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  1. How to grow potatoes under adverse conditions.
  2. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    Black hatchie for freezing: https://dragcave.net/teleport/0b45bfa37bd191ad818999bc057d05a3 Is anybody interested in this shiny (also freezable) baby? --> sending to dragonpuck https://dragcave.net/lineage/zmPWN Edit: Oh, looks like a nonzee person needed the Black hatchie? Anyway, the Shimmer will only be sent to a Z collector.
  3. A girl makes a boy bring a piece of jewelry back to the place he stole it from.
  4. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    Messy Shimmer from the AP https://dragcave.net/teleport/7f55b5721d9052b9627c2209f31f7046
  5. Stair lineage Chrono with "fUN" code https://dragcave.net/teleport/d0fdfa0de8e8a9d7825d76e289eed124
  6. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    Incuhatchable CB Nocturne from the AP (I'll post a new teleport tomorrow if it hatches on my scroll) https://dragcave.net/lineage/zT4vp https://dragcave.net/teleport/72dcb3f13754c7914d6cd80b9eb074eb
  7. I think Trump is a bad person and a bad president, but this is not a good argument, because he might, by chance or accidentally, be right about something sometime. (Not necessarily with this, just in general.) As for the actual problem with schools: I agree with (I think) everyone... there is no perfect solution. Similar to economy: businesses have to close because otherwise people will die, but people also die because of the consequences of businesses shutting down. (Is this the Kobayashi Maru test? If so, how do we cheat?) Let's hope a vaccine will come as soon as possible.
  8. Thanks for the reply, TJ! Didn't even occur to me that it might have been unintentional.
  9. Current situation: The time a trade was created is visible when I see the trade in the list of trades (i.e. by going to the page it is currently on, or by finding it in a search). The time I offered on a trade is displayed in my "Active Trades" section. None of it is visible on the trade's individual (detail) page. Suggestion: Add both times on the trade detail page. Reasons: This might be completely useless to some and rather useful to others, but it should not actively bad for anyone. I have actually searched the hub for trades I already offered on because I wanted to see when they were created. Especially for older trades (previous day or so), this may give a hint on what time of day the trader might be online again. The time you made an offer is also helpful if you have sort of a rule on how long you usually wait before canceling. (Let's not discuss actual times here. Opinions will vary greatly.) Maybe even "I offered xy hours after they published the trade, so maybe I'll also wait xy hours before canceling" or something.
  10. It would be nice if the eggs and hatchlings in trades linked directly to their lineages from the trade hub start page. Currently, they link to the trade, like the "[Username]'s Trade" text, and we only get the lineage links after clicking that and looking at the individual trade. Lineages and codes are an important aspect of trades, and interesting trades could be identified more easily if it took fewer clicks to see them. Codes could even be checked without clicking anything. If I remember correctly, it used to be this way when the trade hub was introduced. Which means there may have been a reason to change it, but to be honest I can't think of one. (I've wanted to suggest this for a while, and was reminded of it by the shortening of the want text that appeared today. I guess I could just summarize my suggestions as "put as much information as possible on the trade hub start page so we don't have to click individual trades to find out if we're interested", but I hope making two threads for two different suggestions is okay.)
  11. (If this change means we're getting more characters for the "want" text, and that part just hasn't been implemented yet, this topic can be ignored and closed.) Trades are now shortened with an ellipsis (unless their text is shorter than one line anyway). This may have been implemented to prevent the page from looking weird when people write descriptions without any spaces. However, it is rather inconvenient having to click trades just to see the rest of the (still very short) "want" text. If the "wrap" problem needs to be addressed, can we please have a different solution? (Just wrap those too-long-word trades wherever, like long dragon names, and leave everything else unchanged?) It's not a terribly big issue, just a little nuisance that wouldn't be necessary at all.
  12. Which I think is a bad solution to a rather small problem. Not sure if I should make a thread to ask "please undo"...
  13. I have complicated thoughts about the mathematics of this suggestion, but I'm not sure if thinking about it even makes sense without having background information that only TJ has. Such as... how many % of rares (let's say Gaias for example) that are created at the top of the hour are usually taken from the cave before they get destroyed? If that number is already near 100%, this suggestion only helps if the cave also creates more eggs. Of course it would have to increase the number of all breeds (because ratios). However, the number of Gaias taken from the cave will increase more than the number of, for example, Teimarrs. And then the ratio program shows up and says "oops, too many Gaias, let's make fewer", and then a lower percentage of the eggs the cave creates will be Gaias. So we might end up with the same number of available rares as before. The only difference would be that they would be gone faster because they'd be more likely to be displayed (and immediately taken) earlier during the hour.