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  1. (If this change means we're getting more characters for the "want" text, and that part just hasn't been implemented yet, this topic can be ignored and closed.) Trades are now shortened with an ellipsis (unless their text is shorter than one line anyway). This may have been implemented to prevent the page from looking weird when people write descriptions without any spaces. However, it is rather inconvenient having to click trades just to see the rest of the (still very short) "want" text. If the "wrap" problem needs to be addressed, can we please have a different solution? (Just wrap those too-long-word trades wherever, like long dragon names, and leave everything else unchanged?) It's not a terribly big issue, just a little nuisance that wouldn't be necessary at all.
  2. Which I think is a bad solution to a rather small problem. Not sure if I should make a thread to ask "please undo"...
  3. I have complicated thoughts about the mathematics of this suggestion, but I'm not sure if thinking about it even makes sense without having background information that only TJ has. Such as... how many % of rares (let's say Gaias for example) that are created at the top of the hour are usually taken from the cave before they get destroyed? If that number is already near 100%, this suggestion only helps if the cave also creates more eggs. Of course it would have to increase the number of all breeds (because ratios). However, the number of Gaias taken from the cave will increase more than the number of, for example, Teimarrs. And then the ratio program shows up and says "oops, too many Gaias, let's make fewer", and then a lower percentage of the eggs the cave creates will be Gaias. So we might end up with the same number of available rares as before. The only difference would be that they would be gone faster because they'd be more likely to be displayed (and immediately taken) earlier during the hour.
  4. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    Obidar genderswap https://dragcave.net/teleport/d0eb6491bc3f3d52707d1d12b4d340f2
  5. Someone started this on Twitter, and I think it's a fun idea. Describe a movie in the most boring way you can. (Keep it short.) Put the title in a spoiler so others can try to guess what it is. Two of my favorite movies: A man temporarily loses faith in his ability to help protect the environment. A health tip from his dad re-inspires him. He makes a new friend and starts smoking. A young man meets a girl. They don't really talk to each other. Meanwhile, old men disagree about a book.
  6. 92 is... a number. Not prime. 7 of 12 7.667 ppp
  7. 87 isn't prime, but is a multiple of two prime numbers 7 of 12 7.25 ppp
  8. I bought 3 Staterae in the market. I'm waiting a little before I buy the 4th one, because I'm still hoping to catch one myself, but so far I haven't even seen one.
  9. Isn't he sort of a friend of Trump's? I don't know if this is a plan to take some "lesser evil"-votes away from Biden, but it sure looks like one.
  10. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    CB Lacula, precog female https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZcPYd https://dragcave.net/teleport/937f905903a729536e7507ff8f9d6641
  11. 41 is prime (and is also my age, for a few more weeks) 7 of 8 5.125 ppp
  12. After most restrictions have been lifted, Covid-19 numbers are rising again. So Switzerland is finally making masks mandatory on public transport (starting from Monday). They're still not mandatory in stores. I normally order our groceries online, but had to go to a store this week. I saw one (1) other person wearing a mask. It was not really crowded, so people not wearing masks was understandable seeing as our government only tells us to wear masks "if it's not possible to keep your distance". And no one wants to stand out... So I'll make sure to wear a mask every time I go into a store. Because it has to become normal. (Good thing it feels a bit like hiding from the other people. That almost makes up for the standing out and for the fogged glasses.)
  13. 34 3+4 = 7, and apparently, I am 7 of 7 4.857 ppp
  14. Same here! My first Staterae is also my first market purchase. Now debating if I should buy a second one. Who knows if the price will go up... or down... or up... or down...
  15. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    From the AP: Messy Thalassa (good for freezing?) https://dragcave.net/lineage/z3t9e https://dragcave.net/teleport/b2699a758ca5f0765421018310f325ee CB Lacula (precog male) https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZHHS2 https://dragcave.net/teleport/1847af12e7b61594c3153defa98bd2bb
  16. Huh. It's like a different hatchery now. I liked the old one. Edit: I mean maybe I'll get used to the new design. But it does feel like a good hatchery went away and I have to start using a different one instead. As for some hopefully constructive criticism: There's a lot of unused space. The rows as well as columns of the dragon list are bigger than they'd need to be, which - to me - makes it harder to see what belongs together. Maybe alternating colors of the rows (like Evina's DragHatch has) would help. (Background information: I am on a desktop computer. Not sure if maybe for cellphones the new design is better.)
  17. Soooo many new possibilities! But I guess I'll start with posting just one that I randomly thought of. (Don't look if you don't want to see a new adult yet.)