown together. I personally like what my tree looks like now but it'd look muc
  18. Why do we only get ONE Candy Cane >.> And one of that marble strand.
  19. That's what I thought. Oh well, I love purple and I love that ornament. Win-Win for me.
  20. Does anyone else have two Purple Glass ornaments? I've been noticing it for two days now, and decided to try and figure it out... and I do indeed, have two. But I didn't start out with two
  21. I love the Pickle, my mom's done that on our tree since... forever, and I showed it to her and she was so happy to see it. My only thing is... I really like the new stringed bubbles/marbles but there needs to be more than just the one string. I hope TJ lets just have multiple ones of those like the Popcorn and lights.
  22. I get that a lot, usually a refresh or two lets me view my tree though.