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  1. Isn't he sort of a friend of Trump's? I don't know if this is a plan to take some "lesser evil"-votes away from Biden, but it sure looks like one.
  2. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    CB Lacula, precog female https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZcPYd https://dragcave.net/teleport/937f905903a729536e7507ff8f9d6641
  3. 41 is prime (and is also my age, for a few more weeks) 7 of 8 5.125 ppp
  4. After most restrictions have been lifted, Covid-19 numbers are rising again. So Switzerland is finally making masks mandatory on public transport (starting from Monday). They're still not mandatory in stores. I normally order our groceries online, but had to go to a store this week. I saw one (1) other person wearing a mask. It was not really crowded, so people not wearing masks was understandable seeing as our government only tells us to wear masks "if it's not possible to keep your distance". And no one wants to stand out... So I'll make sure to wear a mask every time I go into a store. Because it has to become normal. (Good thing it feels a bit like hiding from the other people. That almost makes up for the standing out and for the fogged glasses.)
  5. 34 3+4 = 7, and apparently, I am 7 of 7 4.857 ppp
  6. Same here! My first Staterae is also my first market purchase. Now debating if I should buy a second one. Who knows if the price will go up... or down... or up... or down...
  7. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    From the AP: Messy Thalassa (good for freezing?) https://dragcave.net/lineage/z3t9e https://dragcave.net/teleport/b2699a758ca5f0765421018310f325ee CB Lacula (precog male) https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZHHS2 https://dragcave.net/teleport/1847af12e7b61594c3153defa98bd2bb
  8. Huh. It's like a different hatchery now. I liked the old one. Edit: I mean maybe I'll get used to the new design. But it does feel like a good hatchery went away and I have to start using a different one instead. As for some hopefully constructive criticism: There's a lot of unused space. The rows as well as columns of the dragon list are bigger than they'd need to be, which - to me - makes it harder to see what belongs together. Maybe alternating colors of the rows (like Evina's DragHatch has) would help. (Background information: I am on a desktop computer. Not sure if maybe for cellphones the new design is better.)
  9. Soooo many new possibilities! But I guess I'll start with posting just one that I randomly thought of. (Don't look if you don't want to see a new adult yet.)
  10. 68 people making lineage plans 1 of 11 6.182 ppp
  11. 65 people fainting because the new dragons are just TOO BEAUTIFUL 1 of 11 5.909 ppp
  12. AAAAAAAHHHH! I don't even have words for how beautiful they all are!
  13. 63 people constantly refreshing the news post to see if TJ's dragons have grown up already 1 of 11 5.727 ppp
  14. I sorted some dragons, and finally the correctly sorted part of my scroll starts on the first page again. Sure, it's very near the bottom of the first page... but at least this means there are fewer than 500 dragons left to be sorted. (Of course lots of them have to be named first. Working on that, too.) In other words: successfully procrastinating real-life work. Edit: ... and only ~700 ungrouped dragons left. Which means I assigned groups to more than 14'000 dragons. Which means I spend too much time on this site.
  15. Someone needs to edit that scene with Lisa and the lambs, and each cuter lamb is a newer dragon release.
  16. New requirement: "Raise 0/3 adult wyrms" How convenient! (Omnomnom no-win cookie!)
  17. Yes, please! Especially during holidays when - at times - every single click can take extra long to load.
  18. 56 people wondering why all the chocolate is gone, they could swear they just started eating it a minute ago 1 of 10 5.6 ppp
  19. 47 people with no KFC nearby suddenly craving mayo-and-sugar coleslaw 1 of 10 4.7 ppp
  20. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    No trade offers, so I think I'll free the slot and see if I'm luckier hunting in the cave. I hope this goes to a Z scroll! (But it will go to the AP soon if no one has room for it...) https://dragcave.net/teleport/e0dcf6f6683c8b5f63ac46a600711eb7