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  1. My "Ghosts" group shows 71 dragons in the list, but only has one visible dragon in it when I click the group (because sadly the dead ones disappeared at some point). If this has to be fixed, so be it. As long as the dead dragons' names remain visible in their offspring's lineages! (Completely different problem than OP's: Weirdly, the one - very much alive - dragon in my "Ghosts" group is not mine, and as far as I can tell, it never was. I thought maybe the code of a dragon I killed at some point was re-used, but the code is not in my dragon spreadsheet. I have all codes of all dragons I ever owned in there, dead or not. So either I forgot to write this one zombie candidate's code down, or something very strange happened.)
  2. Support! I would find this particularly useful in combination with some of my groups - CBs, checkers, codes...
  3. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    3g Z from (somewhat) name-like codes https://dragcave.net/lineage/zun1j https://dragcave.net/teleport/4ec09322959e9da05fbfc218cc8cc17f
  4. Syiren ... Huh, I typed as fast as I could, but still got it correct - sorry for being boring...
  5. Yesterday, Switzerland reported 274 new cases (biggest number in a while afaik), and the government decided to... lift the ban on events with more than 1000 people. Nice. (Not.) I understand they're still trying to find a compromise between too many restrictions and too many infections, and it's difficult, but I really hope everybody will be careful and remember that just because the restrictions are gone it doesn't mean the virus is gone.
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    Z Project

    I found a Z that I bred (intentionally auto'd so of course I didn't see the code then) - 5th gen White with Z parents: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZIiBQ https://dragcave.net/teleport/8e3ae9802caca0c0019d9c1cf4a9ba88 I put it in some ERs, so if it hatches on my scroll, post here if you want it and I'll send a transfer by PM. Edit: Sent to dragonpuck
  7. My canton (part of Switzerland, population around 280'000) doesn't publish active cases, just the total number of diagnosed cases (recovered or not). I was shocked for a moment when the number went up by 17 today, when it had been around 0 - 5 per day during the past few weeks - then I realized the number was the first update since August 7, so it was for 3 days. Still a higher number than usual. I'm currently waiting for two men who have been fixing some doors for us (outdoors), to talk about door technology. I'm not sure if I should invite them inside (and suggest we all wear masks? which would be weird, but should probably be the new normal?) or just stand outside talking with them, which would be rather inconvenient if we have to look at documents or write down stuff.
  8. @HeatherMarie Good luck with finding inspiration for more names! I just counted my unnamed ones, and I have 367. (I had to count because the "unnamed" filter includes special codes and dragons that are reserved for future projects.) So that's the next thing I'm trying to fix. And then sorting all the unsorted "new" adults at the beginning of my scroll, which are... probably around 700... *sigh* I will have a scroll on which everything is named, sorted, and grouped! And then I will never let chaos happen again! (Until next time it happens.)
  9. I did it! (Some - especially holiday dragons - might incorrectly be in only one group to which I added them by breed at some point, which means I couldn't find them with the "ungrouped" filter and so they'll be missing in all the other groups they'd belong to. But still, most of my 15'907 dragons are now in all the groups they belong to. )
  10. ... And when I clicked the thread, there was a 32, too! 65 9 of 9 7.222 ppp