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  1. We had 73 and 74 twice, but that was just a test to find out if anybody's watching. We will proceed with adjusted numbers now. We are absolutely unconfused. 82 7 of 12 6.833 ppp
  2. Content warning: small animals with too many legs.
  3. It's either "congrats" or "stupid thing I did", but I just bought my fourth Staterae from the Market, so I can stop searching for them in the cave. Two pairs is good enough for now. ("Stupid" if their price goes down or if they become less rare, or if Prizes are added to the Market, but all these things don't seem realistic right now...) I won't complain if I catch one in the cave at some point, but I guess saving myself some stress is a good reason to spend 4800 shards.
  4. So we might only be able to get rid of this virus if literally everybody in the whole world complies with necessary precautions until it goes extinct? ...
  5. Me on the AP: "Oh, three shiny old Xeno eggs! Ha, while everybody else reflex-clicks these, I'll keep refreshing to see if a new Xeno comes up, and then I'll be the only one ready to grab it!" Everybody else on AP: "Ditto." Xeno eggs still on the AP after 10 refreshes: "H... hello...?" Common eggs on AP: "Yeah, welcome to our world."
  6. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    Please offer a dummy (egg ok) for this very messy Chrono hatchie https://dragcave.net/lineage/zsxea https://dragcave.net/teleport/de95d7424cfce54d8cbbb0e30b0a0851
  7. 14 7 of 7 2 ppp (By the way, I am also totally not confused ever.)
  8. I have only participated once before anyway, but I wouldn't really have an idea here either, because I think my only hobby is collecting pixel dragons, and a screenshot of my scroll would probably not qualify.
  9. How to grow potatoes under adverse conditions.
  10. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    Black hatchie for freezing: https://dragcave.net/teleport/0b45bfa37bd191ad818999bc057d05a3 Is anybody interested in this shiny (also freezable) baby? --> sending to dragonpuck https://dragcave.net/lineage/zmPWN Edit: Oh, looks like a nonzee person needed the Black hatchie? Anyway, the Shimmer will only be sent to a Z collector.
  11. A girl makes a boy bring a piece of jewelry back to the place he stole it from.