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  1. Genealogist (He won't have kids because he's too busy studying his lineage.)
  2. @JaneMcAsh, I think I read somewhere that Geodes can only produce Geodes when bred with a Pebble, Stone or other Geode. Otherwise the egg will always be the other dragon's breed.
  3. Ice x White looks nice, but seems to be kind of a "standard combination". The same for Magma x Red. Why not try Ice x Magi, Harvest, Pillow or even Pebble (like this)? Or Magma x Moonstone? I think non-standard combinations are often surprisingly appealing.
  4. If Midas + Shally don't get the names back for whatever reason, this will probably just be added to the lineage's history and perhaps make it even more impressive. "Once upon a time, there was a Gold dragon named Midas Dorkface; he was named like that because (old story), and the name became famous. Then one sad day he lost his name... but it will be carried on forever by countless dragons named after him." (Just trying to find a less negative view on things. Does it work?) And someone will make a "I was here before Midas Dorkface lost his name" badge. I don't know ladiefare, but I wonder what can keep someone away from DC for so long, and hope it's not something bad. :-/
  5. I decided to test breed two dragons even though I was locked, because none of them is rare and I can always breed them again - the only thing I didn't expect was the funny code they produced. I hope whoever picked up "gay3d" (caps changed) from the AP will give it a good home. ETA - some hours later: ... I just found "dEnKt" (caps changed) on the AP. That's German for "thinks". ^^
  6. There are many users here who care about the Dorkface lineage, and maybe one of them wanted to save the names before someone with bad intentions takes them. That's at least what I would have done if they were still available. Of course the other possibility is that the person hopes to trade offspring OR the dragon names for a dozen of Golds or something. (Which wouldn't even be breaking DC rules I guess.)
  7. Oh no! :-( I hope the person who took the names now did so with the intention of preserving and returning them if the names were lost by accident rather than intentionally.
  8. Is it okay to use names of real people? Name of dragon: Wil Wheaton collating paper Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/BVCoa
  9. *sigh* Well, I haven't had a really bad refusal in a while, so of course these two awesome AP finds just refused. I usually name dragons before breeding them for the first time, maybe that was their revenge? However, I'll find them new mates. There will be more pretty Grays on the AP. (ETA: Considered naming them "I don't like my perfect mate" or something, but named them after their codes now.)
  10. I caught a beautifully lineaged Albino egg on the AP yesterday. I noticed it already had some views, and it was in one of the hatcheries I use, so I removed it from that hatchery to protect it from getting views too soon. Stupid me should have fogged it. Apparently it also had been added to some kind of killer hatchery that gives 900 views in less than 12 hours, I woke up to find the egg sick and now it's dead.
  11. I voted for Magma although the Ice is close. The Magmas just look like they are really made of magma, I wouldn't even touch the pixels because I might get burned. While the Thunders' pose is great too, I have difficulties seeing the line between their neck/back and right wing because the color is almost the same everywhere. Wish either the sprite or my eyes would get an update. I love the thunder egg though. It's so... electric!
  12. I have to see the adults before I decide on names and breeding plans. However, I'm currently tempted to name them "released at the worst possible time". (Just personal frustration. I generally love new releases and kind of understand that the universe and DC don't adjust to my life, but aaaaaaaaaarggghhh.)
  13. Just seen in the AP: TY80s (caps changed) - "Thank you, eighties"?
  14. Congrats to the new winners! This surely will make their day!
  15. ... you have to deliberately egg-lock yourself in order to stop playing and get anything done in real life. (And then you go to the forums to post this. )
  16. @bitobat: I think last year's contest can't have been a popularity contest because the trees were anonymous during the voting. Personally I prefer a raffle because I'd rather lose due to (im)probabilities than because people don't like my tree or wreath. This year, not winning doesn't mean I did anything wrong or not good enough, I just wasn't among the randomly picked user IDs. "My user ID is so valid but I didn't win!" is less sad than "my tree is so pretty but I didn't win!". (Not that I'm really sad at all. I'm a little envious when I see what people are offering for prize dragons' offspring, thinking I could get all those CB metallics if I had won... but as others have said, now there are more prize dragon owners and there will be more pretty eggs for everyone!)
  17. Caught a 2nd gen Stripe from a Silver mother. Beautiful! <3 ETA: ... and a Bronze Tinsel I bred and abandoned yesterday. Guess it wants to stay with me, so I'll keep it now.
  18. *joins the club of non-winners* (Can we have a badge? ) Congrats to those who are currently staring at a "you won!" e-mail in shock.
  19. Having more than one of each decoration is fun. ^^ I'm still experimenting though.
  20. Snow Angel x Stripe - 4 eggs (2010: 0) Yulebuck x Pink - 1 egg (2010: 1) Yulebuck x Stripe - 3 eggs Ribbon Dancer x Frilled - 2 eggs Ribbon Dancer x Sunstone - 4 eggs
  21. Just saw today's new holiday sprites, and I'm all "aaah! oooohhh! squeeeeeee!" The Terraes have trees! The Thunders are... made of chocolate? Did I already mention how much I love this event? Makes me happy every day! (As for catching Hollies... I'm trying, just like everyone else, but won't be too unhappy if I don't catch one, because that's how it will be for most players. They are rare, so catching a Holly is probably like finding a panda bear in your garden in real life. Might happen, but I don't assume it will. )
  22. Forgot to look at an almost-ER Tinsel egg for half an hour, now it's at 3 d 23 h, got 1000 more views and is sick. I hope I still fogged it in time to cure it.
  23. More and more dragons in holiday costumes!
  24. Aaahahaha the Pillows! Look at the Pillows! I love this. Now I want a Pillow dragon instead of a tree for christmas. (I wonder what mother-in-law would say.) Or maybe I can paint my cats green... they would surely appreciate that, right? Thanks for the event!